Looking Hot on New Year’s Eve with ColorOn!

Lea Michele's "Alternative" Smokey Eye

Lea Michele's "Alternative" Smokey Eye

Now that the gift-giving holidays have passed, we hope that you already have your new Winter Holiday Kits on hand and your New Year’s Eve look completely planned out, whether you’ve opted for the mysteriously lacy Winter’s Veil Variety Kit or the almost Pucci-esque Diamonds on Parade Variety Kit. But just in case you’re still undecided, here are a few celebrity looks you ca easily reproduce with ColorOn instant eye shadows you may already have in your personal collection!

The Alternative Smokey Eye: Glee Actress Lea Michele compliments her soulful brown eyes with a smokey look that is actually lighter than her eye color, using brown shadows with a bit of a cool undertone. It’s a much softer look than the traditional ultra-dark colors typical of a smokey look, but it allows you to really appreciate her lush lashes and  perfectly groomed brows. Try ColorOn’s Desert Sands from the Painted Desert Variety Kit, multiple coats of mascara, a light sweep of bronzer from the tops of the cheekbones up to the temples instead of blush, and a rosy pink cream lipstick, and you will not lack for attention!

Jessica Biel: Red Hot and Golden

Jessica Biel: Red Hot and Golden

Golden Eyes and Red-Hot Lips: Jessica Biel beautifully proves the adage that you pick one feature to highlight, and lightly enhance the rest of the face.

She’s opted to wear a bold, precise statement-red lip, complimenting it with barely there foundation and lightly flushed cheeks. As for the eyes, we have groomed but not heavily powdered-or-penciled brows, a single coat of mascara, and a subtle gold eye shadow from lash line to crease, with a small amount drawn as well under the outer corners of the lower lash line.

You can get the same look with Holiday Riches from ColorOn’s 2010 Eye Envy Tinsel Holiday Variety Kit, using some of the creamy mineral makeup left on the cover sheet to line under the lower lashes with a thin eyeliner brush. Use one of the myriad 24-hour lip colors on the market — the ones with the opaque lip color at one end and the glossy topcoat at the other, and never worry about reapplying or leaving those awful lipstick marks on champagne flutes. BTW,  we’ve found Revlon’s and MAC’s to be the best-wearing, and here’s another hard-learned lesson: never, ever choose one with a hint of shimmer! They haven’t nearly the staying power, regardless of the brand or pricetag.

That’s two beautifully sophisticated looks, one accenting the eyes, the other the lips. Now, what if you’re not going on a major date (and that can be with a spouse, a potential spouse, spouse material, or just a FWB) or to a swank party?

Katy Perry Looks Amazing!

Katy Perry Looks Amazing!

Girls Just Want To Have Fun: Then, we must look to none other than Katy Perry for our final New Year’s Eve look. Normally, Mrs. Russell Brand can be counted on for something so over the top it often qualifies for Halloween and/or Drag Queen makeup, but since her latest haircut and color metamorphosis, she looks delicately beautiful. As a natural blonde, it makes sense that even a peachy pink-tinged blonde would turn out to be her best color by far. We actually love the haircolor, even though we know it’s simply the remains of the vibrant lavender pink her hairdresser couldn’t completely strip out, but it’s so pretty!

And Katy’s no slouch when it comes to changing her makeup to match her haircolor. Her brows are the right color (a few shades darker than her hair), nicely groomed and filled in, and she’s chosen a shimmery gold eye shadow with  rosy undertones, a swipe of shimmery grey eyeliner, and her trademark multiple coats of mascara. You can get the same eye look with our Scarlet Princess instant eye shadow, which is only available in the Custom Kits. It’s a combination of shining gold and shimmering bronze shadows with an anthracite eyeliner.

And instead of the often clownish colors she wore to offset the dyed black hair, she’s wearing a creamy pinkish/nude blush, and a peach/pink lipstick that picks up the tones in her hair.

For application tips and techniques, check out the FAQs on our website, or watch our application video.

We’ll be back on Friday with the last Winners Circle of 2011. Until then, have an amazing week!

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