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It’s a Red, Red, Red, Red, Red, Red….Carpet

"AMC's" Alicia Minshew, one of the Daytime Emmys' "Best Dressed"

“AMC’s” Alicia Minshew, one of the Daytime Emmys’ “Best Dressed”

Okay, so that was probably a real stretch of a cinematic allusion, but you get our point, yes? Last week we went a little “red carpet crazy” between our coverage of Keira Knightley (movie premiere red carpet), Carly Rae Jepsen and Katy Perry (MuchMusic VMAs red carpet), Ginnifer Goodwin (Young Hollywood Awards red carpet), and a mini-tribute to Emma Stone’s overseas red carpet extravaganza for the premieres of The Amazing Spiderman from Tokyo to Rome.

There were four other award shows we couldn’t squeeze in, but we did promise to cover the 39th Annual  Daytime Emmy Awards and the Critics Choice Television Awards, so we’re here to deliver.

It must be said that the Daytime Emmys have a rep for over-the-top fashions, hair, and makeup – which stands to reason, since daytime’s stock in trade for many decades was the soap opera, which is over-the-top by definition, from its plot lines to its back-from-the-dead characters, to its recasting of characters with new actors and the writing in of a traumatic plane crash that necessitated complete reconstructive surgery. And that’s not to mention that its “daytime divas” have always tended toward dressing like grocery shopping was a cocktail event (Don’t believe us? Google “Judith Chapman at Daytime Emmys” and get back to us. We’ll wait.)

So it is no surprise that the fashions at this year’s Daytime Emmys, which now include many more talk shows, game shows, cooking shows, and reality shows than traditional soap operas (which are sadly disappearing and causing us to feel very nostalgic around ColorOn HQ), run the gamut between quite fashionable and quite questionable.  And given that most daytime shows, until the advent of HD, were shot on tape (with a few high-budget exceptions), the makeup tended to be extremely heavy handed, and for some reason that tradition stuck even as the medium evolved.

With all that said, who looked fabulous on the Beverly Hilton Hotel’s red carpet?

All My Children’s Alicia Minshew appeared on every best-dressed list we came across. In a cerulean-blue Amit GT pleated strapless gown with a cross-body strap and a classic hourglass silhouette, she wore her trademark curls pinned back to better show off her beautiful bone structure. Alicia, who plays Susan Lucci’s (Erica Kane) daughter Kendall, brought out her green eyes by using a palette of pink and bronzed brown.

Alicia Minshew's pretty pastel makeup, up close

Alicia Minshew’s pretty pastel makeup, up close

You can recreate the look by using Bermuda from ColorOn’s Eye Envy Flaunt Variety Kit , a gradient combination of soft beige and creamy pink with a deep chocolate liner. Grab a bronze eye pencil and line the upper and lower inner rims to get the same exotic look as Alicia.

She’s either wearing eyelash extensions or strip lashes, but unless your sporting the former or comfortable applying the latter, we recommend curling your lashes and applying black mascara to the top and bottom lashes, letting it dry, and then applying two more coats just to the outer third of the upper lashes – always letting it dry between coats. You’ll get a similar extended, slightly cat’s eye look.

Alicia’s brows are well-tended, and filled in a shade slightly darker than her hair – she’d be a BrowPro Medium Brown. With so much emphasis on her eyes, she wisely keeps her cheeks and lips subtle in coordinating shades of cool raspberry, with no sparkle or shimmer, and just a touch of shine to the sheer berry stain on her lips.

"Y&R's" Elizabeth Hendrickson received mixed reviews on her bias-cut silk gown

“Y&R’s” Elizabeth Hendrickson received mixed reviews on her bias-cut silk gown

Elizabeth Hendrickson, Alicia’s co-star for five years on All My Children before moving over to The Young and The Restless, had critics split over her pink silk bias-cut slip dress, some calling it classic Old Hollywood while others likened it to leaving the house in her slip and forgetting her gown. No one denied, however, that it showcased her stunning figure to its best advantage.

