Winning Look at the Screen Actors Guild Awards


Eva Longoria is truly the Queen of the Smoky Eye/Nude Lip Combo favored by other celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. She proved it again at the SAG Awards last Sunday with this look…

Eva Longoria/

Eva Longoria/

In fact, she surprised us with a silvery-blue-platinum smoky eye that created an astral shimmer. With her always-arched brows and a ton of mascara, she looked ethereal. And, of course, she wore the perfect nude lip.

You can easily recreate Eva’s eye look by using colorOn Instant Eye Shadow in Platinum & Pearls, and then augment it with our Smooth Shimmer loose minerals in Peacock Blue, with Black Star Blue as your eye liner. Extend the silvery shadow into the inner corners of the eyes using Smooth Platinum Shimmer.

As we said, another celeb whose standard look is the smoky eye/nude lip combo is Kim Kardashian, but something went wrong. Instead of looking fresh and natural, she looked washed out.

Kim Kardashian/

Kim Kardashian/

Her face and lips appeared completely devoid of color even though she was wearing eye shadow that remind us of colorOn’s Sunset Beach, a subtle wash of gradient beige and coral shadows, and glossy lips. The too-subtle shadow made her ultra-long lashes look spidery and a bit scary. Normally we’re recommending celebs tone it down; in this instance, we think she should have pumped it up with a bit more color!

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See you Friday!

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