Getting Down with Brown



When you hear “brown eye shadow” it hardly conjures up the term “fashion-forward,” but today’s eye shadows are technological little miracles, and “brown” no longer equals “boring.”  Just take a look at Glee actress Dianna Agron. She’s wearing a single shade of non-metallic warm brown eye shadow, with the most intense deposit of color along the upper lash line and blended well to fade out by the time it reaches mid-brow bone. No harsh lines, no contour shades, minimal eyeliner — just a liberal coat of black mascara. The warm, almost plum/rust undertones bring out the green in her hazel eyes. Yes, sometimes simple really is best!

You can create the same tonal look with ColorOn’s Sunset Beach for hazel eyes (beige and coral that blend into a warm rust), Ibiza for blue eyes (beige and brown that blend into warm chestnut) or El for all eye colors (soft pink and brown that blend into a plummy cocoa).  All three can be found in the Bestsellers Variety Kit.

Remember that we now have our two new Winter Holiday Variety Kits available: Winter’s Veil, our collection of five gorgeous photorealistic , feminine lace patterns, ranging from seductive gold lace on black to elegant Venetian green lace on gold; from bright white lace on deep blue to gothic black lace on pink or white; and Diamonds on Parade, which brings you five intricate, diamond-faceted instant eye shadow looks comprised of an intricate play of colors that will make you look like the precious gem you are at your next holiday event, whether it’s a gathering with the family or ringing in the New Year. Named after each precious gem the color combination represents – Blue Diamonds, Black Diamonds, Red Diamonds, Canary Diamonds, and Chocolate Diamonds – both kits come with our shimmering Get Set Powder #2 and a pot of our Metallic Silver Glitter.

For application tips and techniques, check out the FAQs on our website, or watch our application video.

We are now full swing into the holiday shipping season, and the United States Postal Service is projecting a record year. We use the USPS as our shipper with two options: ground shipping (free for all orders) or Priority Mail for faster delivery. However, once your package leaves us, delivery time will be the best the USPS can do and we are not responsible for their delays. So, order early!!

We’ll be back on Friday with a new Winners Circle. Until then, have an absolutely fabulous week!

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