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March’s Last Friday Winner

Moss Romance Eye Look

From the Romance Variety Kit, Moss Romance is a wash of spring-y green with chocolate eyeliner.

It may have blown in a whole lot more like Snow-pocalypse, but March seems to finally to be leaving a like a lamb. This week’s winner, Jean Diaz of St. Cloud , Florida, can choose her very own free Variety Kit, perhaps even the one featured in this email, Moss Romance from the delicately pretty Romance Variety Kit. Please visit the site and register to become an eVIP — and possibly our next weekly winner! It only takes about as long to fill out the form as it does to apply your colorOn instant eye shadow. It’s a time investment you can afford, ladies.

Sephora Says Taupe is Dope

Taupe or mushroom, the color's the thing

Taupe or mushroom, the color's the thing

While “taupe” doesn’t exactly conjure up visions of sexy…anything…is is the “in” color, the new neutral according to Sephora’s Beauty and the Blog. In particular, we love the eye looks based on taupe shadows (or mushroom, nude, portobello, khaki, caramel, smoke or any of the other disguises the industry is using to cloak plain old taupe) as the base for a subtle, wearable smokey eye — see the Make Up For Ever tutorial embedded in the post.

We also were surprised, after a trip to the cosmetics counter, that it’s a surprisingly edgy-yet-neutral nail shade. No one’s recommending, heaven forbid,  taupe pantyhose or a taupe color scheme for your home, but don’t discount this range of shades for your spring makeup. You can be at the cutting edge while still looking polished and sophisticated, because no one looks smashing in neon eye shadow, hot-pink rouge or 10 mojito-green talons — except models in magazines.

It’s Friday, So There’s a New Winner

Leopard Lounge from colorOn's Exotics kit

Leopard Lounge from colorOn's Exotics kit

Another week, another winner. Alicia Rivera of Philadelphia, PA, won her pick of colorOn…Professional’s 27 different Variety Kits. All you have to do to be entered into the weekly drawing is visit the colorOn website and sign up to become an eVIP. It’s that simple!  You can pick from beautiful and subtle everyday looks to avante garde looks like this one from the Exotics Variety Kit. Whatever your personality, we have a look for you.

New Friday Winner’s Circle Fan Chosen

colorOn's Swept-Away look

colorOn's Swept Away eye shadow combination

Once again, we have a winner! Shannon Allen of Kissimmee, Florida, was chosen winner this week in the Winner’s Circle drawing. She gets to choose the colorOn…Professional variety kit of her choice. If you are not already registered as an eVIP member at the colorOn website, you’re missing out! And in case you missed last week’s news, we’re now accepting PayPal.

colorOn…Professional’s mineral-based instant eye shadows are long-wearing, smudge-, water- and crease-proof when set with our Get Set powder. colorOn is great for those with sensitive eyes or skin, as well as contact lens wearers. Put in on in the morning, and it will look just as fresh when you wash it off before bed.

We’ll see you next week with another winner!

Anti-Aging Ingredients Trickle Down to Drug Store Shelves

Anti-Aging Products Hit Drugstore Shelves

WIVB-TV story on drug store anti-aging products

There was a time not too long ago when multi-active anti-aging products were available through your physician, dermatologist or plastic surgeon; department stores or specialty stores like Sephora. But as those great ingredients become more pervasive, drug store lines have started formulating anti-aging products that give the high-end products a run for the money.

WIVB in Buffalo, New York, recently ran a segment on the anti-aging products available in drug emporiums, citing the specific active ingredients that are now available in products priced under $20.00. “Cosmetics Cop” Paula Begoun has long stated that in terms of active ingredients, drug store products have always been on a level playing field with pricey, high-end products, often finding the cheaper products have more effective formulations, albeit less chic packaging.

There will always be women who are attracted to (and can afford) the claims in the glossy ads and beautiful packaging that sits proudly on the vanity, but there is no reason to spend $400 on a cream that is made primarily of petrolatum when well-formulated anti-aging products with the proper pH to make the ingredients efficacious await you next to the cold remedies and antacids. It’s all a matter of personal preference.

All agree, however, that the very best anti-aging product one can use is sunscreen — every day. For those who use mineral cosmetics — like colorOn…Professional’s instant eye shadows — the sunscreen is built right in. It’s something to consider the next time you’re shopping for a “miracle.”

colorOn Fan’s YouTube Tutorial


At colorOn…Professional, we love it when our fans shoot video of themselves trying our product, or when pro artists use it on their clients. This fashionista’s YouTube Channel, ILoveGerardo, posted a great tutorial on trying one of the very exotic collections, Nature’s Glory.

colorOn...Professional's Fly Away shadow

Fly Away eye look from colorOn's Nature's Glory Variety Kit

These instant eye looks are taken straight from nature and are photorealistic reproductions in mineral eye shadow pigments of the feathered wings of birds.

ILoveGerardo has also created and posted a tutorial on the variety kit Painted Desert’s Plum Passion look. Be sure to check it out, and we encourage you to create your own videos like these and submit them to colorOn. We will  post them to our blog, Facebook Fan Page and on Twitter, which is great exposure for you as well.

Keep making yourselves beautiful, and share it with us!