Winning Eyes: Best Eye Makeup at the Oscars!

Jennifer Lawrence/

Jennifer Lawrence/

The 2011 awards season came to a close Sunday night with the “Big Kahuna,” The Academy Awards. All the other shows, no matter what anyone says, are just hors d’oeuvres before this celebrity bacchanal. This is the best dress, best hair, best makeup night, no matter how many other shows you’ve already attended or awards you’ve won.

Everyone pulled out all the stops, although many other bloggers have noted that while the gowns and makeup were stellar, the hair was just okay. But since we’re all about eyes, let’s talk about what we think were the two best eye-makeup looks of the night: Jennifer Lawrence and Michelle Williams.

First-time nominee Jennifer Lawrence’s eyes were the focal point, with her hair in loose waves, and dressed in a simple red Calvin Klein gown. Makeup artist Jillian Dempsey played them up with lots of mascara and sultry black liner, layering four neutral tones from blush to deep plum into a sculpted and structural eye that still managed to feel soft and smudgy. You can get the same look by choosing colorOn’s El instant eye shadow applicators, and then increasing the intensity at the lashline above and below the eye with our Smooth Black Star Red Shimmer, a black and red shimmer than becomes a dark golden lilac. Groomed brows, just a hint of plummy blush and glossy pinkish lips, and you can look like this up-and-coming star.

Michelle Williams/

Michelle Williams/

At the other end of the spectrum is the ethereal eye makeup on Michelle Williams, dressed in a bone-white, crystal encrusted Chanel dress. With her super-fair skin and platinum blond hair, her makeup artist Jeanine Lobell added subtle color to her face. Smudging a sparkly pewter eye shadow on the top and bottom lashlines, she added a few faux lashes, and finished with a dusting of sparkly white shadow. Adding a drop of foundation to the star’s pink lipstick helped make “the lips a part of the face, not a separate statement.” You can create this same eye look starting with colorOn’s Platinum and Pearls instant eye shadow applicators, adding more sparkle by using our Smooth Patina Silver Shimmer below the bottom lashes, and dusting the lids with Smooth Arctic Silver Shimmer, a silvery white platinum shimmer.

We’ll be back Friday with this week’s Winners Circle drawing. Ciao, bella!

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