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Labor Day: Makeup and Hair You Will Wear from Summer to Fall

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani

Happy Labor Day! Tradition dictates this is the official transition from summer to fall, and since New York Fashion Week begins September 6th, it certainly feels like we should be putting away all things summer and breaking out the fall wardrobe and transitioning from summer makeup to fall’s palette. But not everyone is a slave to the fashion calendar (nor can she afford to be!), and not everyone lives in a place where the climate works with you to make the transition feel natural. Here at ColorOn HQ in South Florida, “fall” is more a label than an actual season, and we shift to falls colors and clothing to be au courant (and because the tourists start arriving next month and REALLY descend upon us in November for the beginning of the “social season”).

All this build-up is to say that you don’t have to abandon everything about your summer look as the leaves prepare to turn in those places where leaves turn colors. A perfect example is the hairstyle we’re featuring in today’s post: the topknot. It’s an updo you see on the runway in some form year-round. In fact, these images come from celebrity events and previous Fashion Weeks during all four seasons. And when it comes to the makeup worn with a hairstyle that put so much focus upon the eyes and face, you have plenty of options – from casual to red carpet. Since casual is a bit of a no-brainer, let’s examine how to incorporate the topknot into more “formal” makeup looks…

GWEN STEFANI: The multi-hyphenate rock star turned fashion designer, who will be performing with her band No Doubt at the kick-off of the NFL season Wednesday night along with Mariah Carey (who could have guessed THAT 17 years ago listening to “Just a Girl”? Certainly not Mrs. Rossdale herself!), has mastered the art of the messy topknot-as-red-carpet-chic and made it a major part of her look. She debuted it in her “formal wardrobe” in November of last year at the Museum for Contemporary Art (MOCA) Gala in Los Angeles wearing this black Carven gown – and earlier in the day, she wore essentially the same topknot with more random pieces pulled out for the premiere of her Harajuku Mini for Target collection at the Jim Henson Studios, were she wore a very casual jacket-and-cropped-pant suit from her own L.A.M.B. collection.

To balance out the highly controlled messiness of this “evening” topknot, her makeup is very precise and glamorous. To duplicate her look, start with ColorOn’s Platinum and Pearls from the Metallics Variety Kit, blending it from the inner corners of the eye across the lid and browbone, and all the way out to the tail of the brow. Take an eyeliner brush and dip it in the creamy metallic shadow remaining on the cover film, and apply a bit more to the inner corners, and draw a thin line below the lower lashes. Then take ColorOn’s Smooth Black Star Gold Shimmer loose mineral pigment, a dark black/brown and gold shimmer, and use either with a wet or dry eyeliner brush to draw a cat’s eye swoop of liner along the upper lash line, extending it just past the outer edge of the eye and flicking it upward.

Line the upper and lower inner rims of the eyes with a bronzed brown kohl liner. Gwen is wearing a strip of false eyelashes, and if you have the skills, go for it! Otherwise, black mascara on the upper and lower lashes, then apply additional coats to the outer half of the upper lashes, allowing them to dry between coats. Gwen wears very sculpted, brows with a high arch, bleached to a light brown to complement her platinum mane, and filled lightly for that retro look she cultivates. She’d be a BrowPro Full Light.

Add Gwen’s signature red statement lip in a cool tone since your eye makeup is comprised of silver and platinum (no doubt Gwen’s is a L’Oreal lippie, since she’s a spokesperson), and you’re very good to go. To maintain a red lip like this, experts always recommend you choose a matching lip liner, line the lips precisely along the natural borders and then fill them in completely, apply your lipstick with a brush – again for precision – blot, and then apply another coat of lipstick. And just to make note – Gwen’s still working this look brilliantly, as evidenced by No Doubt’s performances on Good Morning America and the Teen Choice Awards in July.

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne

CARA DELEVINGNE: One of Burberry’s favorite mannequins, the gorgeous Cara Delevingne’s eyes are absolutely arresting, and are always the feature the makeup artists play up. Leave off the makeup, don’t style her hair, and put her in Burberry’s most casual Wellies and a plain mac, and you still can’t hide how gorgeous she is. Pull her hair into a pretty topknot and give her a smoky eye, and you get THIS. Wow.

To recreate Cara’s eye makeup, start with ColorOn’s Gypsy from the Metallics Variety Kit, but confine the application to the lid and crease, leaving the brow bone bare or if you choose the whole application, blending what’s on the brow bone down to a barely there application that just perfects the area. Blend the deeper mocha shadow from the inner corner of the lid outward beyond the eyelid and toward the temple. Then take an eyeliner brush and drip it first in the mocha shadow remaining on the cover film and starting at that outermost point, draw it back and under the lower lashes, stopping under the pupil. Clean the eyeliner brush (or use another), then dip it in the metallic white shadow on the cover film and apply it lightly to the inner lower corner of the eye and under the lower lash line out toward the pupil, blending well so that it’s just a shimmering glow, not a heavy application.

Grab a black kohl eyeliner pencil and trace a thin line along the upper lash line, widening it only slightly as you reach the outer corner of your eyelid and giving it a little flick upward. This isn’t meant to be big a dramatic like Gwen’s cat’s eyeliner; this should be more of an enhancement to your lashes and barely noticeable. Use the same black kohl to line the upper and lower inner rims, and apply black mascara to the upper and lower lashes.

Cara has dark and dramatic brows to go with those penetrating eyes, which are kept close to natural and grow very straight and at a slight upward angle, but with no arch. However, they’re obviously groomed and brushed into place, and very glossy. If you have very straight brows like Cara, see a professional for a shaping – they could look like this! And then you can maintain them by cleaning up the strays as they grow in. For the rest of us, if you have sparse or thinner brows but want brows this full and dark to achieve the same intensity, you’ll need BrowPro in Full Dark – but you will end up with an arch!

Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough

JULIANNE HOUGH: Dancer/singer/actress Julianne Hough, here at the Los Angeles premiere of the Tom Cruise vehicle Rock of Ages earlier this year, combines the artfully disheveled topknot with a sexy, floor-length Kaufman Franco designer gown. Again with the versatility!

In order for this version to reach the needed level of formality, Julianne’s makeup needed the same sort of metallic “oomph” Gwen employed. To get the same effect, start with ColorOn’s 14 Karat from the Metallics Variety Kit, using a full application and then dipping an eyeliner brush into the creamy gold shadow left on the cover film to apply it under the lower lashes from the inner corner all the way out and up to meet the application on your eyelids. It should look like a wash of golden shadows all around the eye. Julianne has the type of eye where the eyelid is not visible when the eyes are open  (something even those with deep-set eyes eventually deal with as well as the eyes age), so her makeup artist opted for strip lashes and skipped mascara on the lower lashes altogether. If you’re as uncomfortable applying faux lashes as we are (and even the experts aren’t magicians; we see pictures all the time from red carpet events where we pull in for the extreme close up on an image to examine the makeup and can see the false lashes breaking free and making a run for it), curl your lashes and apply multiple coats of mascara to the upper lashes only. Just be sure to comb them while wet, and let them dry between coats.

Julianne has very blonde brows to match her pale lashes and blonde hair, so her MUA also grooms and fills her brows. Julianne has a nice rounded arch, and wears her brows neither too thin or too thick, leaving her bright blue eyes center stage, so to speak. She’s a BrowPro Medium Light.

With all that golden glowing going on, Julianne’s statement lip needs a neutral-to-warm undertone, and this pretty coral/melon shade plays well this the neon citrus shade of her gown, especially with its satin, almost matte texture and very precise application.

Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen

ELIZABETH OLSEN: Actress Elizabeth Olsen, whom we hope we no longer have to qualify as “the younger sister of actresses-turned-CFDA-winning fashion designers, Olsen twins Ashley and Mary-Kate,” shows how this summery hairstyle transitions well to the fall makeup palette’s strong berry-toned lip. Her topknot has a more controlled, formal feeling, so her makeup needn’t compensate as much, especially since she’s wearing a very ornate Alexander McQueen knee-length halter dress with a pleated, tiered lace neckline, a ruffled skirt with a sheer panel, and a gold embellished waistband atop heavily beaded and embellished black velvet wedges by the same designer.

Start with ColorOn’s Ibiza from the Eye Envy Smoky Kit, our neutral smoky eye that can be worn day or night depending on how heavily you apply. In this case, blend it well for a very subtle bit of smoky, and use a small domed eye shadow brush or an eyeliner brush to draw a well-blended but substantial line under the lower lashes with the creamy taupe and brown shadows left on the cover film.

Like all of the other actresses, Elizabeth is wearing faux lash strips. Attempt bravely, or curl your lashes and apply black mascara to the upper and lower lashes, adding at least a second coat to your upper lashes after they’ve dried.

Like her sisters, Elizabeth leaves her blonde but surprisingly heavy brows relatively untouched. They seem to simply be brushed, trimmed and fixed.

For a deep berry lip like this, the same application process is recommended as for the red lip, substituting a wine or deep berry liner and a cool-toned satin-finish lipstick in a wine, deep berry, dark fuchsia…

All of the colors mentioned in the blog can be chosen and combined – along with BrowPro into a Custom Kit, or you can buy the Variety Kit  in which they’re featured. Either way, same price. Need a tutorial? Watch the video on the website for application tips and tricks.

We hope you’ve enjoyed your long holiday weekend, or if you’ve had to work, we hope it was a productive time. As we mentioned before, both the start of New York Fashion Week and the MTV Video Music Awards fall on September 6th – we’ll have more makeup to talk about than we’ll know what to do with!

And how right were we on that Lindsay Lohan reference at the end of the Kate Middleton post two weeks ago? She just keeps making it too easy to pick on her, and frankly, we need more of a challenge if we’re going to actually get snarky. Something shiny will probably grab our attention before too long

The London Olympics Fuel Our Kate Middleton Obsession

Kate Middleton in black lace Erdem Resort 2012

Kate Middleton in black lace Erdem Resort 2012

As if America was not obsessed enough with the lovely Kate Middleton, or as she is officially known, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, the 2012 Summer Olympics in London simply ratcheted it up to a level of frenzy that, IOHO, exceeds that of Princess Diana. Yes, we may be smote by lightening upon leaving the premises, but Kate (if we may be so bold as to call her that) carries so much less baggage, seems like such a stronger, more independent, even feisty individual who married for love and is loved equally, and frankly has had to learn the whole “demure” thing that was Diana’s stock-in-trade. Generational difference? Perhaps. The difference between being bred to marry royalty as opposed to being a “commoner”? We’ll reserve comment as Yanks and members of a society whose “royalty” is comprised of celebrities, the wealthy, athletes, and reality television “stars.” Whatever it is, Kate has that certain something, and she has it in spades. She was photographed as often observing the games as the athletes themselves.

On one of the last days of the games, The Today Show did yet another segment on Kate’s fashion choices, and we were immediately struck by two of her lace dresses. Why? Because they were exact duplicates of two ColorOn instant eyeshadow looks!

Winter Black Lace

Winter Black Lace

The first was an Erdem Resort 2012 black and white stretch lace ¾-sleeve cocktail/day dress that looks exactly like our Winter Black Lace instant eyeshadow from the Winter’s Veil Variety Kit . Whether your look is as feminine as delicate lace, or Gothic as wicked black crochet, this photo-realistic lace pattern satisfies whatever look you’re craving.

The second was a stunning Alice by Temperley evening gown with a plunging neckline and fitted bodice that was a ringer for our Winter Pink Veil instant eyeshadow, also from the Winter’s Veil Variety Kit, which we introduced as a limited-edition for winter 2011-2012 but was so popular we made it a part of the permanent collection.

Kate Middleton in a black and pink Alice by Temperley gown

Kate Middleton in a black and pink Alice by Temperley gown

Winter Pink Veil

Winter Pink Veil

Like Kate’s gown, this sweetly pink yet gothically exotic photorealistic black lace pattern combines with honeysuckle pink to create a look that’s both innocent and just a little edgy.

Kate’s own makeup is always exquisitely done – perfectly groomed and full brows, flushed cheeks, natural rosy/nude lips, and eye makeup of varying intensity depending on the event. Like many British women, she favors what we often refer to as “panda eyes” – eyeliner above and below the lash lines – but it is always day or night appropriate, and never heavy handed.

Kate's makeup wearing the Erdem frock

Kate’s makeup wearing the Erdem frock

For her day look in the Erdem frock, you can recreate the look starting with ColorOn’s Ibiza from the Eye Envy Smoky Kit, a subtle yet sophisticated smoky nude in tones of beige and brown. A thin stripe of black eyeliner (hers appears to be pencil, but you can also use a gel or liquid depending on your preference) starts at the inner corners of the eye and follows along the lash line both above and below the eye, meeting at the outer corner and flicking up ever-so-slightly. Multiple coats of black mascara finish the look on curled lashes.

A slightly rosy nude blush is swept from the apples of her cheeks toward the temples and matches her subtle lipstick in the same shade.

For her evening look, Kate’s makeup if more dramatic, yet not dramatically different. Start with El from the Eye Envy Smoky Kit, a soft pink and chocolate brown gradient that combine to create a smoky mauve. Then dip a dampened round-tipped eye shadow brush in our Smooth Black Shimmer loose mineral pigment, a beautiful true black shimmer, and sweep it across the eyelid from the inner to outer corner of the eye, and up into the crease so that the entire lid is darkened. Then sweep it under the lower lashes as well. Once again, apply multiple coats of black mascara to curled lashes.

