Celebrity Brows, Part 1: Thin Is In…

Malin Ackerman

Malin Ackerman, pretty in hot pink...

We were going through our image files the other day, and realized we had a slew of super-tight close-ups of celebrities’ faces, mostly from the Academy Awards. They were fantastic for analyzing our favorite eye makeup looks, but as we were about to archive them, we realized what we also had was a load of super tight shots of celebrity eyebrows.

Since the predominant hairstyle at the Oscars is the up-do (boring, boring, boring), those photos afforded us a fairly unobscured view of everyone’s brows – and because the images are so tight, you can really see how well groomed, plucked, penciled, gelled, brushed, waxed  – or not – they are.

So, it’s all brows. And since we have a bunch, we thought we’d divide them up by “weight class.” This week, we’ll be talking “thin” (or flyweight? Lightweight?)

Yes, full brows are all the rage, but some faces aren’t necessarily made for a heavy brow, some people aren’t able to grow a full brow, and some simply don’t like them.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson

No one here has veered into Pamela Anderson territory (a quick Google search will show you that these aren’t even her thinnest brows; we have to also admit a certain amount of guilt for this image. We were actually tempted to use an older photo of her, but this one is 3 years old, and anything more recent is without makeup and even more unflattering).

But you will note the predominance of blondes, which makes sense. When we get to Part 3: Full Brows, the post will be dominated by brunettes.

Everyone (or rather, everyone’s makeup artist) has done a wonderful job of making the most of their fine brows, whether they’re that way by design or nature.

Berenice Bejo

Berenice Bejo

The first brunette – who became a redhead for the Academy Awards and may well be a brunette once again – is Berenice Bejo from Best Picture Winner, “The Artist.” Were she to use our BrowPro product, she’d be a Thin Brown, which has a bit of warm pigment that would work well with her haircolor. Her brows have a beautiful proportion and arch, and just needed to be filled and set.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz, who came to the Oscars with her new platinum bob, could have used a bit more work in the brow department. They’ve been very lightly penciled in from the inner corner to the arch but then just sort of fade out. Her brows seem to naturally grow down and do not extend much beyond the arch, and with such black eyeliner and mascara, she needed a stronger, longer brow. Had her makeup artist used BrowPro in Thin Light after brushing her brows up and out with a clean spooley, it would have filled, extended, set, and fixed her brows in one step. 

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson’s makeup artist definitely spent time filling and grooming her brows, but her brows are similar to Cameron Diaz’s – they start late and end too soon, and seem to grow a bit downward as well. Kate’s MUA made more effort to combat this, and her brows are definitely a prominent part of her whole look (her eye makeup is truly gorgeous); the color used to fill in her brows is the equivalent of BrowPro in Thin Light. Wouldn’t Cameron have looked better with Kate’s brows? 

Malin Ackerman’s Academy Award makeup was a very ahead-of-the-curve monochromatic hot pink, which is awful to type but beautiful to see. Of course, bright hot pink is EVERYWHERE right now (including the lips of this writer, for the first time in her life), but most of us were not thinking that way in February, now were we? Pink eye makeup is always a bit tricky; do it wrong, and it just looks like an infection (hence the name “pinkeye.” Blech.)

Well, yes, moving on.

Malin’s makeup was pitch (and tonally) perfect, and her brows darkened quite a bit. She is wearing the equivalent of BrowPro in Thin Brown. Whether that’s her preference or her MUA felt it balanced better with her super-lush carbon-black lashes, the whole thing works. It was this makeup look that really inspired a trip to a certain mall retailer-that-shall-not-be-named for an hour of mindless trying on and wiping off of fuchsia lippies.

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams has been a constant source of impressive beauty and fashion statements since the day she walked out of the salon with the pixie. She went from “Heath Leger’s ex” to “fashion icon” in an instant, and she has yet to make a single misstep. Her brows are perfect – possibly because they are always on display. The proportion, the arch, and the grooming are impeccable. When she changes the color of her hair, she never forgets her makeup and her brows. She’s another BrowPro Thin Light, although you can see from the image that her brows need the least help. 

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde, who is on a second haircolor change and another haircut since this shot (she’s taken her shoulder-grazing bob blonde for a movie role), is the other brunette bookending the “Thin Is In” post. Unlike the blondes preceding her (granted, they may not be completely natural blondes anymore, but they all were probably born blondes), it’s obvious that thin brows are a stylistic choice for Olivia. You can tell that they are plucked or waxed, and trimmed. At this thinness, their darkness and density don’t require any filling. She could have used a bit of wax or gel to fix them, however, since her brows also grow downward.

BrowPro colors, defines, shapes, and holds the eyebrows in place.  Available in three creamy brow-enhancing shades that blend to match most eyebrows:

  • Light (for blonde to light brown hair)
  • Brown (for medium to dark brown hair)
  • Dark (for dark brown to black hair)

In three popular shapes:

  • Thin
  • Medium
  • Full

Why ColorOn BrowPro?

  • Superior results – fills in even the sparsest brows, and covers the most resistant gray brows.
  • Blended with pure minerals for a rich, multi-toned hue and creamy consistency that will not fade, and is long-lasting, water-proof, and sweat-proof yet gentle to the skin.
  • Safe and easy to use, hygienic, functional, portable, and economical.

BrowPro comes with 2 applicators (4 applications), a disposable spooly brush, and Get Set! Setting Powder, and is available as part of the Custom Kits. Just add the BrowPro in your color and shape to your Custom Kit (Medium Brows in Light, Full Brows in Dark, Thin Brows in Brown, etc.), the same way you would choose an Instant Eye Shadow. Now you can create a Custom Kit with brows and eye makeup all in one, for the same price as always. It’s a great way to try BrowPro! As always, any color mentioned in the blog can be chosen and combined into a Custom Kit , or you can buy the Variety Kit in which they’re featured. Either way, same price.

Need a tutorial? Watch the video on the website for application tips and tricks.

And now, the Winner’s Circle. The lucky eVIP to win this week’s random drawing for a free 10-application Custom Kit is Lynda Perez of Hollywood, Florida. She’ll be watching her mailbox to see what beautiful surprise we send her. As always, we encourage our Winners Circle members to post their experiences on our Facebook Fan Page once they’ve had time to play with their new makeup, so that all of you get the benefit of real feedback on the products. Not an eVIP? Sign up now on the website.

Next week, we’ll be back with the next installment of this series, Celebrity Brows, Part 2: Medium Done Well. Have a lovely weekend!

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