Some ‘My Funny Valentine’ Looks for You!


Since our winter holiday looks were so well received during this past season, we at colorOn…Professional offer you six new designs that are perfect for Valentine’s Day, or even just to herald that spring soon arrives and you’re SO ready for warmer temperatures.

And to make the deal “sweeter,” we’re offering free shipping on any order through Valentine’s Day. You don’t even need a special code at checkout!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the newest colorOn instant eye shadow looks:


Pink Lace

Pink Veil
Sweetly pink yet gothically exotic, this photorealistic black lace pattern combines with honeysuckle pink to create a look that’s both innocent and just a little wicked for your Valentine to admire.


Deeply in Love

Deeply in Love
Amuse your honey with this fun and frivolous ode to your affection. White polka dots with a cotton-candy pink background are topped by two hearts outlined in red. Tell him how you feel by just closing your eyes!


Peace and Love

Peace and Love
Tell them how you really feel with this playful look. A soft mauve eyelid shades to a pale lavender brow bone imprinted with deep plum hearts and a peace sign. Say it all without saying a word.

Very Sexy PinkVery Sexy Pink
Tell your sweetheart like it is with this slightly naughty eye look. A honeysuckle pink eyelid with black polka dots is topped by the bold statement “Very. Sexy.” Now you’ll have to live up to the claim!


Very Sexy Blue

Very Sexy Blue
Do you dare wear this out of the house? A beautiful shade of turquoise with black polka dots adorn you lids, while your brow bone says it all: Very. Sexy. If you’re looking for a reaction, you’re bound to get one, ladies!


Very Sexy Green

Very Sexy Green
Whether the message is for your special Valentine, or a statement to all those potential Valentines out there, this will certainly start the conversation. A yummy chartreuse green shadow with black polka dots for your eyelids, and just two words: Very. Sexy. You need say nothing more.

Have fun with these playful, romantic, bold looks – they’re certain to get everyone’s attention – or just the attention of that one special person.

We’ll be back Friday with a new Winners Circle announcement. We say it all the time, but it bears repeating: Be sure to add our domain to your Safe Senders list, or you may never know YOU won.

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