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Where There’s Smoke…

Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai

Yes, the 2012 Cannes Film Festival is history, but the pictures live on and on. Last week, we turned the spotlight on Freida Pinto’s run of fabulous makeup looks at the prestigious film gathering, as well as the bright lip trend. This week, as promised, we’ll show you some of the coolest/hottest smoky eyes from Cannes. They really ran the gamut from the classic heavy black-and-winged look to much more light-handed metallic looks that are easily adapted to real life.

First we have the Bollywood actress often labeled “the most beautiful woman in the world,” (we can get behind that assessment!), Aishwarya Rai. The former Miss World is at the center of a global controversy that started when her country’s press took her to task  for not losing weight quickly enough after the birth of her child, one even going so far as to post a video of pre- and post-pregnancy photos complete with elephants trumpeting. We found this astounding; as horribly judgmental, unsourced, and even dishonest as the U.S. gossip press can be, none of them will go directly on record to state so baldly that a celebrity is a poor representative of America due to her weight and that she has a DUTY to slim down quickly. Then again, the articles essentially say Aishwarya should follow the lead of Victoria Beckham and Angelina Jolie, who lost their baby weight in record time after the birth of their children – as if this is a realistic goal for ANYONE, ANYWHERE.

Aishwarya Rai's makeup

Aishwarya Rai’s makeup

And what does that have to do with makeup?

Not much; look at her! She is gorgeous. In fact, she is at Cannes this year as L’Oreal’s global representative – that’s right, she’s at Cannes not as an actress with a film in the competition, but as the face of a cosmetics company. If L’Oreal thinks she represents beauty, perhaps the media ought to just shut it. Her golden smoky eye is the perfect counterpoint to her traditional Indian evening wear, exotic coloring, unusual blue/gray eyes, and raven hair and brows. A perfect look for nighttime, you could wear the same eye makeup for day with just a bit less shimmer. Start with ColorOn’s Ibiza from the Eye Envy Smoky Variety Kit, a smoky nude comprised of gradient beige and brown. Then brush our Smooth Monarch Gold Shimmer loose mineral pigment, a bright yellow-gold that looks like 14-karat dust, on the inner half of the upper eyelids. Add plenty of real black kohl on the upper and lower inner rims of the eyes, and loads of black mascara. If your brows are not as dense and groomed as Aishwarya’s, use our BrowPro instant eyebrow applicators in the proper shade and thickness to color, define, shape, and hold the eyebrows in place.

Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson at amFar

Diane Kruger in Chanel at amFar

When eyes are the focal point of your look, the rules must be followed: strong eyes, muted lips; strong lips, muted eyes. So, just a swirl of matte bronzer for contour, and a peachy/nude gloss, and this look is done.

Next, we have two different looks from Diane Kruger, who was a member of Feature Film Jury this year and truly the fashion star of the entire event, as well as the official “face” of the myriad events that took place during the 12 days of Cannes. She sported two metallic smoky eye looks that are perfect for summer: one a palette of silver, the other bronzed.

Diane's amFAR makeup

Diane’s amFAR makeup

At the amFAR Cinema Against AIDS event (the same event that Aishwarya Rai attended with her golden smoky eyes), Diane complemented her Chanel Resort 2013 Versailles LWD with its cap-sleeves, fit-and-flare cut, and lilac and white embroidered embellishments (very Mad Men-era!) and early Sixities-era finger-waved hairstyle with a modern-day eye look comprised of delicate silvers tending to an almost silvery blue at its deepest shade – a perfect match to Diane’s own eye color. To get a similar look, start with ColorOn’s Platinum & Pearls from the Metallics Variety Kit, the cool shine of silvery platinum and shimmering white giving this simple combination an edgy depth. Then layer on Smooth Patina Silver Shimmer loose mineral pigment on the outer third of the eyelid up onto the browbone, and below the lower lashes for a smokier, deeper silver. Her makeup artist added black kohl to the inner rims of the upper and lower eyelids, and after curling her lashes, added a single coat of black mascara top and bottom, and then a second coat to the outer third of the upper lashes. Diane’s naturally full brows were groomed and filled a bit; she’d be a BrowPro Full Light. Finish the look with the barest hint of a delicate pink flush on the cheeks, and a matching sheer pink gloss.

Diane & Joshua at Night in Monaco event

Diane in Prabal Gurung at “Night in Monaco”

For the Nights in Monaco Party Diane chose a less formal makeup look, with a slightly tousled updo and a warm palette to offset her avante garde Prabal Gurung frock with its white feathered skirt, studded white leather belt, and sheer white mesh bodice with strategically placed embroidered golden satin roses and sequined vines.

