Look Like a Celebrity – Or At Least Like You Used Her Makeup Artist


With so many ways to follow fashion, hair, and makeup trends, we can all see candid shots of celebrities heading to and from BIG EVENTS on the Red Carpet, and probably buy every product used on her face from a website. We saw three celeb pictures recently and thought – you could do that in a minute with colorOn! So here are those celebrities, and how you could use colorOn…Professional Instant Eye Shadow Applicators to achieve the same fashion-forward look.

Kristen Stewart/Getty Images

Kristen Stewart/Getty Images

Kristen Stewart: Her mauve smoky eye is easily reproduced using El, which you can find in our Bestseller Variety Kit and Smoky Classics Variety Kit . El is a soft pink and chocolate brown that combine to create a smoky mauve just like Kristen’s. For additional “smoke,” consider lining the upper and lower lash lines with Smooth Black Star Red Shimmer loose pigment for more intensity. It is black-and-red shimmer than becomes a gorgeous dark golden lilac that will make green and hazel eyes pop. Set it with the included Get Set! Powder, and add plenty of black mascara. To complete Ms. Stewart’s look, groom your brows, add just the tiniest flush of mauve cream blush on the apples of the cheeks, and choose a petal-pink lip gloss that adds a small amount of shine and color, but stays very close to your natural lip tone.

Keira Knightly/Getty Images

Keira Knightly/Getty Images

Kiera Knightly: Ms. Knightly emphasizes her sultry brown eyes with a smoky bronzed look you can duplicate with colorOn’s Gypsy or Bronze Goddess instant eye shadows from the Metallics Variety Kit . Gypsy uses rich hues of cool shimmering mocha and a wash of frothy metallic white at the brow bone. Bronze Goddess is shimmery gold and glimmering deep brown that combine to create a warm bronzed look. If you want additional “smoke” with this look, add our Smooth Black Star Gold Shimmer loose pigment as an eye liner above and below the lash lines for more intensity. Its combination of black, brown, and gold will shimmer it up to the next level. Like Ms. Stewart above, Ms. Knightly keeps the rest of her makeup at a minimum: groomed brows, a swirl of peachy blush, and nude lip gloss.

Frieda Pinto/Getty Images

Frieda Pinto/Getty Images

Frieda Pinto: Ms. Pinto is right up to the minute in her sparkling denim-blue eye shadow, which she wears only on the lids and blended in to the crease so that it doesn’t overwhelm her gorgeous skin and cognac-colored eyes, or fall into the old “sparkly blue shadow” trope. ColorOn’s Avatare or Dusky Twilight (from the Painted Desert Variety Kit can be used from the lash line back into the crease, leaving the brow bone bare and a bright sparkling pop of denim blue with some added depth from other complementing colors that are part of each applicator. Instead of her black eyeliner, you might try our Smooth Black Star Blue Shimmer loose pigment, a steely midnight blue shimmer you can use to deepen the intensity, or Smooth Peacock Blue Shimmer to brighten it up. Groomed brows, tons of black mascara, and warm peachy blush and the same shade of lip gloss finish the look.

All of the colors mentioned can be combined and purchased as a Custom Kit, or you can instead buy the Variety Kit in which they’re featured. Either way, same price.

Remember that it’s free gift wrap time; all you have to do is choose it during the checkout process and it’s 100% free through Mother’s Day.

We’ll be back Friday with the Winners Circle!

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