Summer’s Flying By; It’s Another Friday Winners Circle…

ColorOn really IS water-resistant! Makeup artist and photog Dani Buljan's work using ColorOn.

ColorOn really IS water-resistant! Makeup artist and photog Dani Buljan's work using ColorOn.

It’s hard to believe July’s coming to a close and school begins in a few short weeks. While that provokes groans from the students, for the rest of us it signals that we’re on the down side of the heat and that much closer to the start of cooler weather. The next round of fashion magazines that drop into our mailboxes will be those behemoths full of fall fashions and hundreds of pages of advertising; no doubt Vogue will once again break its own record for ad pages and sheer weight.

In this week’s blog, we introduced you to Brazilian photographer and makeup artist Danielle Buljan, and showed you her artistry with ColorOn…Professional. We hope that next week we’ll be featuring Indian makeup artist Manishi Jain’s interpretations of ColorOn as influenced by her culture and beauty references. And we invited any of you who are professional makeup artists using ColorOn in your work to send us your photographs, so we can feature you in a future blog. Email your work to our PR firm at, and be sure to tell us a bit about yourself and what ColorOn products you used.

Aside from the obvious reasons to love Fridays, we have the honor of giving away a free 10-application Custom Kit to a lucky eVIP member we draw at random. Today’s newest member of the Winners Circle is Lynette Allen of Mableton, Georgia. She’ll be watching her mailbox next to see what beautiful surprise we send her. We’re encouraging our Winners Circle members to post their experiences on our Facebook Fan Page once they’ve had time to play with their new makeup, so that all of you get the benefit of real feedback on the products.

In the meantime, stay cool, and have a beautiful weekend!

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