Diane's Night in Monaco makeup

Diane’s “Night in Monaco” makeup

Her eye makeup picks up the metallic embellishments the bodice and her wild bronze platforms. Star with ColorOn’s Bronze Goddess from the Metallics Variety Kit, a combination of shimmery gold and glimmering deep brown that combine to create a rich bronzed look. Confine your application to the upper kid and brow bone, blending to wing the shadows up and out toward the temple and almost meet the tail of the brow. Lightly line the inner rims of the upper and lower lid with a smoky brown kohl, and add black mascara to curled lashes, once again adding a second coat to the outer third of the upper lashes. Diane’s makeup artists went for a slightly more flushed cheek and lip, but stayed in the same sheer pink/nude family – just a bit more intense, but still sheer.

Natasha Poly at the Holy Motors premiere

Natasha Poly at the Holy Motors premiere

Model Natasha Poly seemed to be everywhere at Cannes; she was in a shocking number of pictures for someone who is primarily a runway mannequin and not the face of a cosmetics brand or clothing line. But she does have the “Angelina Leg” pose down; in fact, she pretty much out-Angelina’d Ms. Jolie in every shot we saw. On top of which, Natasha has a fondness for plunging necklines, sheer dresses with strategically placed scatterings of sequins, massive cutouts that seem to be held together through sheer force of will, or a combination of all of the above. What’s always amusing when you have so many images from an event like this is how often you discover that some personalities have a signature pose. And that’s what they do; they can drop into this pose regardless of the angle, the outfit, or the event. Natasha has this uncanny ability, and the image here of her actually smiling and showing her teeth is emphatically NOT her signature pose. Google her pictures from Cannes if you want to see what we mean; it’s the model equivalent of Paris Hilton’s hipshot, chin-down, hand-on-hip, slouchy pose that she could do no matter the time of day or state of inebriation.


Natasha Poly at Madagascar 3 premiere

Natasha Poly at Madagascar 3 premiere

That’s Natasha at the premiere of the film Holy Motors, a French film starring Denis Lavant, American actress Eva Mendes, and Australian singer Kylie Minogue. She pairs a very on-trend, casually messy side-braid (a fishtail, so it’s even trendier; however, we can’t do one, so who are we to cast any aspersions?) with a very on-trend smoky eye: the elongated, up-tilted shape with a touch of metallic green. You can get a similar look by using ColorOn’s Ikonik instant eye shadow, a shimmery mink-brown prism with a pop of lustrous glittering green, which is only available in our Custom Kits. Angle the applicator just slightly so that you get the right sweep from the inner corner out and up. Use an eyeliner brush to take the extra creamy mineral shadow from the cover film and apply below the lower lash line (you can use the brown, the green, or a combination of the two). Line the inner rims of the upper and lower lids with black kohl and add black mascara. Groom your brows, and like Natasha, avoid any other shimmer on the face by adding only the barest hint of a matte peach blush and a clear peachy gloss.

Natasha's Madagascar 3 makeup

Natasha’s Madagascar 3 makeup

At the premiere of the animated children’s film, Madagascar 3, the ladies arrived in the most revealing, non-G-rated outfits possible (see Salma Hayek, next). Broad daylight notwithstanding, Natsha’s floor-length, daring V-neck (really, v-waist to be technically accurate) green velvet Gucci gown with its thigh-high slit was paired gigantic emerald-and-diamond drop earrings (they certainly looked real) and even smokier eyes. Try ColorOn’s Heavy Metal instant eye shadow, a gorgeous prism of shimmering dark chocolate and twinkling onyx — rocking this look is NOT for the faint of heart. Again, this one is only available in our Custom Kits. Angle the applicator just slightly so that you get the right sweep from the inner corner out and up. Use a heavier brush this time to take the extra creamy mineral shadow from the cover film and apply below the lower lash line. Line the inner rims of the upper and lower lids with black kohl and add black mascara. Groom your brows, and like Natasha, go even lighter on the rest of the face with color; she didn’t even use pech with this look – she went with true nude blush and a nude satin lipstick so there wasn’t even a high-gloss shine on her lips. Her nakeup artist did, however, add some filler to her brows to offset such dark eye makeup and such severely slicked-back blonde tresses.

Salma Hayek at Madagascar 3 premiere

Salma Hayek at Madagascar 3 premiere

Finally, our last smoky look comes from Salma Hayek, whose marriage to Francois-Henri Pinault gives her, among other very nice things, access to a wardrobe anyone with even the mildest fashion aspirations would possibly kill (or at least main) to have. So, of course Salma wore Gucci every time she was photographed at Cannes (which was A LOT), and this black-and-silver metallic Gucci Premiere gown was the absolute crème de la crème. Perhaps only Salma could break the cardinal rule and not get called out for it – this is about the smokiest of smoky eyes, and she’s paired it a strong cheek color and a brick-red lip. Planets did not collide, there was no rift in the space/time continuum, but we can agree that if anyone else tried this, every beauty editor and blogger would have torn her a proverbial new one, no?