"Y&R's" Elizabeth Hendrickson's beautifully subtle makeup

“Y&R’s” Elizabeth Hendrickson’s beautifully subtle makeup

With her center-parted, ombréd hair in loose waves, she looked artlessly sexy – which we all know takes HOURS to achieve! You can get the same eye look by using ColorOn’s El from the Smoky Classics Variety Kit, a gradient mix of soft pink and chocolate brown that combine to create a smoky mauve eye, which is softer and more on-trend than the usual black. To keep the look soft and not overpower the delicate color of her dress, she doesn’t line below the lower lashes; instead, Elizabeth curled her lashes and used multiple coats of black mascara, focusing on the outer third.

Although somewhat obscured by her hair, we can see her brows have been groomed and filled with a brow powder that matches the darkest hair near her roots. This is something we’ve noticed a lot lately – in these very close shots that are now available from red carpet events, powders catch the light differently and become chalky, even dark brown and black powders. So called clear and translucent face powder (like Elizabeth and Alicia are both wearing, and it’s probably an HD formula) catches the light from the flash, too. So, we definitely recommend using BrowPro over brow powders! Elizabeth would be a BrowPro Full Brown.

A swirl of poppy pink bush high on the apples of her cheeks, and a satin-finish pink lipstick in the same shade as her gown complete the look.

Giada De Laurentiis makes the Daytime Emmys "Best Dressed" lists for this metallic Missoni

Giada De Laurentiis makes all the “Best Dressed” lists for this metallic Missoni

Now, a non-soap star! TV chef Giada De Laurentiis also made every best-dressed list in a Missoni zig-zag print gown that we thought was a bit overwhelming on her teeny little frame (her maxi would be our midi!), although if you Google her and “Daytime Emmys dress” what you get is a high proportion of hits mentioning how much cleavage she was showing and whether it balanced out that busy print (and these were NOT porn-y sites but fashion blogs. Really.)

Giada De Laurentiis is a "bronzed goddess" at the Daytime Emmys

Giada De Laurentiis is a “bronzed goddess” at the Daytime Emmys

Whatever the case, Giada is always impeccably dressed – she’s Hollywood royalty, after all (granddaughter of producer Dino De Laurentiis and actress Silvana Mangano) and has a place in the front row of any show at Fashion Week she wants (plus her husband is a clothing designer for Anthropologie). So, nice closet. Giada picked up the metallic threads in the Missoni print, echoing them with her bronze eye makeup. You can create a similar look with ColorOn’s Bronze Goddess from the Eye Envy Precious Metals Variety Kit, a gradient of shimmery gold and metallic brown that combine to create a rich bronzed look. Giada’s never without her trademark heavy black liquid eyeliner along the upper and lower lash-lines  (very reminiscent of her grandmother’s heyday in the Sixties, and very European); this is a harsh look unless your 100% comfortable with it. Giada has very short, straight lashes that virtually disappear into the eyeliner; we’d opt for a deep chocolate or black kohl on the inner rims instead, with curled lashes and lots of black mascara – but you work with what you have.

Giada’s brows are a perfect match to her bronze-y (the term made popular by Jennifer Lopez’s hairstylist is “bronde”) haircolor, and are nicely arched and filled. She wears her brows quite tapered; again, she has developed a personal style and sticks with it no matter the trends. Rather than blush, Giada swept a matte bronzer across her cheekbones, down the center of her nose, and the high points where the sun would hit. She completes the look with a semi-matte lipstick in a shade somewhere between rosy brown and bronze with just the tiniest hint of shimmer to keep it from being too flat or muddy.

"Days of Our Lives" Lisa Rinna makes the "win" column for her gown...

