Happy Friday! New Winner! 10 New Colors!

photo by Ei! Kumpel/Flickr

photo by Ei! Kumpel/Flickr

Yes, we’ve actually debuted 10 brand-new colorOn…Professional Instant Eye Shadows in the last week: shimmery shadows Camera Ready, Avatare, Heavy Metal, and Ikonik; five new Camo patterns in Black, Blue, Sand, Pink and Pink & Brown, and super-sultry Black Lace. All ten are available in Custom Kits — which are now the same price as pre-packaged Variety Kits. There’s never been a better time to try one or two of the new colors, pick up your can’t-live-without favs, and something totally unexpected for Halloween — all in one custom kit. 

Today’s winner is Joanne Nardelli of Niagara Falls, New York. Joanne wins 10 applications of crease-resistant, melt-proof, water-resistant instant mineral eye makeup, whether she chooses some of our wildest designs or a workday eye makeup wardrobe — and now she can mix and match both if she likes!

And keep an eye out for something TOTALLY new next week. You wont believe your eyes!

We’ll keep drawing a new name every Friday, and the winner receives instant email notification that she’s won a great $25.00 gift. If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up as an eVIP on our website, and add our domain @coloronpro.com to your Safe Senders list, or you may never know YOU won. 

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