We’re SO Done with the Heat!

Barbados Eye Look

Barbados Eye Look

We picked “Barbados” from the colorOn…Professional “Flaunt” Variety Kit to conjure up the feeling of a warm Caribbean breeze, instead of the sticky, oppressive humidity that heralds August. Gabriela Mora of Boca Raton, Florida, can choose this eye look, or any of the other dozens of shadow combinations in this Friday’s Winner Circle drawing. In case we haven’t said it enough this summer, colorOn is virtually melt-proof and crease-proof (when set with our special setting powder), you can even wear it in the water, allowing you to look hot while cooling off! Be sure to sign up for colorOn…Professional’s eVIP and Winner’s Circle on our website for a chance to win your choice of a colorOn…Pro Variety kit. We draw a new name every Friday, and the winner receives instant email notification. And be sure to browse colorOn’s wide array of complete eye looks, from mild to completely wild, and everything in between. This is a $25.00 value, so don’t miss out. Sign up today!

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