Molten Metal Eye Makeup

Emma Stone

Emma Stone

Today we have three very different celebrities in terms of hair, eye, and skin color, but all three have something in common – molten metallic eye makeup. It’s a fashion statement that works year-round because it the right metal works with every skin tone, from the palest to the deepest.

Pale and red-haired Emma Stone goes totally bronze, picking up the same tones in her hair and closely matching her gown. The contrast against her creamy white complexion is beautiful. You can achieve the same eye look with ColorOn’s Bronze Goddess from the Metallics Variety Kit, keeping the bulk of the shadow from just above the crease to the lash line, and using the extra creamy mineral makeup to line below the bottom lashes all the way from the inner corner of the eye outward, extending it just a bit beyond the lashes for a smoky look. The bronze makes her hazel green eyes pop. Black eyeliner and mascara complete the look. With that much bronze going on, she wisely goes easy on the cheeks and lips with very sheer bronzer and a non-shimmer caramel gloss.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron

Oscar-winning blonde actress and the woman who j’adores Dior fragrances, Charlize Theron pairs a golden eye with on-trend fuchsia lips, leaving the rest of her flawless face bare. Try ColorOn’s 14 Karat instant eye shadow appliqué, a from the Metallics Variety Kit to the whole lid, ending just below the brow bone, and using the extra creamy mineral shadow under the lower lashes from just under the pupil outward, extending it just beyond the lash line. Plenty of black mascara is all that’s left to complete this simple-yet-stunning look.

Tika Sumpter

Tika Sumpter

Gossip Girl regular Tika Sumpter goes for a subtle metallic eye while playing up her perfect eyebrows, and her sculpted peony blush and matching lip color. To duplicate her look, try ColorOn’s 14 Karat, which is a much more subtle color on her beautiful mocha skin tone. Then add a bit of our Smooth Monarch Gold Shimmer loose mineral pigment at the inner corners of the eye. This bright yellow-gold shimmer looks like 14-karat dust and is perfect to accentuate the inner corner of the eye, or to add a bit of extra golden patina to the lids and crease.

Remember that every colorOn instant eye shadow can be combined and purchased as a Custom Kit or you can instead buy pre-made Variety Kits. Either way, same price. There are 78 instant eye shadow looks and 24 pre-selected Variety Kits. And stock up on the 11 Smooth Shimmers or 7 Metallic Glitters loose mineral shadows while you’re at it; some are limited editions and won’t be around forever!

We’ll be back Friday with a new Winners Circle announcement! Have a radiant day…

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