Kate's makeup wearing the Alice by Temperley gown

Kate’s makeup wearing the Alice by Temperley gown

For more evening drama, Kate chose a berry colored cream blush applied to the apples of her cheeks for a beautiful flush, and slicked on a raspberry lipstick with a bit of shine – no shimmer or gloss, just a bit not her usual satin finish.

All of the colors mentioned in the blog can be chosen and combined – along with BrowPro (Kate would be a BrowPro Full Dark)– into a Custom Kit, or you can buy the Variety Kit  in which they’re featured. Either way, same price. Need a tutorial? Watch the video on the website for application tips and tricks.

We have the Venice Film Festival on August 29th and then the MTV Video Music Awards on September 6th – the same day New York Fashion Week begins. Until then, we’re sure we’ll find SOMETHING to compliment, and probably a few things to poke a stick at (we’ve left Lindsay Lohan alone for FAR TOO LONG, people).

Something Wicked This Way Comes; We Find a New Topic For This Week’s Blog

Anne Hathaway at "The Dark Knight Rises" New York Premiere

Anne Hathaway at “The Dark Knight Rises” New York Premiere

This blog was written and ready to post Friday morning. We’d spent the week collecting images from Anne Hathaway’s many U.S. promotional appearances, and the New York and London premieres of the final Batman film “The Dark Knight Rises.” And when we woke at 5:00AM EST to launch the blog, post to Facebook and Twitter, and send out the Constant Contact e-blast, we instead watched the news in stunned horror, and knew this particular blog was simply not appropriate. A beauty blog is not the forum to make any sort of commentary on the situation; already, we have watched with disgust as people with agendas (whether political or simply for publicity) have hijacked this tragedy for attention. As a nation, we must set aside whatever prejudices and opinions we may have, and simply come together in support of the community of Aurora in the wake of this senseless tragedy. Our deepest and most heartfelt sympathies and prayers are with everyone touched by what happened in the early morning hours of Friday, July 20th.

That left us looking at other events for inspiration – Comic-Con and the 2012 ESPY Awards. As we started going through the literally HUNDREDS of images available from just these two events, a few things became evident.

Mila Kunis promoting "Oz, The Great & Powerful" at Comic-Con

Mila Kunis, Comic-Con

1. When did Comic-Con become the place for celebs to get dressed up in designer dresses? When we started going through the images filtering in, we went back and checked again because we thought we’d somehow put in the wrong search criteria. It looked more like the red carpet for a major industry awards show – not the place where we could find fanboys with light sabers, dozens of Princess Leias, Wolverines, zombies, Princess Mononokes, the chick with three breasts from “Total Recall” — the Verhoeven AND the Len Wiseman reboot (which explains Kate Beckinsale’s presence but not why this throwaway walk-through was deemed so fab that it bore repeating) — and every other fantasy costumed fan.

Kristen Stewart promotes the final chapter of the TWILIGHT series at Comic-Con

Kristen Stewart, Comic-Con

Instead, we had Jessica Biel in Thierry Mugler, Kerry Washington in J. Mendel (looking SO MUCH BETTER than her appearance at the BET Awards; we really do think Kerry must have been under the weather that day), Ginnifer Goodwin in Valentino, Emily Blunt in Christian Dior, Nina Dobrev in Jenny Packham, Ashley Green in Michael Kors and Oscar de la Renta, Michelle Williams in Guiletta, and Nikki Reed in Etro, just to name a few.

Only Mila Kunis, Kristen Stewart, and the aforementioned Kate Beckinsale really kept with the spirit of Comic-Con in jeans and a black cami and blazer (a mix of Theyskens’ Theory and Rag & Bone), a white tee and a BCBG Max Azria neon-yellow-and-white high-waisted mini skirt with black and silver high-top sneakers, and Rag & Bone silver tuxedo jacket and leather pants, respectively.

Kate Beckinsale at Comic-Con

Kate Beckinsale, Comic-Con

So, we decided to skip Comic-Con, because at the end of the day, only Mila Kunis rocked some cool eye makeup, and we made an executive decision, as explained in #2.

2. The ESPY Awards. First, we define, because unless you are a huge sports nut, you may not know exactly what the ESPY Awards are celebrating unless you have the proper chromosomal combo (i.e. not the far superior Double X). An ESPY Award (short for Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award) “is an accolade presented by the American cable television network ESPN to recognize individual and team athletic achievement and other sports-related performance.“ Around since 1993 (who knew?), the ESPYs follow the traditional format of the Grammys (for music), Emmys (for television), and Academy Awards (for film) and are hosted by a contemporary celebrity; the style, though, is billed as more relaxed, light, and self-referential than those other shows. This year’s host was actor/comedian Rob Riggle, of The Upright Citizens Brigade, The Daily Show and Saturday Night Live (TV), and feature films The Hangover, Talladega Nights, the 21 Jump Street reboot, The Other Guys, and Step Brothers.

Tennis player Maria Sharapova on the ESPY Awards Red Carpet

Tennis player Maria Sharapova on the ESPY Awards Red Carpet

Then, we make another pointed observation: what’s with all the non-sports celebs on the ESPYs red carpet? We get that Hayden Panettiere dates football player Scotty McKnight and that singer Willa Ford is married to the captain of the Dallas Stars NHL team Michael Modano. But we’re at a loss to explain the presence of actresses Connie Britton (“Saturday Night Lights”?), “Magic Mike’s” Olivia Munn and Cody Horn, Zooey Deschanel, Jessica Biel, “Dancing with the Stars’” Cheryl Burke and Karina Smirnoff (because it’s kinda sporty?), Victoria’s Secret model Chanel Iman, and others. These ladies are routinely photographed after being worked over by professional makeup artists and stylists, and more than a few of them are frequently on magazine covers. So, we’re excluding them in favor of real athletes who looked gorgeous and sexy, thereby heightening the impact.

The night’s “Best in Show” were undoubtedly the woman who’d just won The French Open and that night’s “Best Tennis Player” Award, Maria Sharapova, in a pleated, heron-blue silk chiffon J. Mendel gown and metallic Jimmy Choo sandals, and Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn in a deceptively simple cream-colored Marciano gown with a plunging neckline that perfectly offset a stunning Atelier Swarovski necklace. These women’s athletic builds make them perfect mannequins for couture gowns – in our opinion, more so than the often-augmented actresses who usually end up getting to wear these confections.

Maria Sharapova up close at the ESPY Awards

Maria Sharapova up close at the ESPY Awards

Maria’s lightly tousled updo and hazel-green eyes are well-complemented by her lightly bronzed eye makeup. It’s nothing overly smoky or too dramatic, but the coppery/bronze tones bring out the same flecks in her irises for a really striking look. You can achieve a similar effect using colorOn’s Bronze Goddess from Eye Envy Precious Metals Variety Kit, confining the application to the eyelid and crease. Take a slim, round-tipped eye shadow brush and dip it in the bronziest shadows left on the applicators’ cover film, and line under the outer third of the lower lashes, sweeping upward at the outer corner and blending it with the application on the top lid to form a subtle winged effect.

Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn on the ESPY Awards Red Carpet

Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn on the ESPY Awards Red Carpet

Curl your lashes and apply plenty of mascara (brownish-black if you’re blonde like Maria, or black if you’re a brunette or darker). Maria’s brows a full and well-groomed; she’s a BrowPro Full Light.  In keeping with Maria’s very natural-only-better look, add a dusting of matte bronzer to the tops of the cheekbones, the temples and down the center of the nose (where the sun would naturally hit). For a long-lasting nude lip, line with a lip-colored liner and fill in the entire lip, then add a slick of honey colored gloss on top — we’re big fans of Vapour Organic Beauty’s Elixir Lip Gloss is Sultry 302.

Lindsey Vonn up close at the ESPY Awards

Lindsey Vonn up close at the ESPY Awards

We’re used to Maria Sharapova cleaning up so well – all her endorsement ads make great use of her statuesque beauty – but Lindsey Vonn is truly a Cinderella moment! The drop-waist Marciano gown has an amazing cut and genius seaming, accentuating just how fit this athlete really is yet remaining totally feminine and flowing.

Wearing her hair down and in loose waves, with that stunning necklace, we felt like Lindsey was literally the belle of the ball. In keeping with her “princess” look, we suggest recreating her subtle and shimmery eye makeup with colorOn’s Platinum and Pearls from the Metallics Variety Kit, but confine the application to the eyelids and up into the crease. Be sure you get plenty of the shimmery platinum shadow blended all the way to the inner corners of your eye, bringing it down and smudging it below the lower lash-line as well. You can use your ring finger or a brush to do so. Then line the inner rims of the upper and lower lids with a shimmery olive/brown pencil (for Lindsey, this really accentuates her hazel eyes; choose a liner that works best for you – a plummy brown for green eyes, a golden brown for blue, any of these choices for brown eyes). Add lots of mascara; Lindsey is wearing some well-applied faux lashes, and that’s a choice you’ll have to make. We’re completely inept with them, so it’s not even a consideration.

Race Car Driver Danica Patrick on the ESPY Awards Red Carpet

Race Car Driver Danica Patrick on the ESPY Awards Red Carpet

Lindsey is very blonde, and her brows quite sculpted and filled. We suspect that as a skier constantly exposed to the sun reflecting off the snow, her brows get very light. She’s a perfect BrowPro Medium Light.  A light application of matte bronzer accentuates her healthy flush, and a warm nude-pink gloss completes her look (try Vapour Organic Beauty’s Elixir Lip Gloss in Hush 301.

Both she and Maria Sharapova look healthy, strong, and naturally beautiful. We are filled with envy! We never feel this way about the other celebs looking just dandy – Olivia Munn in her slinky Armani, Hayden Panettiere in her sparkly Armani, Jessica Biel in ANOTHER white dress (Dior; like we need reminding that she going to be a bride soon – enough already!), Zooey Deschanel in sparkly Oscar de la Renta, Cody Horn in her zipper-y Cushnie et Ochs, and on and on. Eh. We want to look like we can take on a mountain and win, not like we can afford a month at a spa and all the “neuromodulators” – that’s the new term for Botox and fillers, ladies and gents – to keep us smooth, plump, and expression-free.

Danica Patrick's makeup at the ESPY Awards

Danica Patrick’s makeup at the ESPY Awards

Danica Patrick is another sports figure we have become used to seeing outside the arena and a bit “tarted up’ for her GoDaddy.com endorsements, among others. That’s not to say that she didn’t look wonderful at the ESPYs in a strapless cocktail-length dress in a pink silk scarf print (and matching peep-toe platform pumps) that looked very much like an Hermes or Versace print, yet exhaustive searches could turn up no reference to the designer. Reviews were mixed on the dress, which was highly structured with a boned bodice and an architectural flared hip (which has us leaning to Versace). The shade is gorgeous with her coloring, and her trademark waist-length chocolate waves were loose and sexy.

Danica kept her makeup simple, with a smoky brown eye and glossy pink lips. You can create the same subtle eye look – one suitable for day or evening wear – by using colorOn’s  Gypsy from the Eye Envy Precious Metals Variety Kit, a metallic gradient of frothy white shading into rich mocha. She brings the application all the way from the upper lash line to the brow bone, and you can use a thin eyeliner brush to grab the deepest metallic mocha hue from the clear cover film to line below the lower lash line. Curl your lashes and add plenty of black mascara to the upper and lower lashes, then line the upper and lower inner rims with a bronzed brown eye pencil.

Danica has nice, full brows that are minimally manicured but groomed and lightly filled. She’s a BrowBro Full Dark. Like our other athletes, Danica opts for a healthy glow using a matte bronzer and a close-to-nude lipstick, although it has a sheer satin finish rather than the traditional lip gloss the other are sporting, and is much more of a pink shade. We like Vapour Organic Beauty Siren Lipstick in Possess 418, described as a “sexy adult pink.”

Snowboarder Jamie Anderson on the ESPY Awards Red Carpet

Snowboarder Jamie Anderson on the ESPY Awards Red Carpet

Finally, we have snowboarder Jamie Anderson, who caught our eye with her dress, which given her X-Games persona we most definitely took as a tongue-firmly-in-cheek homage to the warm-up jacket, pockets and all. Albeit one made of golden/coral sequins and cut down to there. It totally suits her personality, and our only “criticism” – if you want to call it that – is that her round-toe black platform pumps just don’t do the outfit justice.  A sandal or a wicked pointy toed pump in chocolate or bronze would have been a better choice. Just saying.

Jamie Anderson up close at the ESPY Awards

Jamie Anderson up close at the ESPY Awards

But Jamie’s slightly goofy, infectious character carried the whole thing off (she was shooting peace signs and mugging for the camera – what Hollywood star would make FACES for the paparazzi, we ask you?). Her long, sun-streaked blonde hair was loose, as casually styled as the rest of her outfit.

Jamie’s makeup, in keeping with her peers, was natural-only-better. Funny how three of our four athletes have hazel green eyes! Even Danica’s seemingly brown eyes are green around the edge of the iris when you pull in for the tight close-up. We wonder if the constant peril and adrenaline rush has a correlation?

