A Hot but Happy Friday, and a New Winners Circle…

Beautiful, wearable makeup at Nina Ricci

Beautiful, wearable makeup at Nina Ricci

Today we have 100% humidity, the skies are a dark, thunder is booming but the rain hasn’t started, and it’s just another typical summer afternoon during the hurricane season in South Florida. We know the rest of the country is experiencing heat and record-breaking weather that no one could be prepared for, and we hope you are all safe, and that this Friday marks the end of a grueling week with the promise of relief to come.

Whether the weather is normal or giving you fits, we all move forward with a will, heading off to work, taking care of our families, planning weddings, attending business functions, planning vacations, trying to stay cool.

Color-blocked and laughable at Dior

Color-blocked and laughable at Dior

In this week’s blog, we offered a bit of escapism by showing your some bizarre and some beautiful makeup looks from Fall Fashion Week in Paris. Do check them out if you missed it; the wearable looks are perfect for summer, as the trend continues to be minimalist and natural (when it’s not downright weird, Dior).

And Fridays always shine for us when we get to give away a free 10-application Custom Kit to a lucky eVIP member we draw at random. Today’s newest member of the Winners Circle is Tracie Crew of Dallas, Georgia. She’ll be watching her mailbox next to see what beautiful surprise we send her. We’re encouraging our Winners Circle members to post their experiences on our Facebook Fan Page once they’ve had time to play with their new makeup, so that all of you get the benefit of real feedback on the products.

Well be back next week with more summer color trends, and perhaps some exotics looks from our Indian makeup artist, Manishi Jain. Stay cool, and have a lovely weekend!

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