Summertime…And the Eye Makeup’s Easy

Sunset Romance: Bring out your inner mermaid...

Sunset Romance: Bring out your inner mermaid...

Yesterday was the Summer Solstice — the first official day of summer, and the longest day of the year. Whether you’re lucky enough to go to a beach somewhere on the weekends, have a summer rental in the Hamptons or “down the shore,” live on the east or west coast, or on on one of the Great Lakes, or only get to take your lounge chair into the back yard or onto the balcony with a pitcher of something ice-cold, a trashy paperback novel, and a liberal application some coconut-y, pina colada-scented sunscreen, summer officially arrived in all its sticky, sweaty, flip-flop-wearing glory. And it’s time your makeup matched the season, no matter where you are.

With over four dozen different eye looks available, ColorOn has some of the most gorgeous summer looks imaginable, ones that promise to make you feel like a mermaid, like you’re headed out for a night on South Beach, or just hotter than Georgia asphalt.

Sunset Romance, from the Romance Variety Kit : The mermaid’s smokey summer eye look with a little pop of Caribbean turquoise and golden sand shadows, and a lovely teal eyeliner. These are the colors we saw all over the runways six months ago, and paired with either a touch of bronzer and a caramel/nude gloss, or a bright coral lip, you’ll be totally on trend and looking distinctly “beachy.”

South Beach: Hot southern nights...

South Beach: Hot southern nights...

For a more sultry eye, try South Beach from the Eye Envy Tropics Variety Kit. This is a bright yet sultry smoked eye, named appropriately for this tropical Southern destination. Cool teal and deep chocolate mix it up with just a touch of creamy decadence. Take it all the way by smoking the color all around the eye before setting it with the enclosed Get Set! powder so it won’t budge no matter how many hours you spend on the dance floor, chica.

Summer Peach: Hotter than Georgia asphalt?

Summer Peach: Hotter than Georgia asphalt?

Again, we have all of the hottest runway colors blending into a juicy summer look with Summer Peach, from the Romance Variety Kit. This is a more delicate smoky eye in the colors of a sunset in paradise: Warm golden yellow, rich coral, and a pop of lime green liner. No need to be a Southern Belle to wear this look — it is fabulous on every skin tone, and you can build up a beautiful intensity on deeper skin tones as well. Play up the coral shadow with a juicy slick of coral gloss, or play it a bit safer with a sheer golden gloss. Either way, you’ll look ready for a nibble.

Summer Sky: Demure or Not?

Summer Sky: Demure or not?

Summer Sky, also from the Romance Variety Kit, is one of the most gorgeous eye shadows we have; a tonal play of bright and summery sky-blues creating  smoky look by starting at the brow with pale blue, then shading on the gradient to a deeper azure, with a subtle cerulean blue eyeliner. Use the excess creamy mineral shadow on the protective cover under the lower lash-line for extra impact. It’s both demure and  come-hither — just like today’s independent women.

You can find the looks above not only in the pre-packaged Variety Kits mentioned, but in Custom Kits where you can mix and match to your heart’s content from the 77 different colorOn instant eye shadow applicators. 

We’ll be back Friday with the Winners Circle…We’ll keep drawing a new name from our eVIPs every Friday in 2011, and the winner receives instant email notification that she’s won a great $20.00 gift. No purchase is necessary to become an eVIP and be entered into the drawing, so if you aren’t an eVIP, now’s the time!

Happy Summer! Keep cool, and drink plenty of water (this line was sponsored by your mother :))…

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