Molto Bella! Looks from the Venice Film Festival



Didn’t we tell you how obsessed we are with awards shows and film festivals? This week, we have the Venice Film Festival to pick apart. The great thing about film festivals is that the celebrities have to make multiple appearances, so you get to see them in two or three outfits – ball gowns, cocktail dresses, and something fabulous for press interviews. The evening gowns in Venice were totally amazing, and the three celebs whose makeup we’re going to analyze – according to everyone who has an opinion on such – had the best gowns of the festival.

This is Madonna’s first appearance ever in our “how to look like a celebrity” blogs, but she really made all the twenty-somethings look like amateurs. How amazing is it that she has been famous and a fashion icon now for over 30 years? In order to give all the marquee value to her vivid red pout, she chose to keep the eye shadow subtle, which you can do with ColorOn’s Laguna, a soft beige washed with a translucent splash of violet that brings out the bit of hazel in Madonna’s eyes. It can be found in the Bestsellers Variety Kit.  Tons of black mascara and her trademark brows, along with a very Veronica Lake hairstyle, give her that Old Hollywood glamour. No one EVER forget this woman is a STAR.

Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood did a fabulous job showing off how versatile her new short ‘do can be, and also went for a very classic Hollywood look with her evening gowns. To offset her bright-white, floor length shirtwaist gown, she chose pretty pinks and corals, which you can easily reproduce with ColorOn’s Sunset Beach, a wash of beige and coral shadows reminiscent of a sunset over by the sea – or canal, in this case. It can also be found in the Bestsellers Variety Kit. Plenty of black mascara, nicely filled-in brows, a pinkish-coral cream blush and a deeper lip in the same shade give her a delicate flush.

Keira Knightly

Keira Knightly

Keira Knightly had the most delicious gown of the entire festival, a gold-embroidered Valentino Couture, but we liked her daytime makeup for the press interviews. She’s playing up her graduated bob with this season’s heavy brows, balancing them out with a daytime smoky eye (see our recent blog post). You can get the same look with ColorOn’s Noche, a gradient white and black from the Smoky Classics and Bestsellers Variety Kits. Applied with a light hand, the white accents the brow bone and the creamy black mineral shadow is blended to stay on the lid. Black Mascara and a touch of black eyeliner below the lower lashes bring all the focus on the eyes, and Keira chose to apply a pale pink blush and a peony pink lipstick to keep the look pretty for day instead of looking too nightclubby.

Remember, there are 78 different colorOn instant eye shadow applicators, and 24 pre-packaged Variety Kits. You can find the looks above not only in the Variety Kits, but in the Custom Kits where you can mix and match to your heart’s content. You’re ready, set, go…for anything!

We’ll be back Friday with the Winners Circle. Have a lovely week.

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