New Glitters, Smooth Shimmers, and a New Winner!

Summer Sky Instant Eye Shadow with Smooth Blue Peacock Shimmer

Summer Sky Instant Eye Shadow with Smooth Blue Peacock Shimmer

In case you missed yesterday’s big news from colorOn…Professional, we debuted our new loose mineral pigments: Glitters and Smooth Shimmers. You now have 18 gorgeous, magically shiny Metallic Glitters and Shimmers to bring a whole new depth to your favorite colorOn Instant Eye Shadow applicators. The look to the left was created with Summer Sky Instant Eye Shadow and Smooth Peacock Blue Shimmer.

colorOn’s Smooth Shimmers are ultra-finely milled and provide a rich, highly pigmented sheen in 11 luxurious colors: Smooth Patina Silver, Smooth Black, Smooth Peacock Blue, Smooth Black Star Gold, Smooth Arctic Silver, Smooth Monarch Gold, Smooth Black Star Blue, Smooth Black Star Red, Smooth Purple Royale, Smooth Sienna, and Smooth Pearl. Each colorOn Smooth Shimmer shade comes with recommendations for which colorOn Instant Eye Shadow they most compliment. Just roll over the color and there’s the list, and click on the image to pop up a close-up of the actual product!

The seven highly metallic Glitters are perfect for highlighting eyes and even eyebrows. These sparkly glitter pigments can be added to your colorOn Instant Eyeshadow application to add a pop of WOW. Glitters come in seven jewel-dust shades: Metallic Lavender, Metallic Sky Blue, Metallic Aqua, Metallic Crimson, Metallic Rose Gold, Metallic Yellow Gold, and Metallic Silver. Both the Glitters and Smooth Shimmers are just $6.00 a pot. We’ve also posted an album of all 18 Glitters and Smooth Shimmers on our Facebook Fan Page.

And today’s winner is Rebecca Valerin of Arlington, Virginia, who wins 10 applications of crease-resistant, melt-proof, water-resistant instant mineral eye makeup. She can mix and match her own custom kit, or choose one of our pre-made Variety Kits.

We’ll keep drawing a new name every Friday, and the winner receives instant email notification that she’s won a great $20.00 gift. Be sure to add our domain to your Safe Senders list, or you may never know YOU won.

Finally, now that the time is right, we wish you a Happy Halloween!

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