Anyway, back to Jamie. You can get the same golden look with colorOn’s 14 Karat instant eye shadow applicator from the Metallics Variety Kit, confining the application to the eyelid and crease. Take a slim, round-tipped eye shadow brush and dip it in the deepest golden shadow left on the applicators’ cover film, and line under the lower lashes, flicking it up just a bit at the outer corner. Curl your lashes and add the appropriate mascara to your upper and lower lashes – choose a blackish brown if you’re blonde like Jamie so it’s a softer look. Line the upper and lower inner rims with a russet/copper pencil, which will pick up the undertones of the matte bronzer you’ll dust along the tops of your cheekbones.

Jamie wear her brows as full as the rest of this crew, but hers are very light and could have used a bit more filling in with even this subtle amount of eye makeup. BrowPro is a quadruple threat – it colors, defines, shapes, and holds. Jamie is a BrowPro Full Light. To complete Jamie’s look, a quick slick of a sheer copper gloss is more than enough with all the shimmer and sparkle she has going on. We like Paul & Joe Beaute’s Lip Gloss in Byzantine 001.

All of the colors mentioned in the blog can be chosen and combined – along with BrowPro — into a Custom Kit, or you can buy the Variety Kit in which they’re featured. Either way, same price. Need a tutorial? Watch the video on the website for application tips and tricks.

The Teen Choice Awards are happening right now, so we’ll be back this week with all the highs and lows. And are we the only ones who feel Justin Beiber is trying WAY TOO HARD to gain some cred? We smell a publicist behind the supposed “fight” with (now) a second paparazzo, the speeding, the breakups and makeups, and the whole “I could take all five at once, but I could kick any One Direction-ers butt one-on-one with my kung fu.” Uh. Huh. Our mums could kick Beiber’s butt. Each on her own, with one hand occupied. Let the flaming begin, Beleibers.

Beautiful at BET

Beyonce receives one of her awards at the 2012 BET Awards

Beyonce looks radiant receiving one of her trophies at the 2012 BET Awards.

Last week’s BET Awards event at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles brought out some of the biggest names in entertainment, with a front row graced by musical royalty: Beyoncé (Best Female R&B Artist, Video Director or the Year), husband Jay-Z and his musical collaborator and a huge name is his own right (and mind, if we’re being totally honest here), Kayne West – collectively, The Throne (Best Group, Video of the Year). And next to Kanye? None other than the biggest star reality television ever spawned: Kim Kardashian. And to Beyoncé’s other side? Her sister, Solange and her “significant other,” who shared the Video Director of the Year award with Beyoncé, Alan Ferguson. Talk about some BLAZING star power!

First we have to say that Solange Knowles – who did not walk the red carpet at the BET awards and can only be seen partially in photos of her sister and the rest of that high-powered front row (she seemed to be deliberately avoiding the camera, always leaning out of the shot, so no pics to our dismay) — has become one of our absolute favorites on the red carpet, and it seems to coincide with her cutting her hair and letting it “go natural” (something she has tweeted about in irritation when held up as some sort “team natural vice president”).  At the same time, she seemed to break away from the influence of her mother’s fashion designs and come into her own, choosing an eclectic wardrobe of edgy designers that are much more suited to her effervescent personality. She’s hit our “Best Dressed,” “Best Tressed” and “Best Makeup” lists consistently ever since. Why hasn’t she been a regular fixture in this blog? Mostly because Solange isn’t big on statement eye makeup – she sticks with the natural look there as well. Her favorite feature to highlight is her beautiful smile, and she’s always wearing the latest, most au courant color – hot pink, bright orange, lilac. So, all we know of Solange’s look that night was that she wore something hot pink, she had her hair braided, and she may have been wearing white shoes.

Beyonce looking beautiful at the BET Awards

Beyonce looking beautiful at the BET Awards

Next to Solange, sister Beyoncé was radiant in a chartreuse satin one-shouldered Stephane Rolland gown slit high on the thigh. One thing we noted was that Beyoncé wore the very super heroine-esque silver and gold belt upside down from how it was shown on the runway, and we have to say we prefer the “runway” edition, but Beyoncé still looked fantastic – the color worked beautifully with her skin tone and coppery bronze curls with golden highlights.

Her eye makeup was a golden base with a smoky eyelid, and just a touch of that smoky black shadow brought below the outer edge of the lower lashes – after all, this was a daytime event, and the red carpet was brutally bright (it was also sponsored by Ford, which meant that many of the best celeb pictures are posed in front of a car).

You can recreate her eye look by starting with colorOn’s Lava from the Metallics Variety Kit, a hot and shimmery gradient metallic gold and black combination for a sexy smoky eye design. Use a round-tipped eye shadow brush dipped in the creamy mineral shadow left on the clear cover film to sweep just a bit of the dark shade under the outer quarter of the lower lashes, and outward toward the tail of the brow. Black kohl liner on the upper and lower inner rims of the eyes, curled lashes and black mascara complete the look.

Beyoncé has beautifully groomed and lush brows – she’s a BrowPro Full Dark. She’s wearing a plummy brown cream blush rubbed into the apples of her cheeks for a flush of color, and a clear plum gloss with no shimmer. A dusting of glittery finishing powder was swept across the tops of her cheekbones up onto her forehead, and dusted across her brow bones back down onto her cheeks. It’s you choice on that last step – it’s fine for the nighttime, but not for most offices (we’re not going to be militant!).

Kim Kardashian in a seemingly demure white Tom Ford frock

Kim Kardashian in a seemingly demure white Tom Ford frock

Kim's less demure view

Kim’s less demure view

Jump over the night’s big winners, Jay-Z and Kayne, and there’s Kim Kardashian (and it’s possible that these two men were barely enough buffer between the women, is the goss was true). Kim wore what appeared to be a demure white jersey dress, until she turned around to reveal its unzipped back – this is pretty much her stock-in-trade (the backside reveal), unless she has the rack out. We’ve definitely noticed that Kayne seems to have had a positive influence on her wardrobe, upping the overall taste level and covering her up more often that not – we don’t think Kim’s ever worn Tom Ford before!

The makeup is vintage Kim: nude lip, pale eye, and the biggest, longest, spider-iest lashes this side of Tammy Faye Bakker. She swore in Allure that they’re her real lashes but we have a very hard time believing that’s true – look at those things! They look like they could walk away on their own. We vote for really good extensions and a ton of mascara. From a distance you could almost think of her look as “natural” but a good close up will disabuse you of that notion. And truthfully, that same cover of Allure, when she was close to makeup-free (because although it was touted as makeupless, who are we kidding?), was the prettiest we’ve EVER seen Kim.

The makeup is vintage Kim: lashes by the yard...

The makeup is vintage Kim: lashes by the yard…

You could get close to Kim’s eye makeup with ColorOn’s Pink Lemonade from the Naturally Cooler Variety Kit, a sunny combination of gradient yellow and pale coral pink. Use a round-tipped eye shadow brush dipped in the creamy mineral shadow left on the clear cover film to sweep the pretty pastel color below the lower lashes as well. Curl your lashes, and if you’re so inclined, add a strip of falsies to get Kim’s mile-long look. Otherwise, it’s multiple coats of a heavy duty lengthening formula. Just be sure to let it dry thoroughly between coats!

Kim wears her brows very dark and very full, with almost no tapering at the tail. If you want to cultivate a brow this intense and don’t grow them naturally, BrowPro is the answer. Just choose you shade, and pick the Full style. BrowPro will color, define, shape, and hold the eyebrows in place. They won’t be quite this full, but really – that’s okay. We’ll leave the “too much of a good thing” look for Kim; she’s built an entire career carrying off all KINDS of too much.

Sweep a pale coral pink blush from the top of the cheekbones up to the temples and onto the forehead in a “c” shape, blending well. An ultra-sheer nude pink gloss like Nars Turkish Delight or L’Oreal Color Riche Balm in Tender Mauve (no shimmer anywhere for Kim, for which we give her major points) finish things off.

Lala Vazquez-Anthony and her shiny happy jumpsuit

Lala Vazquez-Anthony and her shiny happy jumpsuit

Another gorgeous face is TV personality Lala Vazquez-Anthony. We didn’t go gaga over her sparkly Lois London, Studio 54-homage jumpsuit and vintage Versace belt – then again, we’re pretty jumpsuit-adverse if we’re being honest. Either we’re thinking of the playground years and how the crotch always hung too low or the legs were just a bit too short, or we’re reminded of the disco years, and then we’re just embarrassed we had any. Moving on, shall we?

Lala Vazquez-Anthony: the alternate angle

Lala: the alternate angle

Lala looks lovely, and if anyone could pull this one off, she certainly can. (ED. We found this shot right before we posted and had to add it; from Tom + Lorenzo | Fabulous + Opinionated, and we quote: “Good LORD, girl. You look like two grapes balancing on toothpicks.” Whoa. Totally true. The angle is everything on the outfit, but we still think Lala’s makeup is the bomb.)

She has a great on-trend fishtail braid going, nicely messy but not out of control, a bit of disco-esque jewelry but not so much that it’s fighting with all the sparkly goodness of her outfit, and those amazing hazel eyes. She accentuates them with a smoky silver eye makeup that isn’t overpowering for daywear yet would transition right into evening without having to touch it at all.

Lala looking totally luscious

Lala looking totally luscious

To get the same effect, start with colorOn’s Platinum and Pearls from the Metallics Variety Kit. The cool shine of the silvery platinum and shimmering white give this simple combination an edgy depth.  Grab an eyeliner brush and dip it in the extra shadow on the clear cover film, and use the lightest shimmer to trace the inner corners of your eyes, and then sweep the deeper platinum under the lower lashes.

If you want to replicate Lala’s extra shiny lids, you can add some additional glimmer with our Smooth Patina Silver Shimmer loose mineral pigment. Curl your lashes and then line the inner rims, upper and lower, with black kohl. Lala is wearing very well applied strip lashes (unlike last week’s faux-lash-disaster, Lisa Rinna) – go for it if you have the skills, for we admire what we don’t possess ourselves. With this much bright shimmer and shine, be sure your mascara application is totally clump-free, because every flake and fiber will seem magnified (this is when your lash comb or extra spooly is absolutely VITAL).

Lala is yet another BET star with exemplary brows (yes, they’re a bit dramatic, but isn’t that why everyone loves Lala?). They are so perfect they almost look stenciled, but that can’t really be considered a complaint after so many seasons of bleached “non-brows” or over-plucked “almost-brows” or un-groomed “oh, THESE things above my eyes?” brows. She’s a perfect BrowPro Full Dark.

Kerry Washington's 2012 look drew mixed reviews...

Kerry Washington’s 2012 look drew mixed reviews…

Kerry Washington's 2011 look was just smashing!

Kerry’s 2011 look was just smashing!

One of our favorite actresses, Kerry Washington, was a miss on the fashion but a hit on the makeup. We’re not sure what happened to the usually perfectly turned out star. Here’s Kerry at last year’s BET Awards in a sexy Michael Kors halter and black Loboutins as a point of comparison.

This year, her blush Altuzarra bustier and black J. Mendel skirt, cream-colored snakeskin Jimmy Choo pumps (admission of total bias: we hate white/bone/cream shoes unless they’re made by Converse; we’re sure a therapist could figure out why, but it saves us money every season), and under-styled hair combined to make the normally vibrant-looking Kerry seem washed-out and under-done. It wasn’t until we looked at the close-up shot that we came to appreciate her makeup, and just wish she’d chosen more colorful and better-fitting clothes, or even just a pop of color on her lips.

Whatever her sartorial choices, the fact remains that the actress, best known for her easy transition from high-profile movie roles in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Ray, the Fantastic 4 franchise, and the upcoming Tarantino film Django Unchained to starring in TV series (Scandal on ABC), is well-loved by the camera. Her makeup plays up the cool tones in her outfit with a shimmery taupe smoky eye and a satin nude lip.

Kerry's makeup was simply gorgeous, though

Kerry’s makeup was totally gorgeous, though

To recreate Kerry’s look, use colorOn’s Gypsy from the Metallics Variety Kit, for a deep sultry eye with rich hues of metallic mocha and a wash of frothy white shimmer. Kerry confines all the smoke and shimmer to the upper lids and brow bone, opting for black liner only on the inner rims of the eyes. Like most of her contemporaries at the BET Awards, she’s wearing a strip of faux lashes and plenty of black mascara. Do as you will, dictated by skill and ambition. Another option is to apply additional coats of mascara only to the top lashes, and then just to the outer third, letting each coat dry thoroughly in between. This will give you a similar effect.

Kerri’s brows are the closest we’ve see to completely au natural in quite some time, yet you’ll note they are still brushed and fixed in place. A swirl of honey colored bronzer defines her cheeks, and a cool-toned satin-finish nude lipstick with just the barest hint of shimmer (to keep it from looking too flat) highlights her perfect pout. As we noted at the beginning, when we look at her makeup up close, it’s absolutely perfect – it just wasn’t perfect for this outfit. Had she worn the hot pink lippie from last year…

Honorable Mentions must go to:

Monica on the BET Awards red carpet

Monica on the BET Awards red carpet

Singer Monica, her incredibly tasteful, understated makeup and elegant updo, and her sensational suit – she rocked raspberry sequined trousers and a plunging structured blazer with what Jezebel.com noted were “flying buttresses” for tails. We flipping LOVED it.

Chaka Khan owns the 2012 BET Awards red carpet

Chaka Khan owns the 2012 BET Awards red carpet

The legendary Chaka Khan. Because she’s the legendary Chaka Khan, and she feels for you.