“Days of Our Lives” Lisa Rinna makes the “win” column for her gown…

We’re including Lisa Rinna here, because she’s a hit and a miss (or a fabulous fail). In the plus column, after years of over-inflating her lips while denying she’d done anything, Lisa admitted she had a problem with fillers and went through some very painful (and public) surgery to correct her grossly exaggerated pout. Also a plus: she’s wearing a gorgeous black lace gown that does not completely expose her unnaturally inflated cleavage yet flatters her still-toned and athletic figure. Subtlety from Lisa Rinna! Wonders never cease.

Lisa Rinna, breaking the cardinal rules of makeup

Lisa Rinna, making the “no win” column for breaking the cardinal rules of makeup

In the minus column, she fell prey to “soap opera face.” Perhaps because she doesn’t have “The Lips” to hide behind anymore, she felt the need to overcompensate with heavy eye makeup, badly applied false eyelashes, AND bright red lipstick. She broke the cardinal rule, and it’s aging. This is the same makeup Susan Lucci and Barbara Walters are wearing, and they are 65 and 82, respectively. Lisa turns 49 in this month. Who WANTS to paint on an extra 20 years? She’s back to playing Billie on Days of Our Lives, a role she originated in 1992 – 20 years ago. There’s a message in all of that.

Just a few days before the Daytime Emmys, The Broadcast Television Journalists Association Second Annual Critics’ Choice Awards took place at the same venue. The fashions were, on the whole, considerably less covered in sequins or made of shiny stuff, and we noted a small trend: monochromatic makeup. It may even be more than a mini-trend, but we were burning out at a rapid clip after looking at so many dresses and faces and events, and trying to track down good shots of their makeup if we liked it so you could really see the details. This stuff takes more time than you might imagine! And we also get distracted by looking at the “don’ts” — they’re SO fascinating now that so many celeb sites offer the zoom capability. Plus, we feel tons better when we can examine every large pore and wrinkle and that their lipstick creeps into the lines around their lips, too.

And back on topic.

Zooey Deschanel, Best Actress in a Comedy Series

Zooey Deschanel, Best Actress in a Comedy Series

Trendsetter One was Zooey Deschanel, both a presenter and the winner of Best Actress in a Comedy Series for The New Girl. Wearing a coral-shading-to-crimson Oscar de la Renta dress and black Louboutin pumps, she had her hair pinned back on one side and her heavy Sixties-style bangs parted just a bit. Her makeup was shades of coral, too, from her eye shadow to her lipstick.

Zooey Deschanel, up close

Zooey Deschanel, up close in shades of coral

To get a similar look, use ColorOn’s Coral Cove instant eye shadow from the Romance Variety Kit, a beautiful wash of summery coral rose and beige, with a dark chocolate liner, perfect for a romantic summer smoky eye look. The built-in liner will give you Zooey’s trademark look, especially if you take an eyeliner brush and make sure you extend the liner just past the end of the upper lashes and give it an upward flick. If you need to deepen the liner, there should be a bit extra clinging to the clear cover film. Skip liner below the lower lashes and finish with plenty of black mascara.

Use a creamy coral blush on the apples of the cheeks, blending well so that it melts into your skin. Choose a coral lipstick in a finish and undertone you prefer – we’re partial to a cool coral butter balm or stain with a clear balm over the top. We like the intensity but also the clarity. You may prefer a satin finish or a demi-matte that’s more opaque. Zooey’s lippie is a satin finish with some opacity, and has cooler undertones.

Julianne Moore made every "Best Dressed" list for this sexy Jason Wu sheath

Julianne Moore made every “Best Dressed” list for this sexy Jason Wu sheath

Trendsetter Two was Julianne Moore, who picked up an award for her role as Sarah Palin in Game Change. She looked fabulous in a figure-hugging black-and-white halter sheath by Jason Wu  (she’s 51 and totally SMOKING), with her red hair long and loose. In what would seem to be a counterintuitive move, her makeup was all shades of bright peony pink, from her semi-matte lips to her matching blush and eye shadow. The trick is keeping the undertones cool, just like her hair. Yes, it is very red, but it is a cool red and her porcelain skin has very blue undertones.

