The Eyes Have It: Runway to Red Carpet; Winner’s Circle



At the close of the Fall 2012 New York Fashion Week last week, a writer at Women’s Wear Daily noted that one of the biggest trends from the Spring 2012 runway shows last year (yes, this is weird but that’s how it works – Spring clothes are shown in September, and Fall clothes are shown in February) that carried over into the Fall shows is the continued focus on eye makeup. To which we, as noted in last week’s blog post, say “yeah, baby!” That’s not to say that EVERY designer went for major eye makeup; rather that they were in the majority.

We see the influence of the runway reflected quite heavily in two places: the cosmetic counters and aisles (depending on where you shop), and on the red carpet. Most of the “name” makeup artists work with cosmetic brands, and what they use on the runways typically hits your local department store or drugstore about the same time that 800-page issue of Vogue hits the street twice a year, and you go in search of something you can afford. Since for the vast majority of us that isn’t going to be a piece of clothing – even by a new designer – what it IS likely to be is makeup. We can almost all afford to buy a lipstick or an eyeshadow palette or a nail polish that we saw in the magazines or on their websites that we just have to have. And now that the drugstore brands have great makeup artists attached to them (Pat McGrath for Cover Girl, Gucci Westman for Revlon), and are competing for the same dollars as Estee Lauder (Tom Pecheux), MAC (Charlotte Tilbury, Lucia Pieroni), (Francois) Nars, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, et al, the quality of those cosmetics has risen to unanticipated levels. And the advertising dollars spent on a Cover Girl or L’Oreal eye makeup campaign easily rivals that of Chanel or Lancome.

So, from the runway to the red carpet to…you. The Internet has become the great equalizer; within hours of a runway show or an awards show, you will find the photos and someone’s commentary online. Within a day, you will find most everyone’s photos and commentary online. In a week’s time, you have so much to choose from that you can cherry pick the absolute best. And with the Internet, you have the added ability to add instant gratification to the mix by purchasing the tools necessary to recreate the looks you love armed with just a mouse and a small piece of plastic.

So, we promised you that we didn’t forget about the GRAMMY Awards – in fact, we have our four favorite looks from the show, and if you were to compare them to pictures from the runway shows, you’d see that every look has its origins there, even Adele’s modern interpretation of classic Sixties’ eye makeup.

Corinne Bailey Rae/

Corinne Bailey Rae/

Adele: Isn’t she just fabulous? Six GRAMMY awards for her seconds album, and she’s 23. We love her look, and how she knows her own strengths and plays to them. Heavy eyeliner was all over the runways for Fall 2012 (we highlighted our favorite, Rachel Zoe, last week), and Adele is the reigning queen of the cat’s eye liner and nude lip, but for the GRAMMY awards, she surprised everyone with a bright red lip, and shorter and brighter blonde hair. You can create the same eye look by starting with a base of ColorOn’s Platinum & Pearls, a gradient shimmering white and silvery platinum metallic from the Metallics Variety Kit. Layer on your favorite form of black eyeliner and multiple coats of mascara to the top lashes, concentrating most heavily on the lashes at the outer third of the eyes. A simple swipe of mascara is enough for the lower lashes – too much liner or mascara on the lower lashes will close up the eye. Be sure that your brows are groomed and filled and your skin perfected but not heavily made up. With the lip, you can go bold with a classic red like Adele’s, or a fuchsia, burgundy, or plum, depending on your coloring and comfort level – but it should be a satin, not a gloss.

Corinne Bailey Rae:There was plenty of commentary of Corinne Bailey Rae’s hair and dress (we loved her hair and were neutral on the dress), but everyone was unanimous on her eye makeup: major win. We saw the same silver shadow at 3.1 Phillip Lim at NYFW. Start

Kelly Osbourne/

Kelly Osbourne/

again with ColorOn’s Platinum & Pearls from the Metallics Variety Kit, but confine the shadows to just above the crease. Then, layer on ColorOn’s Smooth Patina Silver Shimmer loose mineral pigment, a medium-grey shimmer, bringing it into the corners of the eye and below the lower lash line. Use black mascara on upper and lower lashes in equal measure. Grooms brows, add a hint of creamy rose blush, and go for major impact with a deep rose-red satin lipstick.

Kelly Osbourne: Kelly Osbourne has been rocking various shades of grey hair in an effort to “give her hair a break” from bleaching it blonde, but for the GRAMMYs, added a lavender tint that matched her makeup for a monochrome look that was surprisingly delicate and feminine. The only other color she used was the metallic gold and bronze eye makeup, very similar to the look seen on the runway at Mara Hoffman. Use ColorOn’s Bronze Goddess, a shimmery gold and glimmering deep brown that combine to create a rich bronzed look, from the Metallics Variety Kit. A deep topaz brown liner and multiple coats of mascara to the top lashes, concentrating most heavily on the lashes at the outer third of the eyes create the sexy, heavy lidded look, with just a touch of mascara on the lower lashes. A swirl of mauve-y lavender blush and a satin pink lipstick with definite lavender undertones complete the look.



Rihanna: When people finally stopped gasping at her custom-designed, plunging Armani dress, they took note of her newly blonde shag and gorgeous caramel-colored makeup with smokey brown eye makeup just like that shown on multiple NYFW runways visited by makeup artists Charlotte Tilbury and Francois Nars. You can get a similar look using ColorOn’s Gypsy, for a deep sultry eye with rich hues of metallic mocha and a wash of frothy shimmering white from the Metallics Variety Kit. Use an eyeliner brush to grab the extra creamy mineral shadow from the cover sheet and line under the lower lashes, then add black mascara and black kohl on the inner rims of the eyes. A golden-toned bronzer topped with a swirl of pink blush and pale pinkish-nude satin lipstick complete the look.

All of the colors mentioned can be combined and purchased as a Custom Kit, or you can instead buy the Variety Kit in which they’re featured. Either way, same price. Need a tutorial? Watch the video on the website for application tips and tricks.

And now, the Winner’s Circle. This week’s lucky eVIP to win our random drawing for a free 10-application Custom Kit is  Jeanavette Kucharski of Hobe Sound, Florida. She’ll be watching her mailbox next to see what beautiful surprise we send her. As always, we encourage our Winners Circle members to post their experiences on our Facebook Fan Page once they’ve had time to play with their new makeup, so that all of you get the benefit of real feedback on the products. Not an eVIP? Sign up now on the website.

Sunday is the Academy Awards! Will we be watching? Most likely. Will we be talking about it in the next blog post? Most definitely!

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    • We agree! Although we understand Sharon emphatically does NOT like this whole grey phase of Kelly’s at all. And Kelly’s response has been along the lines of, “This, from the woman who taught me how to dress and who dyes her own hair the color of a decent merlot.” You’ve got to love them both.

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