Actress Kyla Pratt’s BGBG dress with its asymmetrical hemline, and the shows she found that somehow match it without being match-y. Plus, she rocks blunt bangs and long hair without  looking too schoolgirl. The whole package works.

Kyla Pratt on the BET Awards red carpet

Kyla Pratt on the BET Awards red carpet

Taraji P. Henson’s Zaeem Jamal dress was gorgeous and the color gorgeous on her, and her shoes were to die for (but the matching pedi polish was questionable). It just kills us to say that the dress was a size too small and made her look a bit smooshed. We kept holding our breath in sympathy while looking at her photos.

Taraji P. Henson on the BET Awards red carpet

Taraji P. Henson on the BET Awards red carpet

A lot of blogs had Beyoncé’s former Destiny’s Child bandmate, Michelle Williams, on their “Best Dressed” lists for her Herve Leger lace-trimmed bandage dress. First, enough with the bandage dresses already. Old. News. Britney Spears is packing herself into them daily for the X-Factor. It’s not pretty.

Michelle Williams on the BET Awards red carpet

Michelle Williams on the BET Awards red carpet

But Michelle is so very very thin, and this dress really accentuates her lack of…padding. We have no commentary about why she is so tiny – having suffered through years of “Oh, you are just TOO THIN!” comments, as if anyone would ever walk unsolicited up to a woman and dare say the converse – but regardless, a dress that flatters your body type is the goal. The Leger just makes her look thinner, and the blush/nude washes her out (same mistake as Kerry Washington). She needed something with a bit of draping and some color – although not yellow! There was a whole lotta yellow on that red carpet, some of it fab, and some if it pure funk. Hot pink instead of blush pink would have served Michelle…

All of the colors mentioned in the blog can be chosen and combined – along with BrowPro — into a Custom Kit, or you can buy the Variety Kit in which they’re featured. Either way, same price. Need a tutorial? Watch the video on the website for application tips and tricks.

The Teen Choice Awards are coming up on July 22nd ; until then, we’re sure we can find some great makeup to covet (then tell you how to do yourself), and some missteps we feel compelled to point out. We’re just helpful like that.

It’s a Red, Red, Red, Red, Red, Red….Carpet

"AMC's" Alicia Minshew, one of the Daytime Emmys' "Best Dressed"

“AMC’s” Alicia Minshew, one of the Daytime Emmys’ “Best Dressed”

Okay, so that was probably a real stretch of a cinematic allusion, but you get our point, yes? Last week we went a little “red carpet crazy” between our coverage of Keira Knightley (movie premiere red carpet), Carly Rae Jepsen and Katy Perry (MuchMusic VMAs red carpet), Ginnifer Goodwin (Young Hollywood Awards red carpet), and a mini-tribute to Emma Stone’s overseas red carpet extravaganza for the premieres of The Amazing Spiderman from Tokyo to Rome.

There were four other award shows we couldn’t squeeze in, but we did promise to cover the 39th Annual  Daytime Emmy Awards and the Critics Choice Television Awards, so we’re here to deliver.

It must be said that the Daytime Emmys have a rep for over-the-top fashions, hair, and makeup – which stands to reason, since daytime’s stock in trade for many decades was the soap opera, which is over-the-top by definition, from its plot lines to its back-from-the-dead characters, to its recasting of characters with new actors and the writing in of a traumatic plane crash that necessitated complete reconstructive surgery. And that’s not to mention that its “daytime divas” have always tended toward dressing like grocery shopping was a cocktail event (Don’t believe us? Google “Judith Chapman at Daytime Emmys” and get back to us. We’ll wait.)

So it is no surprise that the fashions at this year’s Daytime Emmys, which now include many more talk shows, game shows, cooking shows, and reality shows than traditional soap operas (which are sadly disappearing and causing us to feel very nostalgic around ColorOn HQ), run the gamut between quite fashionable and quite questionable.  And given that most daytime shows, until the advent of HD, were shot on tape (with a few high-budget exceptions), the makeup tended to be extremely heavy handed, and for some reason that tradition stuck even as the medium evolved.

With all that said, who looked fabulous on the Beverly Hilton Hotel’s red carpet?

All My Children’s Alicia Minshew appeared on every best-dressed list we came across. In a cerulean-blue Amit GT pleated strapless gown with a cross-body strap and a classic hourglass silhouette, she wore her trademark curls pinned back to better show off her beautiful bone structure. Alicia, who plays Susan Lucci’s (Erica Kane) daughter Kendall, brought out her green eyes by using a palette of pink and bronzed brown.

Alicia Minshew's pretty pastel makeup, up close

Alicia Minshew’s pretty pastel makeup, up close

You can recreate the look by using Bermuda from ColorOn’s Eye Envy Flaunt Variety Kit , a gradient combination of soft beige and creamy pink with a deep chocolate liner. Grab a bronze eye pencil and line the upper and lower inner rims to get the same exotic look as Alicia.

She’s either wearing eyelash extensions or strip lashes, but unless your sporting the former or comfortable applying the latter, we recommend curling your lashes and applying black mascara to the top and bottom lashes, letting it dry, and then applying two more coats just to the outer third of the upper lashes – always letting it dry between coats. You’ll get a similar extended, slightly cat’s eye look.

Alicia’s brows are well-tended, and filled in a shade slightly darker than her hair – she’d be a BrowPro Medium Brown. With so much emphasis on her eyes, she wisely keeps her cheeks and lips subtle in coordinating shades of cool raspberry, with no sparkle or shimmer, and just a touch of shine to the sheer berry stain on her lips.

"Y&R's" Elizabeth Hendrickson received mixed reviews on her bias-cut silk gown

“Y&R’s” Elizabeth Hendrickson received mixed reviews on her bias-cut silk gown

Elizabeth Hendrickson, Alicia’s co-star for five years on All My Children before moving over to The Young and The Restless, had critics split over her pink silk bias-cut slip dress, some calling it classic Old Hollywood while others likened it to leaving the house in her slip and forgetting her gown. No one denied, however, that it showcased her stunning figure to its best advantage.

"Y&R's" Elizabeth Hendrickson's beautifully subtle makeup

“Y&R’s” Elizabeth Hendrickson’s beautifully subtle makeup

With her center-parted, ombréd hair in loose waves, she looked artlessly sexy – which we all know takes HOURS to achieve! You can get the same eye look by using ColorOn’s El from the Smoky Classics Variety Kit, a gradient mix of soft pink and chocolate brown that combine to create a smoky mauve eye, which is softer and more on-trend than the usual black. To keep the look soft and not overpower the delicate color of her dress, she doesn’t line below the lower lashes; instead, Elizabeth curled her lashes and used multiple coats of black mascara, focusing on the outer third.

Although somewhat obscured by her hair, we can see her brows have been groomed and filled with a brow powder that matches the darkest hair near her roots. This is something we’ve noticed a lot lately – in these very close shots that are now available from red carpet events, powders catch the light differently and become chalky, even dark brown and black powders. So called clear and translucent face powder (like Elizabeth and Alicia are both wearing, and it’s probably an HD formula) catches the light from the flash, too. So, we definitely recommend using BrowPro over brow powders! Elizabeth would be a BrowPro Full Brown.

A swirl of poppy pink bush high on the apples of her cheeks, and a satin-finish pink lipstick in the same shade as her gown complete the look.

Giada De Laurentiis makes the Daytime Emmys "Best Dressed" lists for this metallic Missoni

Giada De Laurentiis makes all the “Best Dressed” lists for this metallic Missoni

Now, a non-soap star! TV chef Giada De Laurentiis also made every best-dressed list in a Missoni zig-zag print gown that we thought was a bit overwhelming on her teeny little frame (her maxi would be our midi!), although if you Google her and “Daytime Emmys dress” what you get is a high proportion of hits mentioning how much cleavage she was showing and whether it balanced out that busy print (and these were NOT porn-y sites but fashion blogs. Really.)

Giada De Laurentiis is a "bronzed goddess" at the Daytime Emmys

Giada De Laurentiis is a “bronzed goddess” at the Daytime Emmys

Whatever the case, Giada is always impeccably dressed – she’s Hollywood royalty, after all (granddaughter of producer Dino De Laurentiis and actress Silvana Mangano) and has a place in the front row of any show at Fashion Week she wants (plus her husband is a clothing designer for Anthropologie). So, nice closet. Giada picked up the metallic threads in the Missoni print, echoing them with her bronze eye makeup. You can create a similar look with ColorOn’s Bronze Goddess from the Eye Envy Precious Metals Variety Kit, a gradient of shimmery gold and metallic brown that combine to create a rich bronzed look. Giada’s never without her trademark heavy black liquid eyeliner along the upper and lower lash-lines  (very reminiscent of her grandmother’s heyday in the Sixties, and very European); this is a harsh look unless your 100% comfortable with it. Giada has very short, straight lashes that virtually disappear into the eyeliner; we’d opt for a deep chocolate or black kohl on the inner rims instead, with curled lashes and lots of black mascara – but you work with what you have.

Giada’s brows are a perfect match to her bronze-y (the term made popular by Jennifer Lopez’s hairstylist is “bronde”) haircolor, and are nicely arched and filled. She wears her brows quite tapered; again, she has developed a personal style and sticks with it no matter the trends. Rather than blush, Giada swept a matte bronzer across her cheekbones, down the center of her nose, and the high points where the sun would hit. She completes the look with a semi-matte lipstick in a shade somewhere between rosy brown and bronze with just the tiniest hint of shimmer to keep it from being too flat or muddy.

"Days of Our Lives" Lisa Rinna makes the "win" column for her gown...

“Days of Our Lives” Lisa Rinna makes the “win” column for her gown…

We’re including Lisa Rinna here, because she’s a hit and a miss (or a fabulous fail). In the plus column, after years of over-inflating her lips while denying she’d done anything, Lisa admitted she had a problem with fillers and went through some very painful (and public) surgery to correct her grossly exaggerated pout. Also a plus: she’s wearing a gorgeous black lace gown that does not completely expose her unnaturally inflated cleavage yet flatters her still-toned and athletic figure. Subtlety from Lisa Rinna! Wonders never cease.

Lisa Rinna, breaking the cardinal rules of makeup

Lisa Rinna, making the “no win” column for breaking the cardinal rules of makeup

In the minus column, she fell prey to “soap opera face.” Perhaps because she doesn’t have “The Lips” to hide behind anymore, she felt the need to overcompensate with heavy eye makeup, badly applied false eyelashes, AND bright red lipstick. She broke the cardinal rule, and it’s aging. This is the same makeup Susan Lucci and Barbara Walters are wearing, and they are 65 and 82, respectively. Lisa turns 49 in this month. Who WANTS to paint on an extra 20 years? She’s back to playing Billie on Days of Our Lives, a role she originated in 1992 – 20 years ago. There’s a message in all of that.

Just a few days before the Daytime Emmys, The Broadcast Television Journalists Association Second Annual Critics’ Choice Awards took place at the same venue. The fashions were, on the whole, considerably less covered in sequins or made of shiny stuff, and we noted a small trend: monochromatic makeup. It may even be more than a mini-trend, but we were burning out at a rapid clip after looking at so many dresses and faces and events, and trying to track down good shots of their makeup if we liked it so you could really see the details. This stuff takes more time than you might imagine! And we also get distracted by looking at the “don’ts” — they’re SO fascinating now that so many celeb sites offer the zoom capability. Plus, we feel tons better when we can examine every large pore and wrinkle and that their lipstick creeps into the lines around their lips, too.

And back on topic.

Zooey Deschanel, Best Actress in a Comedy Series

Zooey Deschanel, Best Actress in a Comedy Series

Trendsetter One was Zooey Deschanel, both a presenter and the winner of Best Actress in a Comedy Series for The New Girl. Wearing a coral-shading-to-crimson Oscar de la Renta dress and black Louboutin pumps, she had her hair pinned back on one side and her heavy Sixties-style bangs parted just a bit. Her makeup was shades of coral, too, from her eye shadow to her lipstick.

Zooey Deschanel, up close

Zooey Deschanel, up close in shades of coral

To get a similar look, use ColorOn’s Coral Cove instant eye shadow from the Romance Variety Kit, a beautiful wash of summery coral rose and beige, with a dark chocolate liner, perfect for a romantic summer smoky eye look. The built-in liner will give you Zooey’s trademark look, especially if you take an eyeliner brush and make sure you extend the liner just past the end of the upper lashes and give it an upward flick. If you need to deepen the liner, there should be a bit extra clinging to the clear cover film. Skip liner below the lower lashes and finish with plenty of black mascara.

Use a creamy coral blush on the apples of the cheeks, blending well so that it melts into your skin. Choose a coral lipstick in a finish and undertone you prefer – we’re partial to a cool coral butter balm or stain with a clear balm over the top. We like the intensity but also the clarity. You may prefer a satin finish or a demi-matte that’s more opaque. Zooey’s lippie is a satin finish with some opacity, and has cooler undertones.

Julianne Moore made every "Best Dressed" list for this sexy Jason Wu sheath

Julianne Moore made every “Best Dressed” list for this sexy Jason Wu sheath

Trendsetter Two was Julianne Moore, who picked up an award for her role as Sarah Palin in Game Change. She looked fabulous in a figure-hugging black-and-white halter sheath by Jason Wu  (she’s 51 and totally SMOKING), with her red hair long and loose. In what would seem to be a counterintuitive move, her makeup was all shades of bright peony pink, from her semi-matte lips to her matching blush and eye shadow. The trick is keeping the undertones cool, just like her hair. Yes, it is very red, but it is a cool red and her porcelain skin has very blue undertones.

