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The London Olympics Fuel Our Kate Middleton Obsession

Kate Middleton in black lace Erdem Resort 2012

Kate Middleton in black lace Erdem Resort 2012

As if America was not obsessed enough with the lovely Kate Middleton, or as she is officially known, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, the 2012 Summer Olympics in London simply ratcheted it up to a level of frenzy that, IOHO, exceeds that of Princess Diana. Yes, we may be smote by lightening upon leaving the premises, but Kate (if we may be so bold as to call her that) carries so much less baggage, seems like such a stronger, more independent, even feisty individual who married for love and is loved equally, and frankly has had to learn the whole “demure” thing that was Diana’s stock-in-trade. Generational difference? Perhaps. The difference between being bred to marry royalty as opposed to being a “commoner”? We’ll reserve comment as Yanks and members of a society whose “royalty” is comprised of celebrities, the wealthy, athletes, and reality television “stars.” Whatever it is, Kate has that certain something, and she has it in spades. She was photographed as often observing the games as the athletes themselves.

On one of the last days of the games, The Today Show did yet another segment on Kate’s fashion choices, and we were immediately struck by two of her lace dresses. Why? Because they were exact duplicates of two ColorOn instant eyeshadow looks!

Winter Black Lace

Winter Black Lace

The first was an Erdem Resort 2012 black and white stretch lace ¾-sleeve cocktail/day dress that looks exactly like our Winter Black Lace instant eyeshadow from the Winter’s Veil Variety Kit . Whether your look is as feminine as delicate lace, or Gothic as wicked black crochet, this photo-realistic lace pattern satisfies whatever look you’re craving.

The second was a stunning Alice by Temperley evening gown with a plunging neckline and fitted bodice that was a ringer for our Winter Pink Veil instant eyeshadow, also from the Winter’s Veil Variety Kit, which we introduced as a limited-edition for winter 2011-2012 but was so popular we made it a part of the permanent collection.

Kate Middleton in a black and pink Alice by Temperley gown

Kate Middleton in a black and pink Alice by Temperley gown

Winter Pink Veil

Winter Pink Veil

Like Kate’s gown, this sweetly pink yet gothically exotic photorealistic black lace pattern combines with honeysuckle pink to create a look that’s both innocent and just a little edgy.

Kate’s own makeup is always exquisitely done – perfectly groomed and full brows, flushed cheeks, natural rosy/nude lips, and eye makeup of varying intensity depending on the event. Like many British women, she favors what we often refer to as “panda eyes” – eyeliner above and below the lash lines – but it is always day or night appropriate, and never heavy handed.

Kate's makeup wearing the Erdem frock

Kate’s makeup wearing the Erdem frock

For her day look in the Erdem frock, you can recreate the look starting with ColorOn’s Ibiza from the Eye Envy Smoky Kit, a subtle yet sophisticated smoky nude in tones of beige and brown. A thin stripe of black eyeliner (hers appears to be pencil, but you can also use a gel or liquid depending on your preference) starts at the inner corners of the eye and follows along the lash line both above and below the eye, meeting at the outer corner and flicking up ever-so-slightly. Multiple coats of black mascara finish the look on curled lashes.

A slightly rosy nude blush is swept from the apples of her cheeks toward the temples and matches her subtle lipstick in the same shade.

For her evening look, Kate’s makeup if more dramatic, yet not dramatically different. Start with El from the Eye Envy Smoky Kit, a soft pink and chocolate brown gradient that combine to create a smoky mauve. Then dip a dampened round-tipped eye shadow brush in our Smooth Black Shimmer loose mineral pigment, a beautiful true black shimmer, and sweep it across the eyelid from the inner to outer corner of the eye, and up into the crease so that the entire lid is darkened. Then sweep it under the lower lashes as well. Once again, apply multiple coats of black mascara to curled lashes.

Kate's makeup wearing the Alice by Temperley gown

Kate’s makeup wearing the Alice by Temperley gown

For more evening drama, Kate chose a berry colored cream blush applied to the apples of her cheeks for a beautiful flush, and slicked on a raspberry lipstick with a bit of shine – no shimmer or gloss, just a bit not her usual satin finish.

All of the colors mentioned in the blog can be chosen and combined – along with BrowPro (Kate would be a BrowPro Full Dark)– into a Custom Kit, or you can buy the Variety Kit  in which they’re featured. Either way, same price. Need a tutorial? Watch the video on the website for application tips and tricks.

We have the Venice Film Festival on August 29th and then the MTV Video Music Awards on September 6th – the same day New York Fashion Week begins. Until then, we’re sure we’ll find SOMETHING to compliment, and probably a few things to poke a stick at (we’ve left Lindsay Lohan alone for FAR TOO LONG, people).