Everyone’s A Winner With colorOn…Professional; But Why Not Win A Variety Kit, Too?

Lava from the Precious Metals Variety Kit

Lava from the Precious Metals Variety Kit

Last week we urged our Winner’s Circle winners to respond, and were gratified to get a great response! Almost every winner discovered the notification email had gone into her “junk” folder in Outlook. Please be sure you’ve marked emails from the domain coloronpro.com as safe. We’ll never load your inbox with useless email; every time you hear from us, it’s because we have a Friday winner — like Graciela Torres of Long Beach, California — a great offer, a new product, or a special sale. Graciela wins 10 applications of crease-resistant, melt-proof, water-resistant instant mineral eye makeup, perfect for the record-breaking heat and humidity.

Ladies, be sure to check your “junk” box to see if you inadvertently missed out on a wardrobe of fun and fantastically simple instant eye shadow applicators. We’ll keep drawing a new name every Friday, and the winner receives instant email notification that she’s won a great $25.00 gift. And be sure to browse colorOn’s wide array of complete eye looks, from mild to completely wild, and everything in between. Fall’s approaching, and the palette this season is rich berries, plums, and metallics — and all those colors, plus many more, are available from colorOn…Professional.

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