More Blushing Brides: Celebrity Looks for That Special Day

Anne Hathaway/Getty Images

Anne Hathaway/Getty Images

It’s Week 2 of our “Inspired by Celebrity” bridal makeup looks, and we’ve found some wonderful makeup looks that are absolutely perfect for the summer bride.

The lovely Anne Hathaway, who wowed us all through the Awards season, especially in her turn as co-host of the Academy Awards, wears a beautiful monochromatic look that you can recreate starting with colorOn’s Sunset Beach instant eye shadow from our Bestsellers Variety Kit.

This combination of gradient beige and coral are spot on-trend, sultry yet sweet and playing up Anne’s alabaster skin with a bit of chocolate brown liner below the lower lash line, and plenty of waterproof mascara, focusing especially at the outer corners of the upper lashes. A matching coral cream blush and a sheer coral lipstain and her hazel eyes and rich brunette hair combine to make her look every inch the princess bride she once played.

Claire Danes/Getty Images

Claire Danes/Getty Images

A radiant Claire Daines cornered the look on shades of peach, honeysuckle, peony this award show season, colors that bring out the beautiful undertones in her slightly golden skin and grey/blue eyes. You can create the same eye look with colorOn’s Bermuda from the Eye Envy Flaunt Variety Kit, a veritable sundae for the eye with yummy pink and creamy beige topped with a dark chocolate liner.

Claire has no need for mascara with those Latisse-enhanced lashes, just a peony cream blush and peachy-pink, slightly matte lipstick with some staying power. She looks like a bouquet of gorgeous flowers.

Keri Russell/Getty Images

Keri Russell/Getty Images

The famously curly haired Keri Russell looks quite bridal with her slightly uncontrolled updo, and teal and chocolate eye makeup that bring out the green-flecked hazel of her eyes. You can reproduce this look by choosing colorOn’s South Beach from the Eye Envy Tropics Kit, a cool teal and deep chocolate mix, confining the intensity of the colors to from the lash line deep into the crease.

She brings the teal shade into the inner corners of the eye and under the lower lash line, and tops it with plenty of black waterproof mascara. A neutral, almost-there blush and a sheer nude gloss keep her eyes the focus.

Scarlett Johanssen/Getty Images

Scarlett Johanssen/Getty Images

The bridal glam look goes to Scarlett Johanssen, who channels a very “Monroe-esque” look appropriate for an evening wedding, with her side-swept, deeply parted platinum pin curls, strips of false lashes, and frosty platinum eyeshadow. You can achieve the same look using colorOn’s Platinum and Pearls instant eye shadow from the Metallics Variety Kit, bringing a bit of the creamy platinum shadow around the inner corners of the eye and just under the lower lash line. A subtle peachy glow to her cheeks and nude gloss keep this look “bridal” rather than “bombshell.”

Selena Gomez/Getty Images

Selena Gomez/Getty Images

Finally, we have the lovely young Selena Gomez. Too young perhaps to be a bride herself, she nevertheless wears a lovely monochromatic coral makeup that is perfect for a summer wedding. You can get the eye look with colorOn’s Coral Cove, a beautiful wash of summery coral rose and beige, with a subtle chocolate liner, the perfect romantic summer smoky look as delicate as flower petal. You can find it in the Romance Variety Kit.

Like any bride, follow it with lots of waterproof black mascara! A creamy blush in the same coral rose shade, and pale coral pink gloss, and this look suits almost anyone, whether a dark brunette like Selena, or a pale blonde like Scarlett.

You can find the looks above not only in the pre-packaged Variety Kits mentioned, but in Custom Kits where you can mix and match to your heart’s content from the 78 different colorOn instant eye shadow applicators. We’re still running a FREE SHIPPING promotion through June 17th, so now’s the time to place your order.

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