Looking Glamorous at Glamour Magazine’s ‘Women of the Year’ Awards

Jessia Alba/Getty Images

Jessia Alba/Getty Images

The stars were out last weekend at Glamour Magazine’s “Women of the Year” Awards, honoring winners Jennifer Lopez, Chelsea Handler,  Tory Burch, Arianna Huffington, former First Lady Laura Bush and her twin daughters Jenna and Barbara, Withelma “T” Ortiz-Macey, Gabrielle Giffords, Lea Michele, Cindy Sherman, Esraa Abdel Fattah, and Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, Gloria Steinem.

It was just as “glamour-ous” as you might imagine with winners ranging from actresses to singers to activists and politicians, with Debbie Harry performing and a room full of A-list celeb presenters and attendees, but we picked the best makeup looks for you to try at home with ColorOn…Professional.

Jessica Alba: Presenter Jessica Alba, who wore a sequined Tory Burch dress to hand the fashion designer her award, wore a modified smoky cat’s eye you can achieve using ColorOn’s Noche from the Smoky Classics and Bestsellers Variety Kits. The trick to achieving the same look is to place your ColorOn oval at an angle, dipping down a bit at the inner corner, and up at the outer corner, and confining your application to the eyelid and crease. No rubbing above there, or you’ll end up applying the creamy white mineral eye shadow, and the blending will dilute the depth of your black shadow. Gently blend only the edges of the black shadow so that your cat’s eye is not too severe, and use the extra creamy back mineral shadow left on the cover and an eyeliner brush to extend the shadow below the outer third of your lower lashes. Multiple coats of black mascara on you upper lashes, barely-there blush and a your-lips-only-better pinkish-nude lipstick complete the look, keeping this sultry eye the focal point.

Jennifer Lopez/Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez/Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez: Winner Jennifer Lopez, who wondered, “What am I doing here?” when presented with her award, looked stunning in her Versace gown slit up to there. Her extremely conservative hair (this is, after all, Jennifer Lopez) showed off the Fall trend of much heavier brows, which she set off beautifully with silvery eye makeup, perfected skin, and slick of candy pink gloss. To get the same eye look, start with ColorOn’s Platinum & Pearls from the Metallics Variety Kit, and if you want more shimmer, add our Smooth Patina Silver Shimmer at the inner corners of the eye.

Emma Stone/Getty Images

Emma Stone/Getty Images

Emma Stone: Presenter Emma Stone, who wore a gorgeous pale green Grecian design by Lanvin, complimented her still-red tresses with a delicately bronzed eye, flushed cheeks, and rosy lips. To get the same eye look, apply ColorOn’s Bronzed Goddess from the Metallics Variety Kit with a light hand if your complexion is as pale as Emma’s (you can use a heavier hand the deeper your skin tone), rubbing a bit more at the outer corners to get a deeper color payoff.

For application tips and techniques, check out the FAQs on our website, or watch our application video on the website.

We’ll be back Friday with a new addition to our Winner’s Circle. See you then!

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