Looks from the EMMYs, Blog Reviews from Las Vegas, and Friday’s Winner…

Cobie Smulders

Cobie Smulders

Before we get to the ladies of the EMMYS and Friday’s Winner, we’ll let you know that Christa Emmer, the Beauty Columnist for the Las Vegas Observer, and writer of her own “Beauty Las Vegas” blog, reviewed ColorOn for both. Please show her some love by visiting the sites and checking out her honest opinions.

With so many ways to follow fashion, hair, and makeup trends, we all have the opportunity to dissect — in great detail — the hair, makeup, and clothing celebrities wear to the big RED CARPET events. And since we can’t afford the gowns, and it takes time and sometimes big money to print out a picture and bring it to our stylist or colorist to get THAT hair, we can instantly click our way to every makeup product used on our favorite celeb’s face and purchase them. Watching the EMMYs, we saw three celebrities whose eye makeup could be reproduces in minutes with ColorOn. So, here’s how to look like a Red Carpet veteran without a makeup artist and a toolbox full of makeup…

Cobie Smulders delicately grey and mauve smoky eye is easily reproduced using Finesse, a smoky sunset palette of delicate rose and plush grey from our Eye Envy Rhapsody in Grey Variety Kit. In addition to her deep eggplant eyeliner concentrated heaviest at the outer corners of her eyes, you can create additional shimmering “smoke” by dusting the inner corners and lining the upper and lower lash lines with Smooth Purple Royale Shimmer loose pigment,  midnight-bright purple shimmer for more intensity, or the more delicate Smooth Patina Silver, a medium-grey shimmer, depending on your eye color and skin tone. Set it with the included Get Set! Powder, and add plenty of black mascara. To complete Ms. Smulders’ look, groom your brows, add just the tiniest flush of mauve cream blush on the apples of the cheeks, and choose a petal-pink lip gloss that adds a small amount of shine and color, but stays very close to your natural lip tone.


Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly wore a diffused smoky eye that complimented her navy lace Christian Dior gown. To get the same look, apply ColorOn’s El, a soft pink and chocolate brown combine to create a smoky mauve eye, from the Bestsellers  and Smoky Classic Variety Kits. Then add a bit of Smooth Black Star Red Shimmer loose pigment, a black and red shimmer than becomes a dark golden lilac, to the outer half of the lid to deepen and stretch the eye up and out. Smooth Patina Silver at the inner corner of the eyes creates a bright shimmer. Plum liner and black mascara finish the look. A light dusting of a complimentary plum blush and pinkish plum gloss, and you’re done!

Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks is always the bombshell! With her can’t-miss-it red tresses and creamy complexion, she tends to break all the rules and go for a bright red mouth and more subtle eyes. To get her shimmery shadows, try a light application of ColorOn’s Ibiza (from the Bestsellers Variety Kit) as a base, then add a rosy champagne shimmer with Metallic Rose Gold Glitter loose pigment, and Smooth Black Shimmer as an eyeliner to define and elongate the upper lash line. Set it with our Setting Powder #2, and add mascara to the top lashes only. Add your perfect matte red lipstick, and call it done.

All of the colors mentioned can be combined and purchased as a Custom Kit, or you can instead buy the Variety Kit in which they’re featured. Either way, same price.

Last but never least, today’s winner of a free 10-application Custom Kit is Mansi Mehta of Santa Clara, California. She’ll be watching her mailbox next to see what beautiful surprise we send her. We’re encouraging our Winners Circle members to post their experiences on our Facebook Fan Page once they’ve had time to play with their new makeup, so that all of you get the benefit of real feedback on the products. And that goes for anyone who is using ColorOn – post your look to our Facebook page and tell everyone what colors you used. We’re a community, and it would be great if you shared your tips and tricks with everyone else!

Have a wonderful weekend as we leave summer behind and celebrate the beginning of the fall season!

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