Julianne Moore's monochromatic peony pink makeup

Julianne Moore’s monochromatic peony pink makeup

To get a similar look, try ColorOn’s Cactus Flower instant eye shadow from the Painted Desert Variety Kit, a delicate wash of cool pink and deeper dusky rose, confining the application to the eyelid and crease. It’s risky to apply shadows in these shades under the lower lashes, as they can make the eyes look irritated and tired (or worse, infected). Curl your lashes and apply plenty of black mascara.

A cream blush in the same color family gives a subtle flush to the apples of her cheeks and is blended upward toward her temples. The look is finished with a demi-matte lipstick (creamy, low shine, high pigment) in an intense peony pink shade. More than one fashion writer declared her “the sexiest look of the night.” We definitely agree! She was truly radiant.

Emmy Rossum's liquid gold Donna Karan gown drew mixed reviews

Emmy Rossum’s liquid gold Donna Karan gown drew mixed reviews

Trendsetter Three was Shamless star Emmy Rossum.  By the way, are we the only ones who are totally mesmerized by her love scenes with Jimmy/Steve? TMI? Moving on, then.

Reviews of her liquid gold Donna Karan were mixed; we though the dress was typical DK – the more we looked at it, the more we loved it for the details we didn’t notice at first glance. We agree that the dress was probably better suited to the Academy Awards than the Critics’ Choice Awards, but it’s not as if Emmy was the only celeb in a formal gown. But she landed here because of her monochrome makeup that played with the golden theme set by the dress; then Emmy turned it upside down with a bright satiny fuchsia lip.

Emmy Rossum's golden makeup and bold fuchsia lips

Emmy Rossum’s golden makeup and bold fuchsia lips

To create the same wash of smoky golden shadow, start with ColorOn’s 14 Karat from the Metallics Variety Kit, a gradient wash of rich golds from pale to 14 Karat. Use a tapered eye shadow brush to pick up some of the creamy shadows left on the clear cover film and line under the lower lash line to create a wash of smoky golden tones around the eye. A sweep of our Smooth Black Star Gold Shimmer loose mineral pigment, a deep black/brown and gold shimmer that can be used wet or dry, along the upper lashline and flicking up at the outer corners, gives a bit more smoke and depth – but keep it on the upper eyelid.  Like Emmy, use plenty of carbon-black mascara (her makeup artist used Dior DiorShow Black Out Mascara), and make sure your brows are groomed and filled. Emmy’s brows are the same golden-kissed brown as her hair – she’d be a BrowPro Medium Brown.

In keeping with the warm, golden tones of her eye mkaeup, a matte gingery bronze was used on her cheeks (a very subtle application; like Julianne Moore, Zooey Deschanel, and Alicia Minshew, Emmy’s complexion is a flawless porcelain that makes us wish we’d NEVER, EVER tanned). Then there’s that amazing, gorgeous lip color! Her saturated, satin-finish lippie was Dior Rouge Dior Lipcolor in Fuchsia Star. It’s on our lists for the next time we fall off the “I couldn’t possibly buy ANOTHER lipstick” wagon. Because it’ll happen.

All of the colors mentioned in the blog can be chosen and combined – along with BrowPro — into a Custom Kit, or you can buy the Variety Kit in which they’re featured. Either way, same price. Need a tutorial? Watch the video on the website for application tips and tricks.

We’ll be back next week with the ladies of the BET Awards — we won’t put Beyonce’s and Kim Kardashian’s pictures next to one another — and any interesting looks from tonight’s premiere of Katy Perry’s Part of Me docu-drama concert film and Russell Brand bash-fest.

Have a safe and happy Independence Day, and take a moment to remember what the holiday really means; THEN enjoy the fireworks. If you’re in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, or California dealing with those devastating fires, or in the Washington DC/Maryland metro area without power, our hearts go out to you, as do our thoughts and prayers.

Stars on Parade: Beauty on the Red Carpet

Keira Knightley in Valentino

Keira Knightley at the premiere of ‘Seeking a Friend for the End of the World’

There were quite a few movie premieres, red carpet events, and awards shows going on all over the place in the last week. We cherry picked a few looks from here and there, but this is by no means something from every one! Celebs were turning out for the premieres of the new HBO series, Newsroom, and the movies  Rock of Ages (feel free to comment if there was something you want us to write about; we didn’t see anything to get excited about), To Rome With Love (Penelope Cruz looked fabulous in a golden Michael Kors gown), Ted (Mila Kunis looked so sexy in a plunging Dior mini), and Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (Keira Knightley looked a-mazing in a taupe tulle Valentino embroidered with colorful flowers).


Keira’s makeup and hairpiece were by Chanel; Chanel’s makeup artist Katie Lee used some products that aren’t even available yet, like the shade of Illusion D’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in Abstraction that won’t be available until November.

Keira Knightley's makeup at the film premiere was by Chanel makeup artist Katie Lee

Chanel makeup artist Katie Lee did Keira Knightley’s makeup

But you can get a similar look right now by using Coral Cove from the Romance Variety Kit, a beautiful wash of summery coral rose and beige with a subtle chocolate liner, perfect for a romantic summer smoky look as delicate as a rose petal. Use a an eyeliner brush to pick up some of the extra creamy mineral shadow left on the clear cover sheet and line under the lower lashes as well. Lee curled Keira’s lashes and applied Chanel’s Inimitable waterproof mascara just at the base of her lashes, then applied a combination of individual false and strip lashes. With the built in liner in your ColorOn application, using multiple coats of mascara should suffice unless you are comfortable with applying false lashes (we’re all thumbs with the things).

Keira has fabulous brows that require nothing but grooming; if she needed to fix or fill them in, she’s be a BrowPro Full Dark.

Lee used a combination of Terry Rose De Rose cheek tint topped with Chanel Powder Blush in Tumulte for a pop of pink on the apples of her cheeks. She finished the look with Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshine in Liberte.

On top of the premieres, we had award shows – the Daytime Emmys (we’ll get to those next week), The Critics’ Choice Television Awards (ditto), Canada’s MuchMusic Video Awards, the 14th Annual Young Hollywood Awards, the Broadcast TV Journalists Association Critics’ Choice Awards, the 2012 Crystal + Lucy Awards, and some we probably didn’t hear about.

Canada’s MuchMusic Video Awards brought out some costume-y fashions, but it was accompanied by some rockin’ hair and makeup…

Carly Rae Jepsen at the MuchMusic VMAs

Carly Rae Jepsen at the MuchMusic VMAs


Carly Rae Jepsen, who up to this point has been getting some very favorable reviews for her sartorial choices at the various music award shows, veered off the tasteful path she’d been forging with this look: at first we thought it was leather, or pleather, but on further examination it appears to be one of those sparkly coated fabrics. The halter neckline and embellished collar, the double thigh-high slits, and the heavy panda eyeliner are quite the change for the “Call Me Maybe” singer.

Carly Rae Jepsen's MuchMusic makeup

Carly Rae Jepsen’s MuchMusic makeup

We suppose she’s tired of the “sweet young girl singer” label, but that’s how she’s been marketed. At 26, guess that’s starting to chafe a bit; we don’t believe she won “Canadian Idol,” but she did place in the Top 3, so we’re sure whatever record and management deal came out of that, it probably outlined exactly how she would be presented.

Anyway. The dress is meh, and her makeup is a bit hard; she should have gone with a softer look to balance out the biker/rocker vibe of the dress. She looked so much better at the Billboard Awards back in May. At least she kept to the rule: strong eyes, muted lips. If you like the look, you can get it by using ColorOn’s Noche from the Smoky Classics Variety Kit. Dab a bit of our Smooth Arctic Silver Shimmer loose mineral pigment in the inner corners of the eyes to brighten up the look, then line the inner rims of the eyes with black kohl. Add lots of black mascara, and a light touch of pink cream blush to the apples of the cheeks.

Finish with a slick of pink lip color; depending on your preference, you can go with one of the chubby pencil stains (Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain or Tarte LipSurgence Natural Lip Stain are great!), one of the gel glosses that wear longer and aren’t super shiny (Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres Glossy Stain at the spendy end, and Maybelline New York SuperStay 10HR Stain Gloss at your drugstore), or a sheer lippie in a stain or sheer finish – just keep it close to your natural lip color, no shimmer, nothing too bright or dramatic. This look is about the eyes.

Katy Perry in VAWK at the MuchMusic VMAs in Toronto

Katy Perry in VAWK at the MuchMusic VMAs


Sporting another biker/rocker/warrior princess (Fashion Critic over at Red Carpet Fashion Awards referred to it as “futuristic gladiator”) look was Katy Perry, who is maintaining the deep purple hair, even though we believe this particular look to be a wig (the bangs, the variegated black and purple stripes, and the extreme length are dead giveaways; Katy’s hair before and after this event lacked all three). Now, this is a couture gown from VAWK’s Resort 2012 collection (whereas Carly’s dress looks like it came from Hot Topic – sorry, Carly fans, we know it didn’t and probably cost more than we’d spend on all the dresses we’d buy in an entire YEAR, but it looks cheap), comprised of a black mini dress with a gold laser-cut halter bib (which one could see right through, showing off Katy’s famous assets), and a flowing chiffon skirt that fell from an empire waist. We thought it was well-suited to Katy, and was an improvement over some of her previous choices; she was there to perform, but she also collected two awards for “Favorite International Artist” and “International Video of the Year,” so maybe this gown had to be appropriate for both? We didn’t research long enough to find out whether this was strictly her red-carpet look.

Moving on. We like Katy’s makeup so much better ever since she went Purple Velvet (as her colorist Rita Hazan named it). One thing we will say for Katy: she lavishes attention on her brows. If your brows do not look like this, add BrowPro in the proper color and thickness to you next order, stat (Katy is a Full Dark, of course). Instead of multiple products or expensive all-in-one brow kits containing gel, pencils, powders, wax, and brow-shaping stencils (all of which Katy’s makeup artist likely uses to get such perfect shape and symmetry), all you need is ColorOn’s all-in-one-application BrowPro, which colors, defines, shapes, and holds the eyebrows in place.

Katy's MuchMusic makeup

Katy’s MuchMusic makeup

As for her eye makeup, it’s quite subtle – and pretty. You can get a similar look with ColorOn’s Finesse  from the Eye Envy Rhapsody in Grey Kit, a smoky sunset palette of delicate rose shading to plush grey that blend into a smoked violet in the crease. Dip an eyeliner brush in either our Smooth Black Star Gold Shimmer (for a more bronzed shade) or Smooth Monarch Gold Shimmer (for a true 14-karat gold) loose mineral pigments and line under the lower lashes. Depending on your preference, you can either use a black liquid liner, or our Smooth Black Shimmer and a wet eyeliner brush, to draw a heavy swooped line along the upper lash line, flicking it up at the outer corners.

Katy’s plush lash look calls for either eyelash extensions, a strip of false lashes, or many coats of black mascara. Pick up the rosy tones of from Finesse with a touch of a matte cream blush in a flushed rose, and finish the look with a rose lip liner and matching shimmer-free, satin-finish lipstick.    

Ginnifer Goodwin in Monique Lhuillier at the Young Hollywood Awards

Ginnifer Goodwin in Monique Lhuillier at the Young Hollywood Awards


Ginnifer Goodwin rocked bright pink lips at the Young Hollywood Awards, where she won the “Style Icon Award” – an accolade we think she definitely deserves. The Once Upon a Time and Big Love star looked amazing in a demure white lace Monique Lhuillier Resort 2013 dress and black Louboutin pumps, with her signature pixie cut and hot pink matte lips.

Ginnifer's always-perfect makeup

Ginnifer’s always-perfect makeup

Keeping to the “strong lip, soft eye” rule, you can recreate Ginnifer’s subtle eye makeup by using Bermuda from the Eye Envy Flaunt Variety Kit, a creamy sundae for the eye with yummy pink and cool beige topped with a dark chocolate liner.

Curl your lashes, and add mascara – one coat on the lower lashes, and multiple coats on the upper lashes. Ginnifer’s brows are always perfectly groomed and filled with brow powder; she’s a BrowPro Medium Dark.

Ginnifer’s snow-white complexion (how could we resist?) needs only the barest hint of a creamy pink blush to give her a pop of color in the same family as her lips. It is blended well, up and out along the cheekbone toward the temple.

To Get Ginnifer’s matte pink lips try Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar  in Anime or NARS Schiap.

All of the colors mentioned (as well as your shade of BrowPro) can be combined and purchased as a Custom Kit, or you can instead buy the Variety Kit in which they’re featured. Either way, same price. Need a tutorial? Watch the video on the website for application tips and tricks.

