Prom Makeup: Platinum and Pearls and Silver and Sapphire

Kate Hudson: Same eye makeup, two different looks.

Kate Hudson: Same eye makeup, two different looks.

Shimmery metallic shadows are all the rage, and there’s no better time than your prom to wear a statement look, whether you wish to whisper “delicate” or shout out “bold.” Look at Kate Hudson – she’s wearing the same platinum eye shadow in each picture, but one is accentuated with black eye liner, a bit of gunmetal on the lids, and multiple coats of mascara. Bold. Yet she makes the same precious metal shade look delicate by eschewing the rock-n-roll eyeliner, concentrating her mascara on the outer third of her upper lashes, and making a statement with this season’s other trend, the bright lip.

You can achieve either of these looks for your prom night with colorOn’s Platinum & Pearls instant eye shadow applicators, and a combination of our Smooth Shimmer loose mineral pigments in Smooth Patina Silver Shimmer and Smooth Arctic Silver Shimmer.

Jennifer Hudson rocks the same platinum shimmer.

Jennifer Hudson rocks the same platinum shimmer.

And here’s an example of how the same-color makeup can look just as gorgeous on both ends of the skin tone spectrum. The utterly fabulous Jennifer Hudson (who has simply AMAZING skin) keeps her platinum shimmer below the brow bone, concentrating it from the crease to the lashline, also swiping it precisely under her lower lashes and blending it into the inner corners of her eyes. Lots of mascara and partial false eyelashes at the outer corners give her a slight cat’s eye. You can duplicate her look using the same ColorOn products as were used to re-create Kate Hudson’s look, or for a bit more intense silver, use Silver Bells in place of Platinum & Pearls for your base color.

Silver and sapphire come together for Keri Washington, creating a look that you can easily wear to prom to make a bold statement, and will go beautifully with any cool-toned or white prom dress.

Keri Washington: Pearly Sapphire

Keri Washington: Pearly Sapphire

Start with colorOn’s Dusky Twilight instant eye shadow, a combination of faded denim and sheer deep indigo, with a pop of the paler color at the center of the eyelid. Then add Smooth Black Star Blue Shimmer along the lashline and smudged under the lower lashes, adding a steely midnight-blue shimmer that brings out the cool highlights in her hair. If your skin is pale, Smooth Platinum Silver Shimmer blended onto Dusky Twilight will give you the same level of blue/silver intensity. As with Jennifer Hudson’s statement-making Platinum eye, go easy with the rest of your face with a dewy tinted moisturizer and spot concealing, nude or bronze cream blush (again, depending on your skin tone), and a glossy nude lip.

Here’s another precious metal prom look that is more demure, the perfect foil for a dramatic, embellished prom dress.

Frieda Pinto uses a pale wash of coral from the crease to the brow bone, contrasting it beautifully with silvery blue eyelids. They don’t sound like complementary colors, but it is the light-handed approach which makes it work. Use colorOn’s Coral Cove (on deeper skin tones) or Pink Lemonade (on paler skin tones) instant eye shadows, and blend them into a wash of warm color.

Freida Pinto: Coral, blue, and silver

Freida Pinto: Contrasting colors work beautifully.

Next, choose our loose pigment shadows in Smooth Patina Silver, Smooth Peacock Blue Shimmer and/or Smooth Black Star Blue Shimmer to get the right amount of blue/silver depth that’s appropriate to your skin tone. A pale coral or peach cream blush and a just-bitten pinkish-nude lipstick complete the look – you’ll appear luminous without fighting your dress for attention.

In case you missed the announcement last Friday, we’re offering free shipping, and the case-sensitive promo code is Prom2011.

You have the option of creating a totally Custom Kit picked from our 77 instant eye shadow looks (so you can grab up what you need for prom) or choosing from the 24 pre-selected Variety Kits. And stock up on the 11 Smooth Shimmers or 7 Metallic Glitters loose mineral shadows while you’re at it! They’re only $6.00 per pot, and last forever due to the intensity of the pigments — a little goes a long way.

We’ll be back Friday with a new winner chosen from our eVIPS. See you then!

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