Movie Premiere Makeup, and Last Chance to Order Holiday Kits for New Years!

Charlize Theron/Getty Images

Charlize Theron/Getty Images

If were brave enough to venture into a mall or one of the bog box stores like Target, good for you! Hanukkah has begun, Christmas and Kwanzaa  mere days away, and you’re probably sitting pretty. Unlike some of us, who will be picking through your leftovers Saturday right before the stores close.

If you haven’t already ordered your ColorOn Winter Holiday Kits, you still have time to get them for New Year’s Eve celebrations, so don’t delay if you haven’t settled on your makeup look and need something with a real “wow” factor to ring in the New Year. Be sure to check out Winter’s Veil, Diamonds on Parade, and last year’s Eye Envy Tinsel Variety  Kits for inspiration.

In the meantime, we’ve seen some gorgeous looks at recent movie premieres and events that are just lovely for holiday makeup. Charlize Theron (Young Adult), Rooney Mara (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), and True Blood’s Deborah Ann Woll (CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute) looked absolutely stunning at their respective events with very different looks, yet all playing heavy emphasis on their eyes.

Amethysts & White Gold

Amethysts & White Gold

Charlize Theron: The ethereal actress, who once again plays against type as a YA author without a single redeeming quality, opts for a palette of shimmery amethyst and matte plummy pinks. To duplicate her eye look, try ColorOn’s Amethysts & White Gold instant eye shadow from the Jewels Variety Kit,  a beautiful icy, sophisticated look perfect for all of your holiday activities with gradient shadows shading from pearly white to deep amethyst, with a sweep of platinum liner along the lash line. Perfectly groomed brows, perfected skin with a touch of a pinky-nude powder blush swept up to the temples, and an opaque plummy pink lipstick create a fresh yet sophisticated look.

Rooney Mara/AP Images

Rooney Mara/AP Photo

Holiday Riches

Holiday Riches

Rooney Mara: How stunning she looks now that she has been able to abandon the extreme look required for the Lizbeth Salander character, most particularly the shaved eyebrows. With perfectly groomed, glossy black brows to frame her piercing blue eyes, all she needs is a touch of golden shadow on her lids — try ColorOn’s Holiday Riches from the Eye Envy Tinsel Variety Kit — multiple coats of black mascara, and a statement creamy matte red lipstick in a blue-based cranberry shade. Utterly dramatic!

Deborah Ann Woll/Fame Pictures

Deborah Ann Woll/Fame Pictures

Deborah Ann Woll: Our favorite True Blood redhead (sorry, Arlene!) paired an unexpected eye shadow choice with her ultra-pale complexion and fiery haircolor. The shade, somewhere between peach and rust, works because it echoes tones in her hair, contrasts startlingly with her skin tone, and is well diffused and subtle despite its startling shade.

Sunsset Beach

Sunset Beach

To create the same look, reach for ColorOn’s Sunset Beach from the Bestsellers Variety Kit, a wash of beige and coral shadows that blend into a peachy deep coral reminiscent of a sunset by the sea. A sweep of black eyeliner, black mascara, a bare touch of pale pinky coral blush, and a deeper, almost raspberry lip. Sounds like it shouldn’t work, and yet it does.

For application tips and techniques, check out the FAQs on our website, or watch our application video.

We’ll be back on Friday with the Winners Circle. If you’ve still go more shopping to do, be safe, and best of luck! Happy Holidays to all…

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