Emma Stone in Rome

Bottega Veneta, Rome

Emma's Rome makeup

Rome makeup


Emma Stone has been taking Europe and Asia by storm over the last 10 days, attending the overseas premieres of The Amazing Spiderman – most recently…

…in Rome, dressed in a stunning Bottega Veneta Fall 2012 gown

Emma Stone, Dolce & Gabbana, Madrid

Dolce & Gabbana, Madrid

…in Madrid wearing a Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2012 crochet and embroidered dress

Emma's Madrid makeup

Madrid makeup

…in Berlin, clad in a chic custom-made Andrew Gn white cocktail dress

Emma, Andrew Gn, Berlin

Andrew Gn, Berlin

…in Paris, wearing a Gucci Fall 2012 gown, the “goth” look that has been most controversial

Emma's Berlin makeup

Berlin makeup

…in London dressed in a plunging Elie Saab jumpsuit from his Fall 2012 collection

…in Moscow wearing a sheer pale blue Emilio Pucci Fall 2012 dress

…Seoul, South Korea dressed in a Fendi Pre-Fall 2012 black-and-grey on white print mini dress critics didn’t favor

Emma, Gucci, Paris

Gucci, Paris

Emma's Paris makeup

Paris makeup

…and starting out in Tokyo in a truly unfortunate Rochas “pouf” dress; but the sparkly pink Louboutins were wonderful.

Emma, Elie Saab, London

Elie Saab, London

Emma's London makeup

London makeup

On top of the premiere outfits, there were her photo call ensembles, which were generally reviewed very favorably.

Emma, Pucci, Moscow

Pucci, Moscow

Moscow makeup

Moscow makeup

But imagine traveling to that many cities one day after the next, enthusiastically promoting the movie over and over like each time was the first — and remember, they’ve ALREADY DONE THIS in the U.S. — answering the same questions about the movie and her relationship with her co-star (and now significant other) Andrew Garfield, and having her makeup, hair, and clothing under the microscope of every fashion critic from the traditional print outlets, TV, and the blogosphere.

Fendi, Seoul

Fendi, Seoul

Seoul makeup

Seoul makeup

Yes, it’s her job, but that doesn’t make it easier. You have to give the woman points for incredible poise – she’s only 23.

Rochas, Tokyo

Rochas, Tokyo

Tokyo makeup

Tokyo makeup

So, here are the outfits, and some tighter shots of her makeup and hair (be sure to click and open the images to full size!). Enjoy them as much as we have, and have a beautiful week.

Award-Winning Makeup from the 2012 CFDA Fashion Awards and MTV Movie Awards

Zoe Saldana and Prabal Gurung at the CFDA Fashion Awards

Zoe Saldana and Prabal Gurung at the CFDA Fashion Awards

It was quite the week for award shows, believe it or not. The generally accepted “Award Show Season” begins in January and wraps with the Academy Awards at the very end of February (sometimes as late as the first week of March). The rest of the year is sporadically peppered with a few notables: the American Country Music Awards and the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards in April; the Met Gala, the Billboard Music Awards and the Cannes Film Festival in May; the Tony Awards (which are happening as we write this post) in June, the EMMYs and the VMAs in September, and the American Music Awards in November.

But this week saw a trifecta of award shows of – shall we say – descending sartorial sophistication: The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Fashion Awards, The MTV Movie Awards, and The CMT Music Awards. Having looked at hundreds of images from the three events, we dismissed covering the CMT Awards out of hand – the only worthy outfit was worn by host Kristen Bell (a stunning Reem Acra), and the only makeup worth mentioning was Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum (and it was as it always is; flawless, perfectly applied, totally understated, made the most of her amazing green eyes and dark hair). The rest of the fashions and beauty at the CMTs ranged from embarrassing to ridiculous (oh, sure, there were some passable components, but how’s that for damning with faint praise?).

So, we move along.

The more “interesting” fashions were at the MTV Movie Awards, mostly because there isn’t anywhere near the pressure at this event as the CFDA Fashion Awards. As host Seth Myers put it at the CFDAs (dressed, we might note, in the same sheer black lace Comme des Garcons dress and white boxers that Marc Jacobs wore to The Met Gala), “Fashion people like hating things more than they like liking things.”

Charlize Theron at the MTV Movie Awards

Charlize Theron at the MTV Movie Awards

Only Charlize Theron could really be held up as having dressed really “formally” for the MTV Movie Awards in her red Lanvin frock. Even so, her eye makeup was a beautifully understated palette of shimmery warm gold and bronze. You can recreate a similar look with ColorOn’s 14 Karat if you are fair-to medium-skinned, or Bronze Goddess if you are olive to deep-skinned, both from the Metallics Variety Kit. Using an domed eyeshadow brush (something heavier than an eyeliner brush), dip it in the creamy mineral shadows left on the clear cover sheet, and line below the lower lashes outward toward the temple, and around the inner corners of the eye. If you are blonde like Charlize or have sparse brows, apply our BrowPro instant eyebrow applicators in the proper thickness and shade to color, define, shape, and hold the brows in place. Finish with dark brown or black mascara, again depending on your brow color.

Add a swirl of neutral, matte bronzer to the tops of the cheeks (or just under the cheekbones as a contour if you don’t have Charlize’s chiseled bone structure) and a swipe of satin bronze lipstick – no shimmer if you can manage it, or minimal (you could even switch to a caramel gloss to avoid the shimmer).

Kristen Stewart at the MTV Movie Awards

Kristen Stewart at the MTV Movie Awards

The undisputed Mistress of the Smoky Eye is Kristen Stewart, who we’ve watched go from absolutely no makeup circa the first Twilight movie to a Balenciaga-wearing, edgy, slightly grunge-y (that’s a compliment) adult, although she is still apt to kick off her high heels halfway through any given event to swap for Converse or Keds, regardless of how formal the gown. Wearing a fitted metallic silver GUiSHEM mini with geometric chartreuse, purple and black accents, Kristen (like Charlize, her co-star in Snow White and the Huntsman and press junket co-conspirator) intensified her green eyes with metallic bronze eye makeup, which also picked up the red highlights in her hair. Use ColorOn’s Bronze Goddess from the Metallics Variety Kit, blending out and upward for a bit of a cat’s eye shape. Using a very fine eyeliner brush dipped in the leftover mineral shadow on the cover film, line as closely as possible along the lower lashes, flicking upward at the outer corner. Line the upper and lower inner rims with Kristen’s signature black kohl and add plenty of black mascara.

When playing up her eyes like this, Kristen tends to leave the rest of her face virtually bare, with the barest hint of an orchid-petal cream blush and satin lipcolor in the same barely there shade.

At the CFDA Fashion Awards, it was also metallic eye makeup that stood out – one delicate and one smoky. Sensing a pattern?

Lily Collins at the CFDA Fashion Awards

Lily Collins at the CFDA Fashion Awards

Up-and-coming actress, fashionista, and the “other Snow White,” Lily Collins (yes, Phil Collins’ daughter, he of Genesis and “In the Air Tonight” fame) wore a short embroidered brocade Marchesa frock with a golden bird winging across the bodice, a regal ballerina-inspired topknot, and beautifully rendered rose-and-gold makeup that complemented her famously heavy natural winged brows, lush lashes, deep brown eyes, and dark espresso locks.

To create a similar look, start with a base of ColorOn’s Sunset Beach, a delicate wash of beige and coral shadows reminiscent of a sunset by the sea from the Bestsellers Variety Kit. Then take a bit of our Smooth Monarch Gold Shimmer loose mineral pigment and apply it to the inner corners of the upper lids. Curl your eyelashes and apply multiple coats of black mascara to the upper and lower lashes. Unless you were born with the same amazingly lush brows yet wish to get a similar look, choose our BrowPro instant eyebrow applicators in the proper shade, but pick the “full” thickness. BrowPro’s ability to color, define, shape, and hold the brows in place mean you can create a much fuller brow that you actually have – it was originally developed for women undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation who were losing or had lost their eyebrows altogether.

A matte rose blush in the same tonal family was swirled on Lily’s cheekbones and upward onto the temples. The look was completed with a beautiful satin rose lipstick applied with razor-sharp precision. Use either a matching lip liner or one of the clear lip liners that are genius at holding lipstick in place without feathering (for those of us with slightly older lips than these lovely ingénues).

Zoe Saldana's CFDA Fashion Awards makeup

Zoe Saldana’s CFDA Fashion Awards makeup

One of the drop-dead sexiest looks of the night – and there wasn’t a blogger or fashion editor who didn’t agree that we could find – was Zoe Saldana, who attended with Prabal Gurung whilst wearing his design, a floor length confection of sheer and opaque black panels with a plunging neckline that perfectly suited Zoe’s amazing dance-trained body. With her hair pulled back into a low chignon, Zoe’s already feline eyes were made more so by her winged cat’s-eye makeup, which was confined to her eyelids and the outer portion of her browbone, drawing the eye up and outward.

To get the same effect, start with ColorOn’s Noche from the Eye Envy Smoky Variety Kit, tilting the applicator at an angle so that you get a good deposit of the deep gray and black creamy mineral shadows into the inner corner of the eye angling slightly up and out toward the tail of the brow and temple, but confining your application on the eyelid below the crease. Once you peel away the applicator, blend into the classic cat’s-eye swoop at the outer edge. Then take our Smooth Black Star Blue Shimmer loose mineral pigment, a steely midnight blue, and dip a wet eyeliner brush into the pot, stroking a line from the inner corner of the eye along the upper lash line and widening out to follow the same cat’s-eye swoop, but staying much closer to the lashes.

Add black kohl to the inner rims of the upper and lower waterlines if you are comfortable wearing it and it doesn’t irritate your eyes. Apply two coats of black mascara to the top lashes, allowing the lashes to dry in between, and unless your bottom lashes are completely invisible, skip mascara on the lowers. Use BrowPro if necessary to fill and groom your brows to balance out such intense eye makeup.

To bring a touch of color to such graphic makeup, Zoe’s makeup artist used a flush of clear plummy gel blush on her cheekbones, and a matching clear plum lip balm or low-shine lip gloss on her lips.

All of the colors mentioned can be combined and purchased — along with BrowPro — as a Custom Kit, or you can instead buy the Variety Kit in which they’re featured. Either way, same price. Need a tutorial? Watch the video on the website for application tips and tricks.

Have a beautiful week!

Where There’s Smoke…

Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai

Yes, the 2012 Cannes Film Festival is history, but the pictures live on and on. Last week, we turned the spotlight on Freida Pinto’s run of fabulous makeup looks at the prestigious film gathering, as well as the bright lip trend. This week, as promised, we’ll show you some of the coolest/hottest smoky eyes from Cannes. They really ran the gamut from the classic heavy black-and-winged look to much more light-handed metallic looks that are easily adapted to real life.

First we have the Bollywood actress often labeled “the most beautiful woman in the world,” (we can get behind that assessment!), Aishwarya Rai. The former Miss World is at the center of a global controversy that started when her country’s press took her to task  for not losing weight quickly enough after the birth of her child, one even going so far as to post a video of pre- and post-pregnancy photos complete with elephants trumpeting. We found this astounding; as horribly judgmental, unsourced, and even dishonest as the U.S. gossip press can be, none of them will go directly on record to state so baldly that a celebrity is a poor representative of America due to her weight and that she has a DUTY to slim down quickly. Then again, the articles essentially say Aishwarya should follow the lead of Victoria Beckham and Angelina Jolie, who lost their baby weight in record time after the birth of their children – as if this is a realistic goal for ANYONE, ANYWHERE.

Aishwarya Rai's makeup

Aishwarya Rai’s makeup

And what does that have to do with makeup?

Not much; look at her! She is gorgeous. In fact, she is at Cannes this year as L’Oreal’s global representative – that’s right, she’s at Cannes not as an actress with a film in the competition, but as the face of a cosmetics company. If L’Oreal thinks she represents beauty, perhaps the media ought to just shut it. Her golden smoky eye is the perfect counterpoint to her traditional Indian evening wear, exotic coloring, unusual blue/gray eyes, and raven hair and brows. A perfect look for nighttime, you could wear the same eye makeup for day with just a bit less shimmer. Start with ColorOn’s Ibiza from the Eye Envy Smoky Variety Kit, a smoky nude comprised of gradient beige and brown. Then brush our Smooth Monarch Gold Shimmer loose mineral pigment, a bright yellow-gold that looks like 14-karat dust, on the inner half of the upper eyelids. Add plenty of real black kohl on the upper and lower inner rims of the eyes, and loads of black mascara. If your brows are not as dense and groomed as Aishwarya’s, use our BrowPro instant eyebrow applicators in the proper shade and thickness to color, define, shape, and hold the eyebrows in place.

Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson at amFar

Diane Kruger in Chanel at amFar

When eyes are the focal point of your look, the rules must be followed: strong eyes, muted lips; strong lips, muted eyes. So, just a swirl of matte bronzer for contour, and a peachy/nude gloss, and this look is done.

Next, we have two different looks from Diane Kruger, who was a member of Feature Film Jury this year and truly the fashion star of the entire event, as well as the official “face” of the myriad events that took place during the 12 days of Cannes. She sported two metallic smoky eye looks that are perfect for summer: one a palette of silver, the other bronzed.

Diane's amFAR makeup

Diane’s amFAR makeup

At the amFAR Cinema Against AIDS event (the same event that Aishwarya Rai attended with her golden smoky eyes), Diane complemented her Chanel Resort 2013 Versailles LWD with its cap-sleeves, fit-and-flare cut, and lilac and white embroidered embellishments (very Mad Men-era!) and early Sixities-era finger-waved hairstyle with a modern-day eye look comprised of delicate silvers tending to an almost silvery blue at its deepest shade – a perfect match to Diane’s own eye color. To get a similar look, start with ColorOn’s Platinum & Pearls from the Metallics Variety Kit, the cool shine of silvery platinum and shimmering white giving this simple combination an edgy depth. Then layer on Smooth Patina Silver Shimmer loose mineral pigment on the outer third of the eyelid up onto the browbone, and below the lower lashes for a smokier, deeper silver. Her makeup artist added black kohl to the inner rims of the upper and lower eyelids, and after curling her lashes, added a single coat of black mascara top and bottom, and then a second coat to the outer third of the upper lashes. Diane’s naturally full brows were groomed and filled a bit; she’d be a BrowPro Full Light. Finish the look with the barest hint of a delicate pink flush on the cheeks, and a matching sheer pink gloss.