Julianne Moore's monochromatic peony pink makeup

Julianne Moore’s monochromatic peony pink makeup

To get a similar look, try ColorOn’s Cactus Flower instant eye shadow from the Painted Desert Variety Kit, a delicate wash of cool pink and deeper dusky rose, confining the application to the eyelid and crease. It’s risky to apply shadows in these shades under the lower lashes, as they can make the eyes look irritated and tired (or worse, infected). Curl your lashes and apply plenty of black mascara.

A cream blush in the same color family gives a subtle flush to the apples of her cheeks and is blended upward toward her temples. The look is finished with a demi-matte lipstick (creamy, low shine, high pigment) in an intense peony pink shade. More than one fashion writer declared her “the sexiest look of the night.” We definitely agree! She was truly radiant.

Emmy Rossum's liquid gold Donna Karan gown drew mixed reviews

Emmy Rossum’s liquid gold Donna Karan gown drew mixed reviews

Trendsetter Three was Shamless star Emmy Rossum.  By the way, are we the only ones who are totally mesmerized by her love scenes with Jimmy/Steve? TMI? Moving on, then.

Reviews of her liquid gold Donna Karan were mixed; we though the dress was typical DK – the more we looked at it, the more we loved it for the details we didn’t notice at first glance. We agree that the dress was probably better suited to the Academy Awards than the Critics’ Choice Awards, but it’s not as if Emmy was the only celeb in a formal gown. But she landed here because of her monochrome makeup that played with the golden theme set by the dress; then Emmy turned it upside down with a bright satiny fuchsia lip.

Emmy Rossum's golden makeup and bold fuchsia lips

Emmy Rossum’s golden makeup and bold fuchsia lips

To create the same wash of smoky golden shadow, start with ColorOn’s 14 Karat from the Metallics Variety Kit, a gradient wash of rich golds from pale to 14 Karat. Use a tapered eye shadow brush to pick up some of the creamy shadows left on the clear cover film and line under the lower lash line to create a wash of smoky golden tones around the eye. A sweep of our Smooth Black Star Gold Shimmer loose mineral pigment, a deep black/brown and gold shimmer that can be used wet or dry, along the upper lashline and flicking up at the outer corners, gives a bit more smoke and depth – but keep it on the upper eyelid.  Like Emmy, use plenty of carbon-black mascara (her makeup artist used Dior DiorShow Black Out Mascara), and make sure your brows are groomed and filled. Emmy’s brows are the same golden-kissed brown as her hair – she’d be a BrowPro Medium Brown.

In keeping with the warm, golden tones of her eye mkaeup, a matte gingery bronze was used on her cheeks (a very subtle application; like Julianne Moore, Zooey Deschanel, and Alicia Minshew, Emmy’s complexion is a flawless porcelain that makes us wish we’d NEVER, EVER tanned). Then there’s that amazing, gorgeous lip color! Her saturated, satin-finish lippie was Dior Rouge Dior Lipcolor in Fuchsia Star. It’s on our lists for the next time we fall off the “I couldn’t possibly buy ANOTHER lipstick” wagon. Because it’ll happen.

All of the colors mentioned in the blog can be chosen and combined – along with BrowPro — into a Custom Kit, or you can buy the Variety Kit in which they’re featured. Either way, same price. Need a tutorial? Watch the video on the website for application tips and tricks.

We’ll be back next week with the ladies of the BET Awards — we won’t put Beyonce’s and Kim Kardashian’s pictures next to one another — and any interesting looks from tonight’s premiere of Katy Perry’s Part of Me docu-drama concert film and Russell Brand bash-fest.

Have a safe and happy Independence Day, and take a moment to remember what the holiday really means; THEN enjoy the fireworks. If you’re in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, or California dealing with those devastating fires, or in the Washington DC/Maryland metro area without power, our hearts go out to you, as do our thoughts and prayers.