A Fabulous Friday, and a New Winners Circle Member!


There’s just something about Fridays — even if you work on weekends (which many of us here have over the years). Everyone you speak to is just in a better mood, more people smile for no reason, and more strangers say “hello.” Everyone at the office seems a little giddy, especially now that these are “Summer Fridays.” Half of the office leaves early to get a jump-start on the traffic out to the summer rental, many offices are only open half-days; there’s just this general sense that we’re all in this together — and it’s time we all got a bit of a break.

Summer is also when we abandon the blow dryer whenever possible, trade our foundation for tinted moisturizer, and try heat-proof our eye makeup. ColorOn…Professional is the PERFECT summer makeup. You apply it in the morning, lightly blend the creamy mineral tints for the exact look you want, then set it with our Get Set! powder — and your eye shadow is now virtually crease-, sweat-, and water-proof , and will last past the end of the workday and into the evening. You may have to touch up the rest of your makeup, using blotting papers, reapplying your bronzer and your lipstick, but your colorOn instant eye shadow will look as good at cocktail hour as it did over the breakfast table.

The other thing that makes Fridays fun for us is that we get to give away a free 10-application Variety Kit to a lucky eVIP member we draw at random. Today’s newest member of the Winners Circle is Erika Marshall of Blue Springs, Missouri. She’ll be watching her mailbox next to see what beautiful surprise we send her. We’re encouraging our Winners Circle members to post their experiences on our Facebook Fan Page once they’ve had time to play with their new makeup, so that all of you get the benefit of  real feedback on the products.

Remember, we still have another week of FREE SHIPPING, so take advantage before it ends on Friday, June 17th!  Well be back next week with our third installment of bridal makeup inspired be celebrities. Stay cool, and have a lovely weekend!

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