Diane & Joshua at Night in Monaco event

Diane in Prabal Gurung at “Night in Monaco”

For the Nights in Monaco Party Diane chose a less formal makeup look, with a slightly tousled updo and a warm palette to offset her avante garde Prabal Gurung frock with its white feathered skirt, studded white leather belt, and sheer white mesh bodice with strategically placed embroidered golden satin roses and sequined vines.

Diane's Night in Monaco makeup

Diane’s “Night in Monaco” makeup

Her eye makeup picks up the metallic embellishments the bodice and her wild bronze platforms. Star with ColorOn’s Bronze Goddess from the Metallics Variety Kit, a combination of shimmery gold and glimmering deep brown that combine to create a rich bronzed look. Confine your application to the upper kid and brow bone, blending to wing the shadows up and out toward the temple and almost meet the tail of the brow. Lightly line the inner rims of the upper and lower lid with a smoky brown kohl, and add black mascara to curled lashes, once again adding a second coat to the outer third of the upper lashes. Diane’s makeup artists went for a slightly more flushed cheek and lip, but stayed in the same sheer pink/nude family – just a bit more intense, but still sheer.

Natasha Poly at the Holy Motors premiere

Natasha Poly at the Holy Motors premiere

Model Natasha Poly seemed to be everywhere at Cannes; she was in a shocking number of pictures for someone who is primarily a runway mannequin and not the face of a cosmetics brand or clothing line. But she does have the “Angelina Leg” pose down; in fact, she pretty much out-Angelina’d Ms. Jolie in every shot we saw. On top of which, Natasha has a fondness for plunging necklines, sheer dresses with strategically placed scatterings of sequins, massive cutouts that seem to be held together through sheer force of will, or a combination of all of the above. What’s always amusing when you have so many images from an event like this is how often you discover that some personalities have a signature pose. And that’s what they do; they can drop into this pose regardless of the angle, the outfit, or the event. Natasha has this uncanny ability, and the image here of her actually smiling and showing her teeth is emphatically NOT her signature pose. Google her pictures from Cannes if you want to see what we mean; it’s the model equivalent of Paris Hilton’s hipshot, chin-down, hand-on-hip, slouchy pose that she could do no matter the time of day or state of inebriation.


Natasha Poly at Madagascar 3 premiere

Natasha Poly at Madagascar 3 premiere

That’s Natasha at the premiere of the film Holy Motors, a French film starring Denis Lavant, American actress Eva Mendes, and Australian singer Kylie Minogue. She pairs a very on-trend, casually messy side-braid (a fishtail, so it’s even trendier; however, we can’t do one, so who are we to cast any aspersions?) with a very on-trend smoky eye: the elongated, up-tilted shape with a touch of metallic green. You can get a similar look by using ColorOn’s Ikonik instant eye shadow, a shimmery mink-brown prism with a pop of lustrous glittering green, which is only available in our Custom Kits. Angle the applicator just slightly so that you get the right sweep from the inner corner out and up. Use an eyeliner brush to take the extra creamy mineral shadow from the cover film and apply below the lower lash line (you can use the brown, the green, or a combination of the two). Line the inner rims of the upper and lower lids with black kohl and add black mascara. Groom your brows, and like Natasha, avoid any other shimmer on the face by adding only the barest hint of a matte peach blush and a clear peachy gloss.

Natasha's Madagascar 3 makeup

Natasha’s Madagascar 3 makeup

At the premiere of the animated children’s film, Madagascar 3, the ladies arrived in the most revealing, non-G-rated outfits possible (see Salma Hayek, next). Broad daylight notwithstanding, Natsha’s floor-length, daring V-neck (really, v-waist to be technically accurate) green velvet Gucci gown with its thigh-high slit was paired gigantic emerald-and-diamond drop earrings (they certainly looked real) and even smokier eyes. Try ColorOn’s Heavy Metal instant eye shadow, a gorgeous prism of shimmering dark chocolate and twinkling onyx — rocking this look is NOT for the faint of heart. Again, this one is only available in our Custom Kits. Angle the applicator just slightly so that you get the right sweep from the inner corner out and up. Use a heavier brush this time to take the extra creamy mineral shadow from the cover film and apply below the lower lash line. Line the inner rims of the upper and lower lids with black kohl and add black mascara. Groom your brows, and like Natasha, go even lighter on the rest of the face with color; she didn’t even use pech with this look – she went with true nude blush and a nude satin lipstick so there wasn’t even a high-gloss shine on her lips. Her nakeup artist did, however, add some filler to her brows to offset such dark eye makeup and such severely slicked-back blonde tresses.

Salma Hayek at Madagascar 3 premiere

Salma Hayek at Madagascar 3 premiere

Finally, our last smoky look comes from Salma Hayek, whose marriage to Francois-Henri Pinault gives her, among other very nice things, access to a wardrobe anyone with even the mildest fashion aspirations would possibly kill (or at least main) to have. So, of course Salma wore Gucci every time she was photographed at Cannes (which was A LOT), and this black-and-silver metallic Gucci Premiere gown was the absolute crème de la crème. Perhaps only Salma could break the cardinal rule and not get called out for it – this is about the smokiest of smoky eyes, and she’s paired it a strong cheek color and a brick-red lip. Planets did not collide, there was no rift in the space/time continuum, but we can agree that if anyone else tried this, every beauty editor and blogger would have torn her a proverbial new one, no?

Salma's Madagascar 3 makeup

Salma’s Madagascar 3 makeup

Feel free to contradict us, but be ready to cite exactly who you think could get away with it and why.

Want to try Salma’s eye makeup? Start with ColorOn’s Noche from the Eye Envy Smoky Variety Kit, blending the deep black shadows outward toward the temple, just past the tail of the brow. Add black kohl on the upper and lower inner rims, and tons of black mascara. Salma’s makeup artist used a matte bronzer that had reddish undertones, but applied it low on the cheekbone, more like a contour. Her look was finished with a glossy warm brick-red lip that was sheer enough to still contrast with the opacity of the smoky eye.

And there you have it – c’est magnifique! The MTV Movie Awards are starting momentarily, and the CFDA Fashion Awards are tomorrow night, so we’ll have plenty of material for the next blog. Have a wonderful week…

The Cannes Film Festival: Those Lips! Those Eyes!

Freida Pinto in Versace

Freida Pinto, our unofficial “Queen of Cannes”

The 2012 Cannes Film Festival closed last night, with the Palm d’Or awarded to the French film Amour (or in English, Love), starring Jean-Louis Trintignant, Emmanuelle Riva, and Isabelle Hupert. We’re bestowing our own Palm d’Or for “Best Eye Makeup at Cannes.” And the winner is the stunning Freida Pinto, whose makeup was an amazing body of work whether she was dressed ever-so-casually for a midday outdoor photo call for her new film Desert Dancer or clad in bright-hued designer frocks for the premieres of the other films nominated for the highest prize like Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom (starring Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Harvey Keitel, and the sublime Tilda Swinton) and another French film, De Rouille et D’Os (Rust and Bone), or dressed to the hilt in a spectacular Versace gown for the festival’s opening night dinner. Freida was our pick for the Queen of Cannes, and that’s something when you consider we sifted through about 1,400 images!

We’ll start with her most casual look and work toward the more complex.

Then, we’ll address the No. 1 trend at Cannes – bright lips! Certainly there were some lovely smoky eye looks (we’ll cover those next week), but we saw many more boldly color mouths, ranging from bright pink to deep berry, from patent-leather red to shocking matte orange.

And for our first aside (because this wouldn’t be a ColorOn blog post without at least ONE), is it just us, or did there seem to be an exponential growth in the number of runway models attending Cannes? Now, we know models are to Cannes as groupies are to rock concerts, but there just seemed to be more models that actresses this year, in addition to the usual collection of arm candy, “muses,” and insanely underclothed attention seekers with no discernible reason to be there other than the massive collection of paparazzi (we’re looking at you, Phoebe Price. Where DO you get the money for your fame campaign?)

Freida at the "Desert Dancer" photo call

Freida at the “Desert Dancer” photo call

But let’s move on to Miss Freida, if you please.

In studying all of beautiful women at Cannes and making this choice, we have to admit such a girl crush on Freida Pinto. Her individual features are absolutely gorgeous, her skin flawless, her eyebrows perfect – even her hairline is enviable! In addition, whether it’s just a testament to her acting skills or the veritable truth, she comes across as genuinely warm and unaffected, and still starstruck in the presence of her peers.

Here’s Freida at the photo call for her next film, Desert Dancer, which will begin shooting later this summer in Turkey and Jordan. Wearing a casual two-piece halter and skirt by Salvatore Ferragamo, her makeup artist chose simple monochrome eyeshadow, black kohl on the inner rims of her upper and lower lids, curled lashes, and black mascara keep her look clean and daytime-appropriate, even in the brightest sunlight. A swirl of petal-colored blush on the apples of her cheeks and a swipe of the same color gloss on her lips, and she’s radiant. A simple high ponytail completed the look; nothing too controlled or slick.

You can get a similar eye shadow look with ColorOn’s Desert Sands from the Eye Envy Illusions Variety Kit  for a cool-based brown, or Ibiza from the Eye Envy Smoky Variety Kit  for a warm-based brown.

Freida at the "Moonrise Kingdom" premiere

Freida at the “Moonrise Kingdom” premiere

The next images we saw of Freida were at the screening for Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom, and she was wearing a sweetheart-cut pink Michael Angel gown with a multi-colored, sequin-embellished bodice.

Freida's "Moonrise Kingdom" makeup

Freida’s “Moonrise Kingdom” makeup

Her makeup artist chose to pick up the amethyst hues around her eyes by using a cool, shimmery purple shadow on this L’Oreal spokeswoman, bringing it all the way around the eye and just slightly above the crease and onto the browbone. Again, black kohl on the inner rims of the upper and lower lids, curled lashes, and lots of black mascara maker her light brown eyes the focal point. A neutral matte bronzer and a nude gloss complete the look without taking any attention from her unusual eyes.

You can get a similar effect using with ColorOn’s Fairy Pink from the Dreams Variety Kit, a sexy smoky combination of dusky pink, smoked amethyst, and deep merlot.

Freida at the "Rust and Bone" premiere

Freida at the “Rust and Bone” premiere

At the premiere of Rust and Bone, Freida wore a neon chartreuse Atelier Versace stretch lace gown with an asymmetrical peplum around the left hip and a thigh-high slit. It was an unusual choice – which we thought looked amazing against her skin tone and dark hair – that was both covered and revealing at the same time.

Freida's "Rust and Bone" makeup

Freida’s “Rust and Bone” makeup

With her hair in a half-updo, shimmering coffee-toned shadows on the lids and brow bone created a beautiful smoky eye that harmonized rather than fought with such a dominant color choice. A thin line of shimmery black liner along the upper lash line added a bit of drama along with her usual black kohl and mascara. For a little pop of color, her makeup artist added a sheer bright pink gloss – nothing too opaque or saturated.

You can recreate the same eye look using ColorOn’s Gypsy from the Eye Envy Precious Metals Variety Kit, and dipping a thin eyeliner brush into our Smooth Black Shimmer loose mineral pigment (you can use it with a wet or dry brush depending on the intensity you like), draw a line along the upper lash line from the inner corner to the outer, flicking up at the tail end. For those of you who prefer to use pencils (black liquid liner would be too harsh), look for one with a bit of shimmer in the black.

Freida's opening night makeup

Freida’s opening night makeup

Finally, we have Freida’s most formal look, from the opening night dinner. From all the accounts we read, this was a very unusually sophisticated “moody” look for her. The sheer black, strategically sequined dress – another of Donatella Versace’s creations – featured a high neckline and long sleeves, but was slit high on the thigh, with a bodice showcased some skin via sheer insets and peek-a-boo sequin placement.

Freida’s makeup artist gave her a shimmery silvered mocha smoky eye and a hot pink lip for major impact. To get the same look, start again with ColorOn’s Gypsy from the Eye Envy Precious Metals Variety Kit. Then take a small domed eye shadow brush (something bigger than an eyeliner brush but smaller than a flat shadow brush – you’ll want some precision but also to deposit more color than a small stripe), and apply our Smooth Patina Silver Shimmer loose mineral pigment, a medium-gray shimmer, all the way around the eye from the inner corner across the upper lids and under the entire lower lash line, meeting at the outer corner and flicking upward toward the temple. Add Freida’s signature black kohl to the upper and lower inner rims, and plenty of black mascara.

With this much shimmer happening on the eyes, any cheek and lip color should be devoid of even a hint of shimmer or glitter. If your skin is not as perfect as Freida’s or such a lovely color (which would be 99% of us!), a tinted moisturizer or a touch of matte bronzer will give you a bit of perfecting without obvious color. Save that for your lips! Freida’s makeup artist chose a bright hot pink satin cream for her lips that has enough gloss to it that her natural lip color shows through and deepens it a bit.

