Bring the ‘Red Carpet’ to Prom or Graduation

Prom and Graduation; Your High School "Oscars"

Prom and Graduation; Your High School "Oscars"/All rights reserved by janyn ganda

Never before has the Red Carpet had such an influence on prom and graduation fashions. It used to be that one or two of the most popular dresses might get a knock-off prom version, but it has become de rigeur for almost every great Red Carpet dress to be duplicated at a reasonable price into a prom or graduation frock.

Of course, the Red Carpet is also heavily influential on makeup trends, and its no different for prom-goers and grads. In fact, given the cost, duplicating Red Carpet makeup looks is much more affordable than trying to duplicate Nicole Kidman’s or Mila Kunis’s designer gowns.

Irina Iosilevich, professional makeup artist, inventor, founder, and president of ColorOn…Professional gives you her insights on how to make a beautiful entrance at your prom (which is basically the Oscars of your high school career), and how to look luminous and sophisticated for the night when you leave high school behind.

First, some Dos and Don’ts…

1. DO create a head-to-toe look by keeping things in the same color family – if your dress is coral or yellow, your makeup should be golds, browns, reds. Or, match the colors of you accessories – i.e. silver or gold – and use those colors in the inner corners of your eyes for an extra sparkle. The best array of “sparkle” is our colorOn Smooth Shimmer loose mineral pigments in 11 colors.

2.  Conversely, DON’T let your makeup clash with your dress. They should not fight one another for dominance. If you’re wearing a bright red dress, keep your makeup classic and minimal.

3. DO go sparingly when wearing a smoky eye, and don’t assume it must be black, which is very harsh. Think grey, gold, bronze, blue, or purple — whatever will go with your dress. ColorOn has dozens of instant eye shadows you can use to create a colored smoky eye, which is much more on-trend this season.

Add some light shimmery shadow to your inner corners, finish up with lots of mascara and a very sheer, light-colored nude, pink, or peachy lip gloss.

4. DO make you look last all day and night. ColorOn instant eye shadows, when set with our Get Set! Powder, will literally last through the day, the night, and into the next morning. For the rest of your face, try using an oil-free primer on clean skin so that your concealer, blush, and any other face makeup have the perfect canvas to cling to. If you are very oily, you may set your look with regular powder or our Get Set! translucent powder that comes with your colorOn instant eye shadows. I prefer to see as little makeup as possible on young skin, and recommend you carry blotting papers instead of re-powdering as the night goes on. Finally, waterproof mascara. All that dancing should NOT make you look like a raccoon, ladies.

Here are three fantastic looks from the Red Carpet that will work for you…

Aishwarya Rai/Getty Images

Aishwarya Rai/Getty Images

Aishwarya Rai: Metallic Eyes

Metallic eyes for prom and graduation are wonderful when you’re wearing a dress that is of classical lines, toned-down color, or otherwise works as a setting for your makeup and hair. It adds that celebrity glitz!

ColorOn has a wide range of metallic instant eye shadow looks. Whether you choose a smoky eye with Bronze Goddess, a tri-metallic eye with Ikonik, or a prismatic metallic with Emeralds and Gold

Keep dark metallics close to the lash line or in the crease of the lid; blend it out above – too much shimmer near the brow bone looks dated, and you’re a modern girl. If you’re new to makeup, keep metallics light: Mauve, gold, silver, pale blue. You can achieve these light looks by using colors such as Finesse, Grace, Charm, Biscayne Bay or South Beach, and adding one of our Smooth Shimmer loose mineral powders on top for a subtle sheen.

Anne Hathaway/Getty Images

Anne Hathaway/Getty Images

Anne Hathaway and Mandy Moore: Classic Bold Lip

There are classic, iconic looks that are simple and sophisticated, and will complement dresses that may be more dramatic and call for a strongly defined look that doesn’t add sparkles and shimmer on top of frills and lace.

These looks on Anne Hathaway and Mandy Moore are a perfect example. A very toned-down eye (El, Ibiza, Laguna, Pink Lemonade, Key West, Platinum & Pearls are all good) that is blended very well, a thin swipe of eyeliner at the lashline on the upper lids, and plenty of mascara.

Mandy Moore/Getty Images

Mandy Moore/Getty Images

The drama here is your mouth, so choose a bold lip color like red, bright coral/orange, hot pink, deep plum, or fuchsia. Be sure to line your lips with a lip liner close to the same color as your lipstick, and fill your lips in completely before applying the lipstick – this will give you lasting results.

We’ll be back Friday with the Winners Circle!

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