Salma's Madagascar 3 makeup

Salma’s Madagascar 3 makeup

Feel free to contradict us, but be ready to cite exactly who you think could get away with it and why.

Want to try Salma’s eye makeup? Start with ColorOn’s Noche from the Eye Envy Smoky Variety Kit, blending the deep black shadows outward toward the temple, just past the tail of the brow. Add black kohl on the upper and lower inner rims, and tons of black mascara. Salma’s makeup artist used a matte bronzer that had reddish undertones, but applied it low on the cheekbone, more like a contour. Her look was finished with a glossy warm brick-red lip that was sheer enough to still contrast with the opacity of the smoky eye.

And there you have it – c’est magnifique! The MTV Movie Awards are starting momentarily, and the CFDA Fashion Awards are tomorrow night, so we’ll have plenty of material for the next blog. Have a wonderful week…

The Cannes Film Festival: Those Lips! Those Eyes!

Freida Pinto in Versace

Freida Pinto, our unofficial “Queen of Cannes”

The 2012 Cannes Film Festival closed last night, with the Palm d’Or awarded to the French film Amour (or in English, Love), starring Jean-Louis Trintignant, Emmanuelle Riva, and Isabelle Hupert. We’re bestowing our own Palm d’Or for “Best Eye Makeup at Cannes.” And the winner is the stunning Freida Pinto, whose makeup was an amazing body of work whether she was dressed ever-so-casually for a midday outdoor photo call for her new film Desert Dancer or clad in bright-hued designer frocks for the premieres of the other films nominated for the highest prize like Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom (starring Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Harvey Keitel, and the sublime Tilda Swinton) and another French film, De Rouille et D’Os (Rust and Bone), or dressed to the hilt in a spectacular Versace gown for the festival’s opening night dinner. Freida was our pick for the Queen of Cannes, and that’s something when you consider we sifted through about 1,400 images!

We’ll start with her most casual look and work toward the more complex.

Then, we’ll address the No. 1 trend at Cannes – bright lips! Certainly there were some lovely smoky eye looks (we’ll cover those next week), but we saw many more boldly color mouths, ranging from bright pink to deep berry, from patent-leather red to shocking matte orange.

And for our first aside (because this wouldn’t be a ColorOn blog post without at least ONE), is it just us, or did there seem to be an exponential growth in the number of runway models attending Cannes? Now, we know models are to Cannes as groupies are to rock concerts, but there just seemed to be more models that actresses this year, in addition to the usual collection of arm candy, “muses,” and insanely underclothed attention seekers with no discernible reason to be there other than the massive collection of paparazzi (we’re looking at you, Phoebe Price. Where DO you get the money for your fame campaign?)

Freida at the "Desert Dancer" photo call

Freida at the “Desert Dancer” photo call

But let’s move on to Miss Freida, if you please.

In studying all of beautiful women at Cannes and making this choice, we have to admit such a girl crush on Freida Pinto. Her individual features are absolutely gorgeous, her skin flawless, her eyebrows perfect – even her hairline is enviable! In addition, whether it’s just a testament to her acting skills or the veritable truth, she comes across as genuinely warm and unaffected, and still starstruck in the presence of her peers.

Here’s Freida at the photo call for her next film, Desert Dancer, which will begin shooting later this summer in Turkey and Jordan. Wearing a casual two-piece halter and skirt by Salvatore Ferragamo, her makeup artist chose simple monochrome eyeshadow, black kohl on the inner rims of her upper and lower lids, curled lashes, and black mascara keep her look clean and daytime-appropriate, even in the brightest sunlight. A swirl of petal-colored blush on the apples of her cheeks and a swipe of the same color gloss on her lips, and she’s radiant. A simple high ponytail completed the look; nothing too controlled or slick.

You can get a similar eye shadow look with ColorOn’s Desert Sands from the Eye Envy Illusions Variety Kit  for a cool-based brown, or Ibiza from the Eye Envy Smoky Variety Kit  for a warm-based brown.

Freida at the "Moonrise Kingdom" premiere

Freida at the “Moonrise Kingdom” premiere

The next images we saw of Freida were at the screening for Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom, and she was wearing a sweetheart-cut pink Michael Angel gown with a multi-colored, sequin-embellished bodice.

Freida's "Moonrise Kingdom" makeup

Freida’s “Moonrise Kingdom” makeup

Her makeup artist chose to pick up the amethyst hues around her eyes by using a cool, shimmery purple shadow on this L’Oreal spokeswoman, bringing it all the way around the eye and just slightly above the crease and onto the browbone. Again, black kohl on the inner rims of the upper and lower lids, curled lashes, and lots of black mascara maker her light brown eyes the focal point. A neutral matte bronzer and a nude gloss complete the look without taking any attention from her unusual eyes.