Elena Lenina

Elena Lenina

It reminds us of our two favorite lipsticks: Nars Schiap (which you could choose if you prefer a semi-matte look; we waxed ecstatic about this at length in the last blog post), and Revlon’s ColorBurst Lip Butter in Lollipop (which has the same finish as Freida’s lippie).

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

And what a great segue into the whole issue of brightly colored lips.

Freida was not the only woman at Cannes to sport a bright pink lip; may we present Elena Lenina, “Russian reality television star”?

Natasha Poly

Natasha Poly

And should you think her makeup a bit over-the-top, you should have seen the entire outfit and her hairstyle; we’d describe it as a hooded purple satin bathrobe worn by a grown-up Cindy-Lou Who in the adult film version of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

We had plenty of red lips, crimson on crimson on actress Kristin Stewart, and model Natasha Poly.

Liya Kebede

Liya Kebede

We had blue-based red on Liya Kebede. ans a slightly metallic version on Bianca Balti.

Bianca Balti

Bianca Balti

Then we had deep wine red on actress Jennifer Connelly and singer Jessie J.

Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer Connelly

At the other end of the spectrum, we had bright matte orange lips on Fan Bingbing.

Jessie J.

Jessie J.

Finally, today is Memorial Day, and we want to acknowledge the meaning of this holiday.

Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing

It may be seen as the unofficial start of summer, and the first weekend many people unearth the barbeque grill, but the real reason we have this three-day weekend is to honor the men and women in the United States Armed Forces who gave their lives in service. Whatever your politics, whatever your beliefs, today please remember to take a moment and remember the fallen.

Thank you.

Fashionably Late: The Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

NARS Schiap Lipstick, named after fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli

NARS Schiap Lipstick, named after fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli

If you’re like us, first thing last Tuesday morning you were minutely examining the pictures of the celebs and models who graced the Red Carpet at the annual Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, themed “Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations,” which celebrated an imaginary tête-à-tête between the two iconoclastic designers.

Surprisingly, there were very few attendees sporting what we expected to see: Nars “Schiap” lipstick, a semi-matte shocking pink – the closest were models Karlie Kloss and Poppy Delevingne, and actresses Rashida Jones and Amy Poehler (both of “Parks & Recreation”).

Camilla Belle, Getty

Camilla Belle, Getty

Instead, the stand-out trend was a vampy lip, whether a shiny burgundy brown (Camilla Belle, whose makeup was possibly the most subtle and gorgeous of the night) or matte maroon, scarlet, or plum  (Lana Del Ray, Jessica Alba, Kate Bosworth, Rachel Zoe,  Jessica Chastain, Leighton Meester, Amber Valletta, Rooney Mara, Mia Wasikowska, and Brooklyn Decker).

Jessica Alba, Getty

Jessica Alba, Getty

There were other statement lips – orange/coral (January Jones, Scarlett Johansson, Doutzen Kroes, Beyonce, Katharine McPhee), classic red (matte on Amy Adams, Dree Hemingway, Leslie Bibb, Amber Heard, Carolyn Murphy, Janelle Monáe, and Alicia Keys; sheer on Emma Stone and Florence Welch) and sweeter not-quite-Schiap pink on Coco Rocha (to match her pink extensions), Chloe Sevigny (who not only looked pretty but was SMILING), Christina Ricci, Julianne Hough, Hilary Swank, and a too-pale pink on M.I.A. (the Schiap pink would have been so much better).

Amber Heard, Getty

Amber Heard, Getty

The rest? The usual version of the neutral pinkish-brownish nude, whether a gloss, satin, or matte, with shimmer or without, or the just-bitten stain that’s somewhere between rose and brick, depending on the skin tone. They’re all the Red Carpet equivalent of the Louboutin Pigalle Pump – sexy, perfect, utilitarian. And since it goes with everything — heavy metal eyes, smoky eyes, neutral eyes, sparkly eyes, brights or pastels — some version of the neutral lip is always the perfect accompaniment.

Yes, we acknowlege the spring editorial layouts are showing color-blocked makeup (not the runway pictures from Fall 2012, mind you), but do you see anyone actually WEARING it? Nope. We’re reminded of the latest ad for L’Oreal’s Infallible 24-Hour Eye Shadow, featuring Claudia Schiffer.

Chloe Sevigny, Getty

Chloe Sevigny, Getty

Total aside: Does she look totally AMAZING in the new Guess ads? Can you believe this is three babies and over 20 years since that first campaign with her? Fashionista.com has the old ads and new side-by-side, and you cannot tell which are from the early Nineties, and which are from 2012. She’s 41, people. Feh.

Moving on.

Claudia is wearing a very shiny purple eyeshadow and bright red lipstick. You can tell us all day long that this is on-trend, but we’re not going to do it. We lived through the Eighties and have the pictures of our hideous makeup to prove it. We will not go there again, no matter how often we’re told it’s back in. Nuh uh, no way.  And after looking at over 200 pictures from the Red Carpet, we don’t see anyone else signing on for it, either. And this is the crowd most likely.

January Jones/Getty Images

January Jones, Getty Images

So without further ado, here are our fav eye looks of the night…

January Jones: Did anyone else think January’s Versace gown reminded them of Uma Thurman’s yellow-and-black motorcycle leathers from “Kill Bill” or do we see way too many Tarantino movies?

To get the same golden metallic eye makeup, start with colorOn’s 14-Karat from the Metallics Variety Kit. Take an eyeliner brush, dip it in the extra mineral cream shadow left on the cover film, line under the lower lash line and dab into the inner corners as well. If you’re comfortable with false eyelashes, use a demi-strip on the outer half of each eye and black mascara. If false lashes give you nightmares (we once had one land in a martini; first and last time we applied them. No lie.), then grab either Smooth Black Star Gold Shimmer loose mineral pigment (we think this dark black/brown and gold shimmer is prettier) or Smooth Black Shimmer (if you’re going to be a total purist about your liner being black), and line your upper lid starting just above the pupil in the classic swooping motion, with a flick up at the tail, and be sure to use an extra coat or two of black mascara on the outer third of the upper lashes, making sure you let the lashes dry between coats. You’ll get the same dense, heavy lidded look.

Amy Poehler/Getty Images

Amy Poehler, Getty Images

January wears a heavy brow for a blonde, but they are nicely groomed (she wore them a bit more groomed and filled at the Oscars; she’d be a BrowPro Full Light). January’s matte orange lippy is Chanel’s Rouge Allure Lipstick in Enjouee, which is not available until September.

Amy Poehler: Aside from having one very hot accessory (i.e. husband Will Arnett) and an even hotter gown (strapless black leather by Fotini), Amy had on some of the night’s coolest makeup. First, we love that she’s so funny. She photobombed this event so brilliantly we’re still laughing. Second, she has the face and body of a real person (who just had a baby not that long ago, BTW), so she isn’t six feet tall with cut-glass cheekbones and puffed-up lips (yes, we’re looking at you, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley).

Yet she looked smoldering with her shimmery russet shadow and heavy rimmed-in-black eyeliner, sexy bedhead bob, and hot pink lipstick. You can get the same look using colorOn’s Sunset Beach, a wash of gradient beige and coral from the Bestsellers Variety Kit,  as your base, then topping it with Smooth Black Star Red Shimmer, a black and red shimmer than becomes a dark golden lilac/burgundy depending on what colorOn look you pair it with. Bring the Smooth Black Star Red Shimmer below the lower lashes as well at the outer corners, then get working with the black kohl and blackest mascara. If you’re as fair as Amy, be sure to groom and fill your brows – Amy would be a BrowPro Medium Light.

Ginnifer Goodwin, Getty Images

Ginnifer Goodwin, Getty Images

With a lip color this bright and intense, line the lips with a pencil in the same color, apply your lipstick, blot it, then reapply it. Be prepared to slip off periodically to touch it up, and definitely consider Nars Schiap – the semi-matte finish leaves a great stain and doesn’t require frequent reapplication or leave big pink smears on your champagne flute.

Ginnifer Goodwin: Once again, Ginnifer’s makeup is just fantastic – remember her ethereal, mermaid/seafoam Oscar makeup? This time, to complement her tangerine Monique Lhuilllier gown, her makeup artist chose mixed metals of gold and bronze. To recreate her look, start with colorOn’s Bronze Goddess from the Eye Envy Precious Metals Kit. Using a couple of eyeliner brushes, take the first and use the extra gold creamy shadow from the cover film to add a wash at the inner corners and a bit of the inner upper lid of the eyes. Take your second eyeliner brush and use the extra bronze cream to line under the lower lashes. Then, depending on your preference, you can add thin line of black liquid liner along upper lash line, or use Smooth Black Shimmer for a liner with more depth. As always, Ginnifer’s full, arched dark brows are perfectly groomed. Apply multiple coats of black mascara to the upper lashes only. The rest of Ginnfier’s porcelain face seems almost bare – just a swirl of a very pale nude matte bronzer, and a clear nude gloss.

Emily Blunt, Getty Images

Emily Blunt, Getty Images

Emily Blunt: Her Calvin Klein gown was a masterpiece of understatement in the front, showing all of her assets from behind, and the peony color was absolutely gorgeous on her. With her warm chestnut brown lob and metallic makeup, Emily’s blue eye just popped. To get the same look, start with colorOn’s  Gypsy from the Eye Envy Precious Metals Kit. On top of that, apply Smooth Black Star Gold Shimmer loose mineral pigment as a liner to the upper and lower lids along the lash line, and then add black kohl on the inner rims.

Emily’s dark winged brows are perfectly groomed and lightly filled (she’s a BrowPro Medium Dark). Her blush is a subtle match to her gown, as is her pink/nude lipstick, which is Chanel in Peregrina.

Most Improved: Cameron Diaz. Wow. Compared to how she looked at the Oscars (which we just showed you in Celebrity Brows Part 1: Thin Is In), this is quite the transformation. And the Stella McCartney gown is divine; short the wife-beater and Underoos she wore in her booty dance in the first “Charlie’s Angels” movie, nothing has ever flattered Cameron’s shape so well.

Cameron Diaz, Getty Images

Cameron Diaz, Getty Images

No more fried looking platinum hair. No more unflattering pastel makeup and harsh black eyeliner. Whatever everyone was speculating she’d had done to her face back in February, it seems to have settled in, and she looks fantastic. Her makeup is perfect, understated, the colors soft, and she just glows. Even her eyebrows are improved!

And we’re admitting this sooo grudgingly after she went on television whinging about how she just cried and cried about her haircut, and yelled and screamed at the stylist and made HER cry, and then other people in the room started to cry. Actress Sara Gilbert put it rather succinctly on CBS’ “The Talk”: “…I’M crying because I’m not Cameron Diaz. It’s just funny to me that all these people are crying, like they’re having a wake over three inches of Cameron Diaz’s hair. Really?

We’ve all cried over a bad haircut, but would you admit this to anyone but your besties during a major bonding session involving multiple cocktails/bottles of wine, or at least prior confessions of an equally embarrassing and shallow nature from a minimum of two others before spilling your guts? Let alone that you reduced the person who made the mistake to tears by yelling and screaming at her? Now, imagine telling this highly unflattering story about yourself on national television, and not in a self-deprecating, “Can you believe what a Hollywood cliché I am?” way. When you already have a reputation for being kind of…high-maintenance (we are trying very hard to keep this thing PG-13, and it’s HARD, people. We have first-hand, in-person knowledge of exactly how difficult Ms. Diaz can be and how she treats “the little people.”) So. She really looks better. And she’s been bragging about it. Almost makes us want to take the compliment back.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Getty Images

Sarah Jessica Parker, Getty Images

The WTF? Award goes to Sarah Jessica Parker. She looked…hideous. You are welcome to disagree, but it starts at the top and just rolls downward (unless she had fabulous shoes hiding under that monstrosity of a dress). Her hair looks flat and greasy at the crown and dry at the bottom; this woman with fabulously and famously naturally curly hair that looks like, well, crap.

Her makeup? High Granny – mint green and ice blue metallic eye shadows, clumpy spider lashes, too-pale shiny pink lipstick. So it’s all Chanel; like that makes it less unattractive?? The colors may be fine on someone else; they’re just very NOT FINE on her.

The Valentino dress looked like the faded cabbage rose chintz from our Nana’s parlor drapes, and the high neck, long sleeves, and bow at the waist would have looked better on the Queen Mother than the former Carrie Bradshaw.

The outfit’s high point? Cool bracelets.

Anna Wintour, Getty Images

Anna Wintour, Getty Images

SJP looked older than Anna Wintour, who rocked a Prada dress with a big gold lobster on it. And a fur caplet. Now, THAT’S what SJP should have worn.

All of the colors mentioned in the blog can be chosen and combined – along with BrowPro — into a Custom Kit, or you can buy the Variety Kit in which they’re featured. Either way, same price. Need a tutorial? Watch the video on the website for application tips and tricks.

And now, the Winner’s Circle. The lucky eVIP to win this week’s random drawing for a free 10-application Custom Kit is Danielle Kawatski of West Allis, Wisconsin. She’ll be watching her mailbox to see what beautiful surprise we send her. As always, we encourage our Winners Circle members to post their experiences on our Facebook Fan Page once they’ve had time to play with their new makeup, so that all of you get the benefit of real feedback on the products. Not an eVIP? Sign up now on the website.

We’ll be back with more makeup and snark soon! As always, heavier on the makeup…