You can get a similar effect using with ColorOn’s Fairy Pink from the Dreams Variety Kit, a sexy smoky combination of dusky pink, smoked amethyst, and deep merlot.

Freida at the "Rust and Bone" premiere

Freida at the “Rust and Bone” premiere

At the premiere of Rust and Bone, Freida wore a neon chartreuse Atelier Versace stretch lace gown with an asymmetrical peplum around the left hip and a thigh-high slit. It was an unusual choice – which we thought looked amazing against her skin tone and dark hair – that was both covered and revealing at the same time.

Freida's "Rust and Bone" makeup

Freida’s “Rust and Bone” makeup

With her hair in a half-updo, shimmering coffee-toned shadows on the lids and brow bone created a beautiful smoky eye that harmonized rather than fought with such a dominant color choice. A thin line of shimmery black liner along the upper lash line added a bit of drama along with her usual black kohl and mascara. For a little pop of color, her makeup artist added a sheer bright pink gloss – nothing too opaque or saturated.

You can recreate the same eye look using ColorOn’s Gypsy from the Eye Envy Precious Metals Variety Kit, and dipping a thin eyeliner brush into our Smooth Black Shimmer loose mineral pigment (you can use it with a wet or dry brush depending on the intensity you like), draw a line along the upper lash line from the inner corner to the outer, flicking up at the tail end. For those of you who prefer to use pencils (black liquid liner would be too harsh), look for one with a bit of shimmer in the black.

Freida's opening night makeup

Freida’s opening night makeup

Finally, we have Freida’s most formal look, from the opening night dinner. From all the accounts we read, this was a very unusually sophisticated “moody” look for her. The sheer black, strategically sequined dress – another of Donatella Versace’s creations – featured a high neckline and long sleeves, but was slit high on the thigh, with a bodice showcased some skin via sheer insets and peek-a-boo sequin placement.

Freida’s makeup artist gave her a shimmery silvered mocha smoky eye and a hot pink lip for major impact. To get the same look, start again with ColorOn’s Gypsy from the Eye Envy Precious Metals Variety Kit. Then take a small domed eye shadow brush (something bigger than an eyeliner brush but smaller than a flat shadow brush – you’ll want some precision but also to deposit more color than a small stripe), and apply our Smooth Patina Silver Shimmer loose mineral pigment, a medium-gray shimmer, all the way around the eye from the inner corner across the upper lids and under the entire lower lash line, meeting at the outer corner and flicking upward toward the temple. Add Freida’s signature black kohl to the upper and lower inner rims, and plenty of black mascara.

With this much shimmer happening on the eyes, any cheek and lip color should be devoid of even a hint of shimmer or glitter. If your skin is not as perfect as Freida’s or such a lovely color (which would be 99% of us!), a tinted moisturizer or a touch of matte bronzer will give you a bit of perfecting without obvious color. Save that for your lips! Freida’s makeup artist chose a bright hot pink satin cream for her lips that has enough gloss to it that her natural lip color shows through and deepens it a bit.

Elena Lenina

Elena Lenina

It reminds us of our two favorite lipsticks: Nars Schiap (which you could choose if you prefer a semi-matte look; we waxed ecstatic about this at length in the last blog post), and Revlon’s ColorBurst Lip Butter in Lollipop (which has the same finish as Freida’s lippie).

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

And what a great segue into the whole issue of brightly colored lips.

Freida was not the only woman at Cannes to sport a bright pink lip; may we present Elena Lenina, “Russian reality television star”?

Natasha Poly

Natasha Poly

And should you think her makeup a bit over-the-top, you should have seen the entire outfit and her hairstyle; we’d describe it as a hooded purple satin bathrobe worn by a grown-up Cindy-Lou Who in the adult film version of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

We had plenty of red lips, crimson on crimson on actress Kristin Stewart, and model Natasha Poly.

Liya Kebede

Liya Kebede

We had blue-based red on Liya Kebede. ans a slightly metallic version on Bianca Balti.

Bianca Balti

Bianca Balti

Then we had deep wine red on actress Jennifer Connelly and singer Jessie J.

Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer Connelly

At the other end of the spectrum, we had bright matte orange lips on Fan Bingbing.

Jessie J.

Jessie J.

Finally, today is Memorial Day, and we want to acknowledge the meaning of this holiday.

Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing

It may be seen as the unofficial start of summer, and the first weekend many people unearth the barbeque grill, but the real reason we have this three-day weekend is to honor the men and women in the United States Armed Forces who gave their lives in service. Whatever your politics, whatever your beliefs, today please remember to take a moment and remember the fallen.

Thank you.